An Example of Toxic Reactions

Written by Jeff Green
Alternative Nutrition/Researcher

August 8th, 2020

To illustrate how the body functions with regards to toxicity, I will focus on ‘Metal Fume Fever’, and other detrimental effects from inhalation of toxins. Metal Fume Fever is caused by exposure to fumes given off by heating metal, metal dust, and the subsequent inhalation of zinc oxides and other chemicals and byproducts of metals that arise during this process. This includes fumes from welding, cutting, or brazing of galvanized metal. Metal Fume Fever induces influenza type symptoms; fever, chills, aches and pains, nausea and dizziness. 

As a young teenager, I remember working on electronic equipment wherein I used a soldering iron and flux. I did not have the sense to hold my breath, wear a mask, or any other precaution, nor did anyone advise me to do so. It seems to be considered a sign of weakness to wear a mask to protect against toxic substances, and this is the case when it comes to soldering. So, not knowing any better, I inhaled fumes from the flux which contains zinc. This made me sick with panic attacks and fever each time I worked with the solder. I could not understand why I was feeling sick at the time. Being prone to panic attacks due to my bodily and mental health, I did not understand the causes at first. I finally learned why this was happening by studying the ingredients and their effects. 

Why would something toxic make the body react similarly to a flu virus? The answer is less complex than one would think. The answer is that the body deals with all toxins in a like manner, with the same type of symptoms. When toxic fumes are inhaled the body is irritated on a cellular level. Toxic substances irritate cells by being inhaled through the sinus cavity, and the respiratory system wherein these toxins make their way to the lungs. Here, cells are damaged by their caustic nature. The body begins to experience symptoms very quickly as it shocks the body into survival mode. Cells try to recover by initiating the immune response. The immune response is very quick to act within the human body and will initiate symptoms of toxic exposure quickly. The greater the toxin exposure, the greater the symptoms, all the way to death of the body. 

All smells initiate the olfactory lobe which conducts smell to the brain. This lobe is a structure located in the forebrain that translates odors detected by smell receptor cells in the nasal cavity. These cells extend directly into the olfactory lobe, where information about odors is processed. This lobe can be irritated by smells that it cannot identify and are not natural. Chemical substances irritate the olfactory lobe in a way that damages cells in this area. Phantom Smells, another disorder that modern science has claimed is the sign of a brain tumor, is actually the sign of an olfactory lobe detoxifying from odors that are stored in the cellular makeup and tissue of the lobe. 

I have experienced phantom smells that were initiated from smelling a piece of clothing that was heavily sprayed with Febreeze. The smell lasted in my nose for over two weeks. I could not trace the source of the smell. I could be sitting in a room and the smell would arise in my nose, yet, there was no smell around me nor could anyone else smell what I smelled. It was in my head. Whatever artificial perfume was in Febreeze had affected my olfactory lobe. I tried rinsing with nasal washes. I also tried breathing exercises, and induced sneezing. I was eventually able to deduce where the smell was actually coming from; the olfactory lobe.


I observed this over a period of more than two years, as I observed how my body reacts to artificial smells I would come across—whether at the store or from someone’s perfume. I surmised that since I have lived toxin-free, without perfume or deodorizers, that my body had detoxified and my nose and olfactory lobe were very clean compared to almost everyone around me. Since I had lived this way for over 10 years, my system could not deal with these artificial and chemical substances. Since my nose was not desensitized, it becomes obvious very quickly what was toxic and what was not. This same behavior of the nose appears in many individuals, such as smokers, or heavy perfume wearers. Such substances turn off and desensitize nose receptors, which also serve as a protection mechanism to protect the body from toxic substances in nature that will harm man. When someone subjects their body to this on a daily basis, the nose receptors switch off and the body is now open to damage from these substances. If the person cannot smell the substance, and that substance is toxic in nature, they are doing damage to their body over time and do not realize it until it’s too late. 

If a body that is clean is subjected to toxins, the body reacts quickly. If the body has a built-up tolerance to toxicity, such as smoking, the body illusory deals with it more easily because it has adapted itself to this new toxic lifestyle. The body adapts, but only partially. It does not suggest that the smoker will live disease-free because his or her body has adapted to their smoking habits. It is the opposite. It means that person will die from disease that manifests from such habits at a later stage in life. 

How does this relate to our current situation concerning coronavirus? If we look at how the body reacts to toxic substances, we glean information as to how it detoxifies. If Metal Fume Fever can generate symptoms normally associated with flu virus, then this indicates that the body has similar methods of removing toxins from the body. Science does not readily admit this. They observe viruses not as detoxifiers of toxins, but as agents that attack indiscriminately without cause. Flu viruses are cellular expressions that occurs mainly within the respiratory system. Just as likened symptoms occur with Metal Fume Fever, so too do they occur with viruses. Viruses are immune system reactions, carried out by cell survival mechanisms. Without viruses, the body cannot cleanse tissue when that tissue is too toxic for living microbes to feed upon and eliminate.
When cells are poisoned, the body reacts in different ways depending upon the poison involved. But all ways are very similar in nature, and viruses are merely one part of this equation. They are a last resort when the body has accumulated toxins that normal routes cannot eliminate. 

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  1. Hi Jeff,

    So if a toxin expels from the skin, others from the form of flu/mucus. Then if it goes out in the form of bowel, how can we cure or control diarrhea? Almost all doctors prescribe a pill to cure it.



    1. If you want to control diarrhea during detoxification you need to eat something like natural cheese throughout the day. That will help in some instances—it will also help absorb toxins in the gut; natural cheese is good for that. In other instances, you just have to deal with it and let it run its course. When transitioning to a diet that includes raw foods, like raw meat and milk, it is inevitable that you will eventually develop bacterial detoxifications, usually after a period of years. They can last up to almost 2 weeks. Diarrhea is necessary, (as well as vomit), to flush the body of toxins that flow into the gut and bowels. Never take any medication or pill for any natural bodily ailment. If you develop diarrhea, it is occurring for a reason. Eating properly during detoxification is necessary, and will greatly help through the process.

    2. Hi Jeff
      I actually don’t have a question (at this point lol) but just wanted to say thank you for all you’re great content and awesome knowledge, I’m learning so much from you and often mention you and your work as I endeavour to wake people up to the scientific truth 🙂

      Keep up your excellent work~~~

      Jacq 🙂

  2. Hi Jeff
    I don’t have a question (at this point lol) but just wanted to say thank you for all your great articles and everything you’re teaching me…

    I regularly check in to your website and use your knowledge as a reference quite often as I myself try to wake people up to the scientific truth 🙂

    Keep these excellent articles coming ~

    Jacq 🙂

  3. The fact that flu symptoms supposedly caused by an invader are identical with the symptoms of exposure to many types of toxins is one more big elephant in the room, indeed.

    “Since I had lived this way for over 10 years, my system could not deal with these artificial and chemical substances.”

    Or really, your body could deal with them very well, which is why you got immediate detox symptoms. Most people’s bodies just sock the toxins away for a later seasonal cleaning (big bout of flu, which the body likes to coordinate with other members of the “tribe”) or into tumors, but your body had the leeway to get them out ASAP.

    Until people recognize that almost everything called a “symptom” is actually the body deliberately doing exactly what needs to be done to increase your eventual health level, the overbearing Pharmabeast will keep growing.

    1. Yes, this is also a good point. People who claim they never get sick are in for trouble as time goes on in their life. Inevitably, they will experience a major detoxification as the body can no longer cope with the act of holding back the dam of toxicity. Detoxifications are a part of life, especially modern life, where we are assaulted from many angles. Even on a healthy raw diet, we can expect to have detoxification every so often, even after the detoxification incurred from switching diets. I have them, but they are mild and short-lived. I always get stronger after they have occurred. I had them very bad when I first began to change my diet and began eating my raw foods. This lasted at least 5 years. After 5 years, the body became stronger and more vital. Detoxifications slowed to once or twice a year, and were mild.

  4. To start I’d like to say thank you & I’m grateful for all the knowledge shared here.
    Can anyone recommend a solution or way for people who claim they never get sick and are in for trouble as time goes on to jump start the detox?
    How would one go about initiating a detox? Thanks.

  5. Please comment on the recent findings of magnetism in peoples’ arms, the claim that graphene oxide is being introduced into our bodies in various ways including vaccinations and that the graphene oxide in our bodies could be activated by a signal from an outside source for nefarious purposes. It has been reported that graphene oxide is in several of the covid vaccines and has been in some past flu vaccines. It is also said that the symptoms of supposed covid illness and the symptoms of reactive graphene in our bodies are similar. Symptoms seen in vaccinated persons and that of graphene affected persons are also very similar. If this is all true, the push for vaccination has nothing to do with preventing illness, but is a means for governments or other entities to not prevent illness, but to cause illness or death or maybe even some form of mind manipulation.

    1. Rand, graphene oxide is in fact being studied and/or used as a type of antigen. Manufacturers have claimed it is not in their vaccines. If it is, it is being used in order to alter DNA more easily.

      “Gene delivery is a method of introducing foreign DNA into the cell. It is an alternative approach to cure various genetic diseases. Modified GO is used for gene delivery purposes. Polyethylenimine (PEI) modifies the surface of GO sheets and thus makes it ready for cellular gene delivery through covalent conjugation and electrostatic interaction [58] for plasmid DNA (pDNA) stacking.”


      What we have now is a situation where people are worried that merely being around those that are vaccinated will cause their blood to become ‘magnetic’ due to graphene oxide nano-particles, and that they are getting toxic byproducts from those they are around. Each week there is a new bogyman—a new ingredient to waste time discussing, debating, and arguing about. Again, this is more fearmongering nonsense. My approach is simple: Do not get a vaccine. The body is a self-contained biochemical being. The human body simply does not operate in this manner and it is another avenue where those in power can malign truth seekers because of its obvious idiocy. Graphene oxide is used to alter genes. In order to become magnetic, you would have to inject hundreds of vaccine vials into your body, which would lead to death. Therefore, it is obvious that graphene oxide is being used for the stated purposes I outlined above via the provided source.

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