Bacteriophages - What are They?

Written by Jeff Green
Alternative Nutrition/Researcher

February 13, 2021

Viewer Question: “How do you explain that viruses are not contagious but that phage therapy use lab grown viruses to replicate in a host body and lyse bacterias?
Studies point that topical and IV use of phages are very effective against infectious states. They do not come from the body, yet the body incorporate them in a healing process. And why can’t the body produce those phages by itself? Why would it need exogenous micro-organisms?”


Phages are not exactly the same as normal cellular viruses. Bacteria can create their own solvents, known as phages, but their description as being a ‘bacteria eater’ is not good or correct terminology to use. Viruses cannot eat because they are not alive. Bacteria in the body can create phages, which are a type of virus similar to a regular cellularly created viruses, but intended for discarding toxic bacterium within and without. Bacteriophages are proteins that encapsulate a DNA or RNA genome, as a normal virus does, and have structures ranging from simple to complex. Their differences lie in their usage by the body. Lysis, partial cell dissolvment, or in complete toxicity—death, is achieved by an enzyme called endolysin, which allows the virus to dissolve a portion of a bacterial cell wall to enter it and dissolve matter. This does not necessarily mean the bacterial cell will perish. Science incorrectly states this is ‘hijacking’ the cell to replicate, but cells create viruses on their own without viral ‘infection’.

The bacterial cell foregoes its normal functionality in order to replicate viral solvents. Remember, if science claims a virus can dissolve a cell wall before replication in order to inject its genetic material, then it can dissolve specific toxins. Thus, their indirect admission is a glaring oversight in the nefarious Germ Theory of disease. The virus dissolves, and it does so by the body’s intelligence. Since viruses are not alive, they cannot inject, move, swim, or fly their way into a cell and intelligently infect cells, since viruses have no brain or survival function and must rely on a guiding agent, such as white blood cells, to guide and direct viruses to certain locations; guiding them to specific locations wherein the virus can come into contact with and via hydrophilic, or hydrophobic properties, absorb or repel the substance it is, or is not, compatible with; also known as Zeta Potential. The Zeta Potential represents the surface charge. This occurs in the presence of an aqueous solution when objects dissociate on hydrophilic surfaces or water ions adsorb onto hydrophobic surfaces; repel away from, or attract into. The actions of viruses are partially determined through DNA and RNA communication keys. Therefore, it is very much an intelligent symbiosis between body, cell, virus, and all therein.
Phages are a type of solvent, but they are not regular cellular solvents. The medical profession creates and uses synthetic bacteriophages, and this must be noted. The difference is that this man-made approximation behaves differently than a normal virus would in the human body and contains residual fluids from their artificial environment—most of which are toxic in nature that poison bacteria and cells. As such, bacteriophages that are placed subcutaneously into the body are more akin to poisons than helpers. This is because they are created in static lab environments, utilizing toxic serums in petri-dishes and other like environments.
Because they put bacterium and phages together in lab environments, and observe that bacteria die in their presence, does not mean the phage is responsible. It is the toxic environment that is composed of toxic serums that kill bacteria. Since this is so, if used in the body, these poisons may dissolve and eliminate beneficial bacteria such as E. coli existing in the gut, which feed the brain and nervous system. This is especially true when referring to exogenous solvents, which are not designed intelligently and specifically by the bodily system for their particular purposes. How can those that believe phage therapy works promise us that their treatment does not kill useful bacteria in the body? The truth is, they cannot.

The same can be said for antibiotics. Yes, they will kill bacteria responsible for infection, but infection is necessary to heal the body. Infection is a result, not a cause of illness. Infection is the body’s way of sending nutrients to the area of damage, utilizing pain and swelling, then using bacteria and cells to consume dead, dying, and toxic tissue and cells.


In the end, treatments utilizing phages are nothing more than a less harmful antibiotic. You could take bacteria out of the body, and place them within bacterial environments, and observe that those bacteria will grow and flourish and consume dead matter. Bacterium are living organisms that do not completely rely on a guiding agent to guide their behavior. Viruses are the exact opposite, and cannot act alone. They also claim that these phages can be sprayed on foods to help kill ‘harmful’ bacteria, such as E. coli. The problem is that it is not the virus, it is the chemical residues within the spray itself, which the virus also contains, that kills the bacteria. Otherwise, viruses are not alive to infect cells or bacteria on their own, especially outside the body. How could they directly kill bacteria outside the body when they have no nucleus, digestive or glandular function, and cannot ‘hijack and replicate’ in the less than dense bacterial colonies of raw meat? Therefore, they claim they are ‘eating’ the bacteria. There is no proof that such man-made viruses kill bacteria on poultry directly. In actuality, it is the chemical constituents themselves that are to account for bacterial death on raw foods.
In reality, all living cellular organisms, which includes bacterium, all contain the ability to manufacture and excrete solvent structures, known as viruses; non-living enzymes that specifically disassemble, break down and dissolve toxins—be they internally or externally incurred. Remember that these are engineered viral concoctions that bear no resemblance or action to cellularly created organisms or solvents. I would never take such treatment for fear that it would compromise and kill crucial and beneficial bacteria that help feed the brain and gut, and the rest of the body. I would not do so based upon the fact that these are merely poisons that damage ALL bacterium, and are much less predictable than they claim. In the end, we do not know the toll such man-made substances take on the DNA and genomic structure of cells and bacterium.
—Jeff Green – 02/13/2021
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3 years ago

Hello, and thanks for all this logical and “common sense” like knowledge about human body living in symbiosis with all the bacteria, funghi etc. and not in fierce battle at all. But what to do when gut flora is made almost “dead” with antibiotics and not optimal diet with a lot of bread{basically just sugar – should of realized it years ago but been fooled for ages by “official” knowledge..} every day – how to get gut bacteria in top shape or is it even possible after many years of improper diet. Probably my gut has never been ok as I wasn’t brest fed and was delivered via c-section.

3 years ago

Thanks for your reply! Yes raw milk would be awesome as I have also read before and raw kefir even better but it is almost impossible to get where I live unfortunately – only pastorized and lactose free kefir is available here in markets locally and even countrywide and variety of sour milks but all pastorized again… – maybe it is possible to get raw milk directly from producer somewhere but then you would have to drive a long long way every week and do the kefir thing by yourself… Maybe too hard for long run – is there any other way to do it properly – probiotics etc. or are they just another burden to body again.

2 years ago
Reply to  Jeff Green

What can one expect when they ingest raw kefir for the first time? Diarrhea, vomiting cramping? Would like to be prepared when I start ingesting raw glabbered milk. Another question is how do the bacteria get past the hydrochloric acid in the stomach? I was taught in nursing school that the stomach acid is what protects an individual from bacteria on raw food.
Thanks for your time and research!

Fred Gerdes
2 years ago

HI Jeff,
Your approach to bacteria and viruses is interesting, but glosses over some fairly important issues concerning how these various forms interact. Perhaps it is your enthusiasm for bashing the Germ Theory that causes your bias. Clearly viruses are exosomes, are not alive per se, but contain segments of information, coded in DNA format, which can be used by living cells to produce various proteins which themselves can interact with complex biological processes. Every virus contains instructions for making at leat one protein which interferes with some function of the immune system. Complex viruses contain coded instructions for production of proteins which can inhibit signaling pathways, thus disabling important immune functions. These foreign proteins can interrupt or unbalance any of the many delicate balances required to maintain life. The physiological condition of the body involves reversible reactions which involve very low activation energies. A good example is acetylcholinester, which is used to transmit a nerve impulse along an axion; once the estreification reaction is complete, and the nerve impulse transmitted, acetylcholinesterase reverses the reaction, converting the product back into its reactants, ready to transmit another impulse. This all occurs within milli- or microseconds, millions of times, conserving the materials involved. Some viruses, such as rabies, are well demonstrated to be contagious, and detrimental. How does this fit your theory that Germ Theory is wrong?

Trish Petz
Trish Petz
2 years ago

I have a question. I think what you present is most likely the truth about viruses as well as bacteria and other organisms. You declare as do others that what the deceptions say is true is predicated upon studies outside the normal biome and all. That also makes sense.

So where and how did your facts come from? If they can’t get true results under laboratory conditions how did you or your sources? I h ave heard someone long ago developed a microscope that actually could view living systems within the body but it ‘mysteriously’ was destroyed and never built again. Are there sources which have discoveries during the time it was functional? Either way I would be happy to be secure that the facts u present have a solid foundation. As I wrote…I do believe that what you present is way closer to the truth than the current medical frauds try to pass off. Thank you for your perseverance in the face of such overwhelming odds against truth in this area.

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