Does COVID Exist?

Written by Jeff Green
Alternative Nutrition/Researcher

March 28, 2021

As I so often do, I have been silently observing the happenings of the world. I take a lot of time to contemplate and observe many things, and in so doing, I find I am able to reach a conclusion in truth. There are many angles that the enemy has at play that one must take into account. I have come to have a revelation over these past few months—the supposed and specific virus known as SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19) simply does not exist (as a naturally occurring virus). This is a bold statement, but it is backed up by common sense and evidence. As I detailed in a past newsletter, I showed how supposed COVID deaths have been statistically manipulated to show an increase that does not exist. Many graphs show a predicted death number, yet this has no bearing on the reality of actual deaths—the same number of people are dying as they always have been. However, they use this method as a way to convince the ignorant majority and make them believe a grand lie.

Over one year ago I wrote and detailed how those in power would carry out their agenda of ushering in the final stages of their New World Order and what would follow in the wake of this ‘pandemic’. Before writing these things, a vision came to me in a flash late at night as I sat outside. I rushed to write it all down. So often, I have these visions. Even so, I consider myself a normal person, and I feel that anyone can predict what the enemy will do before they do it. But eerily, and unfortunately, I have been correct about many things I wrote that night. While the puzzle was not fully clear at first, the pieces began to make more sense as time went on. What I began to see unfold over the course of the past year would prove very important to my own understanding of this great and dire situation. In late 2020, when the news came out that flu is at an all-time historical low, I began to look for death rates to study the graphs and try to determine what is going on. I could not find any rates for the year 2019. They did not exist. As stated, I detailed this in a past newsletter (please go read that for more information. See issue #4.) I realized before long that what they have done is very disturbing indeed. Even so, it is not surprising to me. The depth of deception is great and magnificent and is hard to put into words.

What I see is the following: Conservative media, alternative media, Donald Trump, the Republican party, either out of ignorance or on purpose, have misled their followers. I have believed for at least 3 years that Donald Trump was placed into the White House by the enemy, and used by their mouthpiece,  media, as the justification to further divide the people. They used him, and he allowed himself to be used (perhaps willingly). This sowed a great divide amongst the people over a period of 5 years. The purpose of this is great in the eyes of the enemy, and it leads to control. An important clue I was looking for came to me recently when Donald Trump began encouraging everyone to get the COVID vaccine. It has long been my assertion that Donald Trump is not on our side. The vast connections between him and the Clinton’s, as one example, have been noted. What we have witnessed for the past 5 years was a drama show of the grandest proportions. It was achieved by utilizing the Hegelian Dialectic, and it was used brilliantly. Each chess move was orchestrated by those in power. The media played the biggest role in all of this, and Donald Trump allowed himself to be used to further their agenda. There is no doubt in my mind.

Donald Trump never did what was necessary to strike a blow to the New World Order. His involvement in rolling out these vaccines, and being so adamant about developing a vaccine, was very telling of his true motives. However, I do not pretend to know all of his motives—I only know his actions speak to something nefarious. Perhaps he was manipulated by those around him, brainwashed, and misled. This is possible. It is likely that all of the blame does not lie squarely on his shoulders. Even so, he must still be responsible for his beliefs and actions in the end. By encouraging his followers to get the vaccine, he is going to help destroy this country and harm the human race. The deception goes deeper. People on Fox News; people such as Mark Levin, Sean Hannity, and a whole host of other personalities, have misled their audience in a way I had not thought possible.  Much of this is via their own ignorance. Their incessant glorifying about the accomplishment of Trump in getting ‘operation warp speed’ completed, is further proof that those in media are deceivers and working alongside the enemy. This is incredibly subtle, and you must understand their tactics lest you yourself be deceived.

They are brainwashing their audiences, which is made up of millions of Americans. They have convinced them that China released a virus—a manufactured conspiracy theory. Furthermore, those in power have utilized Chinese counterparts to concoct a fictional story to cast doubt on the origin of this supposed virus. Chinese controlled opposition, individuals hired by the West, has dramatized a story in order to make people believe that this supposed virus originated in Wuhan, escaped a lab there, and made its way out into the world and infected the population. This is obviously a lie, because simply put, viruses are not contagious. The only way such a virus could inflict damage is by direct injection through a vaccine. That is why they are consistent about their messaging that this is a ‘deadly and contagious virus’. But they do take the time to lambast the Left and their Marxist ambitions. So you see, it is truths embedded with dangerous lies in their message to hook the viewer, then manipulate their actions thereof.

This is, as I stated, incredibly nefarious—all done in a bid to convince the people that they must submit to a vaccine. Those in power are experts in manipulating conspiracy groups in order to mislead them away from the true concern. Many regular Americans are conspiracy-minded, and they manipulate these kinds of people as well. Therefore, in the end, it reaches a wide audience; confusing and misleading the people away from the truth. This was designed in order to gradually indoctrinate the people into the eventual outcome; vaccination. Within that agenda lies many world government agendas that they have wanted to accomplish for many years.

The first act was to try to dissolve the world economy. In so doing, they are able to institute socialist states. Here in America, the agenda was fast-tracked more readily. A steady flow of trillion of dollars worth of stimulus packages has been designed to make people begin to become reliant on government for support of their every need. This is the great fall of America before your very eyes. The people, liking the idea of free money, look the other way and do not protest the many agendas within each bill. Both Democrats and Republicans are working on the same side—both sides are part of the brotherhood of Freemasons. Both sides are against We the People; what they call the ‘masses’. For they believe they have a ‘divine’ duty to bring about what they call the Great Work, also known as the New Age, or, New World Order. This is currently taking place. Many acts that further their agenda are carried out on full moons, or special occult dates. You will begin to see an increase in shootings, most of which are staged, in order to play upon the ‘violent’ history of America’s recent past in ‘mass shootings’. All it will take is merely one or two episodes to serve as the catalyst to remove the guns from the hands of the people. In so doing, We the People will be unable to fight what is to come.

Conservative talk show hosts, whom have great sway, have a duty to report the truth to the people. They go half-way, and when it comes to the greatest truth of all, they fail. Fox News and all news corporations are run by the same people I mentioned above. These people are writing the news, and giving scripts to those that work for them. They never step outside this box. The fact is, viruses are not contagious, and vaccines do not work.
So what is the purpose of these vaccines? They are designed as a way to reduce the world’s population over the next 50-100 years. Those in power wish to reduce the world’s population to 500 million. This has been stated many times by adepts of the Mystery Schools. These vaccines are designed to cause the gradual erosion of DNA by utilizing chemical constituents, such as viral splices, and mRNA, which causes cells to degenerate over time, thus, altering DNA negatively. The body cannot create viruses by utilizing external mRNA—it is impossible. The real danger with mRNA, and whatever other chemicals they have designed and placed in these serums, is that they all have the ability to degenerate cells and their DNA. It takes approximately 10 years for obvious manifestation of disease (mild to moderate) to become obvious. Therefore, vaccines express themselves generationally. Why? This is because the body releases toxins on a cyclical basis. Those in power understand this. The cells and tissues hold on to certain toxins, then release them gradually over time causing the destruction of bodily agents. Vaccines can be specifically designed to accomplish this goal over a period of time, where the vaccine escapes blame.

Furthermore, the inclusion of the coronavirus vaccine—which will possibly be administered 2-4 doses per year—it increases the average rate of vaccinations by age 18, from 72+ to at least 76. Thus, this increases the toxic load of the population. This is why so many vaccines are introduced into the population over time. When you do the math, you see that with each added vaccine, the reduction of population can become greater and greater. For if 1,000,000 are affected by a single vaccine every year, over a period of 10 years, causing disease and death, then that accounts for nearly 2 million per year for the coronavirus vaccine, which will likely be done yearly, 4 times a year. This accounts for 20 million deaths or diseases over a 10-year period using only one vaccine alone. These numbers are an example—the numbers of those affected over this period of time will be much higher than this.

SARS-CoV-2, the specific virus, does not exist. Viruses, including coronaviruses and all other manner of viruses, occur cyclically in the population and are a result of man’s environmental pollution of all types. I implore you to look up the available statistics, and you will see this up and down yearly fluctuation. But even these are fraudulent in one major way: the death rate of flu is much lower than they claim. COVID was propagated and used as a weapon to usher in world government, period. This is its main purpose. That agenda takes many forms, and the so-called pandemic just so happens to accomplish almost every agenda they have and then some. How coincidental. It would be just as simple for them to pick out a particular flu virus, and play upon it in the same way to accomplish their goal.

What we may observe is that coronaviruses occur every year, and have done so for many years prior before you or I was born. We may see that some years are higher than others—this is to be expected. For instance, we know that some years, weather may be hotter or cooler than in other years. Likewise, viruses express themselves in a population cyclically, every year, every 10 years, every 100 years, and so forth. Viruses can express themselves generationally; they can skip generations. See polio, an ancient detoxification of the spine. When a population becomes too toxic, the body will express itself. It takes many years sometimes for a particular toxin to become great enough, at which point an entire population will detoxify at a similar time. This is the nature of the human body. The body takes many years to heal—for example, approximately every 40 years every tissue and cell within the body is completely replaced. Toxins can be passed on to the next generation. Eventually, these toxins are expelled in a great cleansing of whatever population is alive at the time. This can appear to be contagious, as all disease can appear, but there is no such thing as contagious insofar as disease is concerned.

Natural creation dictates that mankind, in his primal and perfect state, is not prone to any disease whatsoever. This is the reality, for disease is abnormal. Man does not require the use of vaccination, and every time this abomination against creation has been tried, it has failed and resulted in both maiming and death. The human body has been designed to deal with toxins, within reason, in his or her environment when the time comes. Another sign of an intelligent creator.

In closing, COVID is a great deception—the greatest of our time, with the potential to enslave everyone to their minds and bodies. Their agenda may be hard to understand if one does not understand the Mystery Schools and their purpose. I implore you to study further.

As I look around at all of the people who do not heed these words, I sometimes laugh and yet feel sad at the same time. I cannot even convince my own family, and so it is in these times. I am comforted to know that so many of you are willing to take the courageous step of trying to understand these things. Remember these words: Man was created, and he can be destroyed, for man is but dust and dust he shall return. Mankind must turn his mind to the higher realm and turn away from confusion and seek the truth. Is all of this worth it? Is mankind truly so afraid of becoming sick and dying that they are willing to give up their essential rights and freedoms? Death is preferred to the latter.

The ways of man are but a speck of dust in the entirety of the universe. It is the love of creation that sustains man—It is confusion that separates mankind from creation. Ask yourself, do you see confusion in those around you? It is clear that people cannot find the truth because they are in perpetual limbo day in and day out. They cannot determine or find the answers that they seek, for they are ignorant to the truth of reality. Many, in fact, do not seek at all. If you do not guard against deception, you will be decieved.

Therefore, seek the truth, and you will be free.

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  1. Hi your Blog is mouthful and informative, i have one question.

    Is it possible that the outside virus like coronavirus can hijacked our body cell and make itself reproduce?
    if not, how the past pandemic went worse like Spanish flu virus?

    Thanks A lot

  2. Hello, about these mRNA vaccines. From you and other critically thinking sane people we have learnt that cells themselfes make the viruses to clean the toxins and virus is just a piece of rna and is not alive and has no energy storage etc. and cannot enter a cell or pretty much do anything, it just dissolves the toxins. So can manmade mrna vaccines really enter inside human cells and start to do their destruction – what ever that then really is – as they at least can’t make the cell to produce any proteins as you said. What are those vaccines actually doing then and how. So is there any real mrna vaccines(in the way publicly said – entering cells and coding the protein etc) at all but just same old toxin injections as before but maybe better more specific and perhaps remote triggered/with timer poisons or is there some new technology in them doing this dna weakening and other possible harm. So shortly – is there such a thing at all as mrna entering cells and starting the protein production? And if not, shouldn’t this then be 100% obvious to all pharma/medical scientist? Or how stupid can you really be in your own field after studying and working tens of years every day in this trade and not knowing even the basics of your own work and human body unbeleviable, pathetic and sad for sure… Or do they still know and are just so evil to get that fat paycheck?

    1. Neku, the answer is ‘maybe’. It depends on what they have developed and the technology therein. I believe it is a possibility that they can enter cells and modify DNA synthesis and other genetic information that is contained in the cytoplasm of cells via transfection and transcription modification. Of course, they come out and state that these new vaccines can not in any way alter DNA, and point to the fact that there is no genetic information in the cytoplasm of the cell, which they claim is as far as the mRNA is taken into the cell. Well, this is a lie, because there is genetic information in the cytoplasm of the cell. As I laid out in my latest newsletter: “All of the genetic information in a cell was initially thought to be confined to the DNA in the chromosomes of the cell nucleus. It is now known that small circular chromosomes, called extranuclear, or cytoplasmic, DNA, are located in two types of organelles found in the cytoplasm of the cell.”

      It is a lie that they are attempting to make cells produce viruses. This would be virtually impossible to do. That is the cover story to mislead. Instead, they are altering DNA by introducing specific nucleic acids into the cell which will alter the way the cell behaves—causing genetic changes that can harm cellular integrity—and, worst of all may change a species genetic information over time. What that is, and how it takes place, I do not know fully at this time, but my knowledge on the topic is expanding.

      “Nucleic acids modulate gene expression by driving overexpression or silencing of a gene of interest. Gene silencing is a method used to prevent expression of a gene of interest. The expression of a gene can be partially reduced (gene knockdown) or completely blocked (gene knockout).” (source:

      This is a new type of vaccine. While all vaccines alter DNA over time, this is perhaps something else—something more dangerous; something that can alter specific genetic information (not appearance) of a person over time to weaken a population more quickly. Either way, these vaccines are causing damage, and not just cellular damage, regardless of mRNA or not. Their chemical constituents, being bound with attenuated synthetic tissue, can eventually enter cells and cause damage. They will not cause a cell to produce antibodies against a particular virus, which is the stated goal of these mRNA vaccines, nor can they make a cell produce a specific virus. Their stated goal will not reflect the true purpose, and the actual purpose will never be told to you. That is why people like me have a responsibility to determine what is going on. It is my belief, based on evidence, that these mRNA vaccines alter DNA synthesis and gene expression in order to weaken the body over a period of time and change the organism. As the cell divides to become two cells, DNA is copied so that both of the cells contain the correct genetic information. Therefore, DNA synthesis can be altered, and each time a cell divides, you have DNA alteration taking place between all cells thereafter. There is no doubt in my mind that these are population reduction methods.

      1. Jeff, I think you might have talked before on this matter of population reduction with the expectation of debilitating illnesses and premature mortality for those vaccinated?
        Members of my family ,the younger generation , have had the vaccinations ,ages 18- 40 . What should I assume will be their future prospects ,are we talking years ? Should one hope that prior to any illness manifesting, a way may be found for these inoculations to be neutralized and thus vitiate their potential to cause irrevocable damage ?

      2. And whereas thou sawest iron mixed with miry clay, they shall mingle themselves with the seed of men: but they shall not cleave one to another, even as iron is not mixed with clay.
        Daniel 2:43

        This Bible verse is the key to what’s going on. For those who have ears to hear!

  3. Hello, thanks – good to have more real(istic) info about these emergency approved vaccines. And quite “deep” also in these linked articles for a common man but for sure good to know at least a bit(as much as you can understand.. ;)) what is going on today in this field especially in these times. Easier then to try to see the bigger overall picture of what is going on and what is possible today – but maybe/probably the latest, greatest innovations are very top secret and not public info at all so the real current possibilities with these vaccines and other genetherapies can be almost scifi-level already- who really knows..

  4. They just deleted your video you posted today! Please back them up and put a link on your website, so we can share this very important information. God bless us all!

  5. Heyy, wondering are you able to explain how one the symptoms of these covid vaccines for women following vaccination is early or irregular pv bleeding which is also happening to those women who are unvaccinated who have been around vaccinated women or men. Is this a coincidence or do you believe it is other things that are triggering these detox’s amongst women at the moment?
    I hope you keep doing what you are doing, your website has given me a great deal of knowledge that is hard to find on the internet without being censored

    1. Thank you for the compliments! To your question: It would have to be a coincidence. After all, over 100 million people have received one or more of the COVID vaccines, so the likelihood of being around someone that is vaccinated is incredibly high at this stage. These vaccines can cause a woman to experience exacerbated and early periods because they cause interruptions in the body’s cycles since you are introducing a mass of toxins into the body. As such, a woman may have an irregular period and have it be more severe, perhaps for a period of time. When you introduce a large amount of toxins it causes the body to halt other detoxifications that were taking place, and can quicken them into occurring more rapidly and severely. The body is most likely going through an emergency ‘dump’, which accounts for the reason a woman would experience such symptoms.

  6. Hi Jeff, thanks for all you are doing. A question I get a lot is “If viruses aren’t contagious then what was happening at the ‘chickenpox parties” that were so common years ago, and still today in some places?”. Something surely appeared to be transferring between the children. Do you have any thoughts on this? Thanks

  7. Hi. Thanks for a lot of input. Could I Ask following: This “virus” seems to give rather unpleasant symptoms. So, if Covid 19 not is a virus then I wondering watch is it then ?
    It is obvious from my perspective that Gouverments and media is synchronised in to put fear in everybody. Without any unpleasant symptoms – no fear is possible to reach Could you or someone here comment – what is really happening?

    1. Well, considering the numbers they’ve put out, the flu could have easily been relabeled as COVID and no one would know the difference. What is going on is a media campaign of fear propaganda. Coronaviruses are real, but the specific virus known as COVID, is not.

  8. Hi Jeff,

    I’m hearing a lot about vaccine shedding now and more and more people seem to be becoming aware of this so-called “phenomenon.” I’m not sure if you have spoken anywhere else about this but would you care to comment on it.

    Love your work. Keep the fighting the good fight.

    1. I have written an article on it, which I will be reposting shortly to my website in articles.

      ‘Sudden Shedding Explosion’
      May 3rd, 2021
      Written by Jeff Green

      I have gotten at least 10 messages about ‘shedding’ in the past week. So, what’s the deal? Who is propagandizing people to believe shedding is harming people, especially females, and how has it occurred so swiftly?
      There is no proof ‘shedding’ of vaccine toxins is causing such problems, and actually, it makes no logical sense on its face. This appears to be another trap laid for conspiracy groups. It’s time to begin learning the science about why this is not possible. Yes, toxins can be expelled by the skin, mouth, and many other orifices, but to then equate that with being exposed to vaccine toxicity, as if it matters to your own body, indicates a lack of scientific knowledge of how the body functions.

      People see coincidences and then come out with these huge extrapolations based upon only one or two observations, and then sound the alarm bells and fearmonger everyone else into a fear state. As I’ve stated before: disease itself is coincidental in nature and prone to misobservations. I’ve seen these tactics before, and people are going to have to learn the hard way that they are being pushed and pulled from every direction.
      I’ve even received a message that prions from these vaccines could pose a problem. Yes, that is true, but only to the person receiving the shot. Once again, prions are not something you ‘catch’. They are misfolded proteins from the disease state that are occurring internally in a body. I did a whole newsletter piece on it last year and included studies.

      So, where is all this coming from?—perhaps the anti-vax groups that still believe viruses are contagious? I believe that is one source. I do not trust these groups whatsoever. They are bought and paid for by the same groups they claim to be against. Yes, we have something in common, which is our distrust in vaccines, but these groups are not interested in getting down to the truth of it all, it seems. They are mainly controlled opposition that believes vaccines can be made ‘safe’. I am not including everyone in that list, but there are many prominent folks that are incredibly misled. Shedding is not real, and if it was, those in power would not be so greatly pushing for everyone on the planet to get vaccinated if they could just expose other people who are vaccinated to those that are not.

      I am (unfortunately) around others who are vaccinated and have experienced no side effects. It is not remotely the problem fearmongers are making it out to be. When toxins exit the skin and mouth they are bound with white blood cells that have mostly neutralized the toxin. You would have to drink a whole cup of someone’s vaccinated body sweat to even come close to producing toxic problems in your own body. Even then, it is mostly removed by the digestive system through that particular method. You’d have to inject that material directly into your blood or drink large sums of it. Is anyone doing that? I think not. These toxins are STORED in the body and are not readily excreted to begin with. That is one of the big problems with vaccination, which is that their toxins are stored by the blood and tissue and in cells wherein they cause degeneration over time. These toxins accumulate and store and are gradually released over time by the body.

      And no, pheromones are not a problem either. These are biological phenomena, and are hormones—people are not going to excrete ‘vaccine pheromones’ because vaccines do not operate in that manner, nor can they.

      Think logically and do not allow people to mislead you. That would be like saying if someone has thyroid cancer, their hormones are not healthy, and they will sicken you as well. Worrying about those around you being vaccinated, as if you will catch their toxicity, is wasting emotional energy on something that is not real. Many mainstream articles are being put out by people seeking to mislead, and preying upon those who believe shedding poses a threat to the unvaccinated. Fortunately, it is not a problem. It seems many people cannot win no matter what they do.

      If you want to remain healthy, never get a vaccine.

  9. Hey Jeff!
    I just found your work. You do a great job laying out these concepts!
    This last year I’ve been learning all I can about Terrain Theory – it is a much better model – in sync with nature and with creation.
    I feel like I have come full circle in my research. From how the virus might have been “created” in a lab in Wuhan and why, to understanding that viruses are created by the body and serve a useful benevolent purpose, and are not contagious.
    The answer to the why question – why are “they” doing this – remains. I get it, eliminating huge numbers, and attempting to change what humans are.
    But I am struggling with who and what God is now. I’ve had to face the fact that there is evil in this realm, an incredible amount, but about the good, are we on our own?
    I feel organized religion has been taken over by dark side – they are openly participating with this genocide agenda.
    Are we in the spiritual classroom?
    How do YOU exist within this assault on life?

    1. Please listen to this:

      People must awaken to the deception that deceivers have perpetrated on mankind, and turn away from the deception. This is a spiritual battle. Man has been given free will; to make a choice, as such, there may be consequences, but it must be so. Until they wake up and seek the truth, they will always be living in confusion and turmoil. God is the creator of all things, both seen and unseen. It is because of my great belief in God that I do the things I do—It is my mission, and I am a messenger of truth. Therefore, do not let the actions of others bring you down. I have lost my mother to all of this, but even so, having experienced one of the greatest losses one can endure, I stand even stronger and unafraid—God has blessed me in order to share my knowledge. I plan to continue doing that until I can no longer do so. That is how I exist. The joys of life far exceed the banal existence of petty dictators.

  10. Hi, wondering can you explain what antibodies are if viruses come from within to detox and not from outside the body? We often talk about mums transferring their antibodies through breastmilk, what would they be transferring? Many say that once you have a virus you are then immune. They are now talking about having antibody tests against covid to show they have had the virus and that by breastfeeding after ‘infection’ babys become immune

    1. They mostly transfer the precursor to antibodies to help the baby form white blood cells (antibodies) properly. There is no such thing as immunity, and antibodies do not create immunity. Immunity does not even exist in the classical sense. There is no ‘immunity’ per se; your entire body is your immune system. It is a complex network of many systems. Antibodies will show up no matter what you inject into the body, unless it is something benign, like water. They are not the mediators of immunity. They are the regulators of infection, which heals the body. The same virus can happen multiple times in a person. Any time toxicity presents itself, the body can manufacture viruses to deal with that toxin. For instance, someone can develop flu viruses all throughout his or her life.

      1. Thank you so much for replying, it really does make sense.
        I just wanted to share my own experience the past 3 days I have had shakes and temperatures which by listening to you showed me that it was viruses detoxing my body, I had eaten a pasteurised cows milk cake which I have an intolerance to prior to the temperature starting. Now day 3 I have developed tonsillitis with mucus spots on my tonsils obviously getting rid of the last toxins the viruses could no longer. By listening to you I’ve let my body do it’s work and refused antibiotics and it has 100% been for the benefit of myself who has a bowel disease that would be triggered negatively if I’d accepted antibiotics. I’m currently working on flushing my body and getting nutrients in me.
        Thank you for everything you are doing, don’t let them silence you!

        1. Be patient… you’d be surprised to know what type of long detoxification I have experienced in my life. All of them have healed because I was patient with my body. There were times I believed I was dying, and I had terrible bouts of panic which compounded the problem. I have been through very rough times, but they have strengthened my mind and body. Much of the negative effects of detoxification are mental in origin. Fear and panic drive a vicious cycle of stress. You are doing the right thing. I also suggest consuming raw egg smoothies. This will help give you the raw nutrients to heal and lessen symptoms. I always suggest raw egg smoothies to most people with illness as a primary staple in the diet. 2-3 raw eggs, 1 cup raw milk (if no raw milk, use 1 raw ripe banana), 2 tbsp of honey, then blend for 20 seconds until smooth. Sip this for a few hours until it is consumed. You may drink 1 to 3 smoothies a day. Remember that they are a whole food, and serve as a full meal in many cases.

      2. Hello Jeff,
        I find your sight intriguing. I’m curious to know what your view on antibody tests are. What exactly are they testing for, and what does a positive test result signify? If SarsCov2 doesn’t exist, how can one have developed antibodies to it? (I ask this because many who claim to have had it believe they are “safe” because they’ve acquired “antibodies”.)

        1. Testing for SARS-CoV-2 does not search for antibodies. The main method of testing used is a PCR test, which tests for genetic material leftover from the supposed virus. However, the test itself is fraudulent because different coronavirus variants are not different enough to show up their difference on a test, and thus, a person will usually test positive since coronaviruses are very common in the population. As such, they can get away with claiming you have COVID, when in actuality you have any number of coronaviruses that the test cannot differentiate from.

          Lastly, antibodies will show up no matter what you inject into the body, unless it is something benign, like water. They are not the mediators of immunity. They are the regulators of infection, which heals the body. The same virus can happen multiple times in a person. Any time toxicity presents itself, the body can manufacture viruses to deal with that toxin. For instance, someone can develop flu viruses all throughout his or her life.

          1. So do you believe the body creates antibodies that are specific to the certain toxins/antigens it encounters?

            How do doctors claim to know a person has antibodies that are specific to, say, SARS-CoV-2?

            Do antibodies have specific markers that distinguish them from other antibodies?

          2. Some antibodies do. Others do not. Many antibodies are shared among diseases and illnesses, including viral illnesses. They do not test for antibodies for SARS. They test, to my understanding at this time, for genetic material leftover from a viral illness, which could have occurred many months prior. This leads to many false positives. Further, antibodies do not create immunity. I wrote about this in one of my newsletters. Immunity does not exist in the classical sense in that antibodies are created to prevent all future infections. Antibodies are created during the infection process to guide healing. After that, they go dormant again. Antibodies are created anytime you have something inside the body, generated internally, or from external sources, but they do not create immunity. That is like saying I could not develop a flu virus multiple times in my life, and the truth is, you can.

          3. Hi Jeff,

            Can you please clarify how specific viruses exist, such as coronaviruses, when a virus is a solvent/exosome our body is producing? I don’t understand a pre-existing classification of a virus vs a general mechanism coming from within our body that is labeled as virus producing. Do both exist, as in the “virome” externally, as well as what our body generates in response to a toxin?

            Also, have you written anywhere on the theory of ivermectin (or other pharmaceuticals) stopping viral replication? What is actually going on there?

            Thanks very much for your time!

          4. Viruses originate from a living cell only. They do not exist externally. They only exist in the presence of a living cell; a living host body. The only way a virus can arise in nature is inside a living body. So, there is absolutely no external creation of these non-living agents outside of that. With regard to exosomes: viruses and exosomes are different. Exosomes are simply vesicles of life for cells. They do not carry out the same role as a virus because they must transport critical life fluids for cells, whereas a viruses’ one and only function is to dissolve and dilute waste and debris in and around the cell.

            I have addressed ivermectin in various comments, but not in article form. I have referred to it as a toxic parasitical drug and something that makes absolutely no sense to give someone with a virus that is not living. I advise people to stay away from these types of drugs.

  11. Hello Jeff,

    A few of my family members took antibodies tests including myself after we got sick with the COVID-19 ( according to our government’s narrative)or probably the flu .
    Each one of us had different symptoms , mine was the mildest.
    Each one of us had a different number for our antibodies , 16 , 56 , 210 .
    Does that mean the member with the highest antibodies (210) had a higher level of toxicity ? And vice versa ?
    Or what does the number indicate?


    1. That is highly possible. The more antibodies, the more viral replication, thus the more toxicity present in the body which would require a higher level of antibodies to help combat the problem.

  12. Even after reading all of your newsletters and blog posts, I am still looking for an answer to my question about what makes this particular coronavirus different from others. Why does it have the seemingly unique symptom of loss of smell and taste when there is no sinus congestion? Can it truly be a new type of coronavirus that humans are producing for the first time? If so, what causes a new virus to start being produced by the population seemingly all at once? Are these unique symptoms what enabled those in power to create this supposed pandemic? Thanks for all your blogs and newsletters! I have spent the summer trying to wrap my brain around these concepts.

    1. Thank you, Kathryn. I have stated that SARS-CoV-2 does not exist. However, coronaviruses do exist, as do other types of viruses, and one of the symptoms is a loss of smell and/or taste. Sinus congestion that is dry can incur these symptoms and you may not believe you have sinus congestion when actually you do. Smell and taste are both related. When viruses are discarding toxicity, mucus is formed utilizing white blood cells that is thicker in nature in order to bind with toxins and neutralize them; its protein content increases. This can increase the likelihood of congestion. Sometimes that mucus is dryer and less fluid. Also, you must consider that the olfactory lobe is toxified by breathing in many kinds of toxins. This too can cause loss of taste and smell. In all, they are all sinus congestion of some sort as toxins are being expelled from the body. It is not unique to any virus.

      Anyone who says otherwise is lying to you, and there is plenty of lying going on in media about this supposed virus, which seemingly can cause every disease known to man. It is fearmongering.

      It is possible, of course, that a new virus can be manufactured by the body. It would do so when the body cannot recognize a new toxin. It must produce new viral proteins to deal with the matter if toxins are too toxic for living microbes to handle. However, this should not cause some unearthly mutant situation, since there are many incredibly toxic substances that can cause all manner of diseases—much worse than any coronavirus, which is mild by nature.

      1. Hi Jeff,
        Do you believe, as some have suggested, that the loss of smell many are reporting could be caused by exposure to harmful EMFs?

        1. In my personal observations, no. Loss of smell is usually associated with toxins affecting the olfactory lobe, which produces our smell and also taste. Could EMFs cause disruptions to this organ? Yes, possibly, if high concentrations are involved. In my life, every time I have had loss of smell or taste, it was due to a cold which can cause the olfactory lobe and sinuses to become congested. Many times, those colds were caused from some toxin in the environment—from artificial perfume, dust, smoke, pollen, and others.

  13. Hello, about epigenetics etc. and the ability of current “science” to affect genes or do any sci-fi transhumanism stuff with their vaccines/poisons, here quote below from project Immanuel( -a Stefan Lanka expertized site. It says that epigenetics and all other gene-changing claims by modifying DNA in any way are false – not possible as dna is not “a blueprint of life” what people think it is -as it is constantly changing( ( Also this site thinks similarly:
    So can they alter genes at all in any specific harmfull way – or is all they can even today do is just put poisons(proteins) in vaccines as before?
    “How does one come to the idea that SARS-CoV-2 is supposed to have mutated further?
    The genome of SARS-CoV-2 is fictitious, but some of the basis for it is from strands of nucleic acid which are found in the metabolism of any organism (which is part of the reason why any human, animal or plant can potentially test”positive” for Corona). To use the example of the jigsaw puzzle again: you have a few real puzzle pieces, but they have nothing to do with the template, and you simply make up all the remaining parts by cutting out suitable pieces of cardboard and painting them according to the template.
    It has been known for more than twenty years that nucleic acid is constantly changing. Therefore, nucleic acid cannot possibly contain our inheritance! Ideas such as epigenetics (the theory of flexible heredity) are only desperate attempts to somehow justify and keep alive the old model of a material heredity in the form of genes.
    Nowadays, some scientists are considering that DNA rather serves to generate and release energy in the body, which could explain the constant changes in DNA. However, the majority of scientists still assume the outdated idea of genes (without ever questioning and testing them) and believe that the blueprint of a living being is stored in DNA. Therefore, they interpret the fact that changes to DNA take place as an indication of “mutation” of genes.
    Therefore, when examining DNA fragments obtained from humans or animals, mistakenly assumed to be the basis of the hypothetical genetic strand of SARS-CoV-2, finding that the DNA has changed, the conclusion is drawn that SARS-CoV-2 has mutated.

    ➡️ the idea of mutations of SARS-CoV-2 is based only on an interpretation of the fact that all DNA is constantly changing. Or more generally formulated, the idea of the virus mutation arises only because one still works with completely outdated, long since disproved scientific hypotheses.
    With this obsolete approach, new mutations of SARS-CoV-2 can be found/invented for all eternity. This can quickly become a catastrophic self-perpetuating vicious circle, and it appears that many scientists have already fallen into this.

    You can find more on the topic of “viral mutation” in our video O.R.I., No. 02: “Virus mutation – the misinterpretation of a misinterpretation.” In the main programme of Project Immanuel, this topic and all related matters will be dealt with in detail and substantiated with all necessary references.” (

    1. You do not alter DNA directly. You alter transcription of future proteins, thus future DNA in cells. The goal is not to alter DNA directly, because that would be basically pointless and impossible and would apply to only one cell. As I have written, DNA is minutely different in each cell. Most DNA alterations occur due to the results of toxicity on cells which degenerate the cellular activities, such as protein creation. Also, epigenetic changes occur naturally in the body all the time. However, genetic traits can indeed be changed through external (man-made) epigenetic changes, by introducing particular chemical compounds to the cell, causing future DNA synthesis to be altered. I have written about this quite extensively. So, anyone who says this is not possible has simply not researched the matter long enough. They genetically modify fruits and vegetables (albeit those behave differently than human cells), so they can do similar with human cells.

      Someone asked me before (paraphrasing): “If all DNA is different, how can viruses be designed by cells to dissolve portions of cells with the same DNA?” The answer is: DNA is changing between cells, but it does not change to the extent of being entirely different. These are minute changes. As such, the body can intelligently recognize that DNA of cells is similar and that cells have become either weakened or damaged from some insult. This is all part of the complex communication processes between the many cells of the body in conjunction with communication keys of the RNA/DNA of viruses. Example: DNA is different, but how much? If you take two rocks that look almost identical from a normal distance, you may notice they have slightly different edges and weight when closely inspected. However, they are both from the same rock, even though their appearance is slightly different. They contain the same makeup and material. To the naked eye, they look the same. Under close inspection, their individual complexities in shape and form reveal themselves and their difference become more distinct. However, they are still from the same rock, with the same material, and the human eye (the cell) observes the rock from a normal perspective as being similar or the same (unless the body has a reason for being more specific). The body is able to analyze these differences in DNA, or communication would never occur in the body.

  14. Hi Jeff,

    Forever appreciative of your work and dedication! A few questions on two different topics, if I may:

    1. I am reading your last two newsletters about the concept of protein synthesis being altered with mRNA, but trying to understand why mRNA would not successfully cause a specific spike protein to be produced based on the encoding delivered via the mRNA in the vaccine. Isn’t that how transfection works if using mRNA for the delivery via the injection? I was listening to Dr. Tenpenny explain how the mRNA vaccine can alter DNA indirectly, similar to what you are discussing, but she described this as resulting from the injected mRNA going through the ribosomes to produce the spike protein that can then be reincorporated into the DNA via transfection, enacting change. I also saw that you wrote about epigenetic changes that can come from human intervention with a protein attaching to a gene to affect gene expression – is this not the same thing as the downstream affect of this mRNA vax? Is there no “spike protein” being generated from this injection that could then be attached? To summarize, I am trying to understand how this shot affects protein synthesis, but does not produce a protein itself. I think I’m following that the shot is simply full of toxins that are damaging DNA, and in turn via reverse transcriptase, damaged mRNA is being written and producing incorrect or damaged proteins. Am I at all near the mark? Please help – thoughts are swimming, as is evidenced in my verboseness. 🙂

    2. What is your opinion on self-disseminating vaccines, and if this existing technology is, in fact, effective at spreading, what is being spread, and how is this different from the concept of “shedding”? The claim to this technology is based on engineered “viruses” designed to move through a population. Based on knowing viruses don’t work this way, what is actually happening in these groups? An example would be hemorrhagic disease in rabbits and the trialed use of this technology to allegedly effectively produce “immunity.”

    Thanks very much for reading – appreciate any clarification you can offer.

    1. Well, first thank you for your message, Kat. I have addressed much of this in my past newsletters. I posit that there is no real spike protein that is taking effect after vaccination as has been claimed. The truth is that the ‘spike protein’ is simply the toxin that is being injected which affects future cellular division. This is what they call the ‘spike’. In the end, the cell is not creating a spike protein—the chemical compounds are affecting cellular division and thus DNA of the cell and its offspring; affecting protein synthesis.

      When you look into their documents on these vaccines you will find that the spike protein is merely the chemical serums mixed with a portion of synthesized (man-made) tissue. Those chemicals are classically known as adjuvants. The cell uptakes that serum along with the tissue where it is engulfed by white blood cells and distributed throughout other cells through endocytosis in a bid to neutralize the foreign debris. When that occurs, it enters the cytoplasm where it affects future protein synthesis. Thus, every cell offspring thereafter will contain an altered DNA sequence. As I laid out in my past newsletters, I have found that that has to do with regulation of cytokins which have an important role in infection and the detoxification system.

      I have also pondered the possibility that small amounts of graphene oxide have been used in these vaccines. It would only make sense that they would contain small amounts the more I have thought about it. Graphene is the thinnest material known to man. It can be used to increase permeability, which will allow vaccine substances to enter cells with more ease and cause a more successful reaction.

      I hope this has helped answer some of your questions…

  15. Hello, this is my reply to your comment about virus isolation in your substack article “Discernment is Vitally Important” – so here below is the start part of that comment of yours
    Jeff Green21 hr agoAuthor
    While it is true Kaufman and Cowan have quoted studies, they have done so inaccurately to try to prove their point. They will likely not accept any evidence, or sound biological reasons for why viruses must exist.

    I have illustrated in my recent journal, for example, that Kaufman omitted very important parts of a study claiming to show the isolation and existence of SARS-CoV-2. He claimed isolation procedures were omitted, and that only Vero cells were used in the study. In actuality, the study showed the use of human cell lines and not merely Vero cells, as claimed by Kaufman. He also omitted the methods section which clearly tells of the isolation procedure. So, in fact, there is indeed mention in the study that describes isolation.

    Pertaining to isolation, the study states the following:

    “In this article, we describe isolation of SARS-CoV-2 from a patient who had coronavirus disease (COVID-19) in the United States and described its genomic sequence and replication characteristics. We have made the virus isolate available to the public health community by depositing it into 2 virus reagent repositories.”

    “For isolation, limiting dilution, and passage 1 of the virus, we pipetted 50 µL of serum-free DMEM into columns 2–12 of a 96-well tissue culture plate, then pipetted 100 µL of clinical specimens into column 1 and serially diluted 2-fold across the plate. We then trypsinized and resuspended Vero cells in DMEM containing 10% fetal bovine serum, 2× penicillin/streptomycin, 2× antibiotics/antimycotics, and 2× amphotericin B at a concentration of 2.5 × 105 cells/ mL. We added 100 µL of cell suspension directly to the clinical specimen dilutions and mixed gently by pipetting. We then grew the inoculated cultures in a humidified 37°C incubator in an atmosphere of 5% CO2 and observed for cytopathic effects (CPEs) daily. We used standard plaque assays for SARS-CoV-2, which were based on SARS-CoV and Middle East respiratory syndrome coronavirus (MERS-CoV) protocols.


    My reply – but as yu see these exact sentences are indeed used in last years “virus isolation refusal analysis” in Rappoport’s blog by Kaufman – – so not omitted there, but are they well refuted by Kaufman?.. what do you think?

    So many conflicting arguments to different directions everywhere, and with very field specific jargon as a base, it is very hard for normal person to figure out the exact truth. But maybe it is enough just to know that there isn’t any contagious viruses “flying” around, just natural cell made solvents/proteins to help the body to cleanse when other natural helpers/cleaners(bacteria, fungi etc.) cannot function/are dying in too toxic environment.

    1. Hi Neku. Thanks for your thoughts. Yes, those quotes were used in the recent article by Rappoport as well, which begs the question of why Kaufman is claiming isolation methods were not described in the study in question. He seemingly claims the methods section is not good enough. As I state in the journal, the study is not well refuted because Kaufman does not include vital information about the extent of the cell lines used and leaves out important information in the study (whether you agree with the study or not). He claims if Vero cells are used, it invalidates any study. Except he left out human cell lines were also used.

      I understand it is complex for many people, but at this point in time, it is no longer complex for me to understand the general writings of these studies, even though some topics are not well understood by me, such as antibiotic usage. They may be used to prevent bacterial growth. With that said, there is ample proof that SARS-CoV-2 is a manmade construct, but is not a naturally occurring virus.

      Kaufman and others on his side are claiming none of this is taking place at all. They outright dismiss and deny viruses even exist. There is simply no proof for their claims. They are rendering a lot of things as meaningless by claiming “it’s all fake”. I believe the answer is much more complex and deeper than that. We should be interested only in the truth, and we can’t do that by disregarding entire branches of science. That is foolish and intellectually unevolved.

  16. Hi Jeff, I’ve been discussing alternative perspectives with a few others regarding COVID and someone offered up this paper for an exercise in sense-making: “The pathogenicity of SARS-CoV-2 in hACE2 transgenic mice” ( As a non-biologist, I know I’m not able to evaluate the finer details of these experiments, though I did my best to read the entire paper from the non-contagious, endogenic, enzymatic virus perspective. A couple possible alternative interpretations of the results entered my mind, but I struggle to articulate them. If you have written about this experiment before, or other relevant experiments, I’d greatly appreciate your guidance towards them. Otherwise, I would be grateful for your take on their results.

    Namely, why did only the transgenic mice show symptoms when injected with viral tissue? How does the hACE2 receptor apparently make these mice vulnerable to such injections?

    Thank you!

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