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Presentation on the true nature of viruses.

Introduction – 00:26
The Virus & Its Purpose – 02:09
Viral Infection – Medical Deception – Contagious Trap – 11:28
Viral Cycles – Coronavirus – 14:10
Science of Virology Exposed – 19:50
Viruses Do Not Cross Species – 25:24
Sanitizers and Vectors of Transmission – 29:39
Coronavirus p2. – How Viruses are Manufactured – 32:33


The Viral Misconception!

Interview with Alana Fournet – Intentional Health for Women: 

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Jeff G.
Alternative Nutrition

I began researching health around the age of 17, and am now 31. I did so because I wanted to find the truth about health and how to get myself healthy, as I was an unhealthy person at the time. As a child, I had an irrational fear of germs, washing my hands until they bled. As I got older, I realized that this was not natural and that society misled me, but I did not know the answers to how or why. I feared my body and those around me. Luckily, I did not vaccinate myself because I feared doctors. Although I was vaccinated 2 to 3 times as a child, I have not been vaccinated in 25 years, and I have not visited a doctor since I was 17 years old.

I reversed my bad health by adopting a 70% raw diet (Primal Diet), with raw milk, raw meat and raw eggs that have increased my ability to think and my health greatly. I’ve lost at least 3 family members due to medical maltreatment, which also fueled my study. The natural progression of health and nutrition was supplemented with my study on Freemasonry, and the nefarious nature that it permeates through government. I learned that the medical profession is, in fact, part of this fraternal organization, and part and parcel to the manipulation of mind and body for nefarious purposes of control. I set out to try to determine what is the truth.


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