Exosomes vs Viruses

Written by Jeff Green
Alternative Nutrition/Researcher

Exosomes are parts of the processes of viral behavior, just as white blood cells (antibodies) are part of the processes, both having dual roles when needed. It can be said that exosomes are indistinguishable from viruses in some cases. Exosomes are the same size as viruses (0.1 microns)—and vary in size, but are mostly of similar size. They are secreted by cells and are extracellular vesicles that transport messages between cells to inform each other when they are in danger. They also transport molecules needed for cellular life between cells. They are intercellular communication agents. Viruses are replicated in the cell—exosomes are not, and are not released in high numbers as viruses are.

Vaccines: I write extensively about this in my book and speak about it in my videos. Vaccines do not prevent disease. They cannot, by nature. I explain that in the presentation. Vaccines introduce proteins that are supposed to initiate the immune response to manufacture specific antibodies, but this is not how the body functions. Immunity does not come from antibodies. Antibodies are regulating agents. They’re merely white blood cells that regulate infection, and thus, the healing process. Viruses are part of the healing phase. Each cell manufactures hundreds to thousands or more viruses. Every 72 hours, a minutely new but similar virus is manufactured, which the body uses to cleanse parts that the first did not. No vaccine could ever spark immunity because the body does not recognize foreign debris as being useful to the body in any way, and so the body attempts to flush that toxicity from the blood. 

Viruses work on a lock-and-key system which is given by the cell (RNA/DNA). Each cell has differing RNA/DNA, therefore, it is impossible that a foreign viral protein would initiate any recognition from the body. There is no forced ‘immunity’. It is nonsensical, and highly dangerous—even deadly.

When it comes to why viruses like chickenpox and measles are one-time detoxifications, the answer is quite simple. It is because these viruses are childhood detoxifications and are meant to strengthen the developing immune system. Other viruses, like flu and cold, are something one will experience throughout one’s entire life. There are 320,000 different viral strains inherent to the body. Each one is intelligently manufactured by cells, and through the transcription and translation process, determine how that virus will function—In particular, what type of tissue the virus has the ‘authority’ to dissolve. RNA/DNA that makes up the virus are lock-and-key systems that allow it to dissolve specific tissues and tissue in and around cells, and parts of cells, with the same RNA/DNA. This is highly regulated by antibodies, which deliver specific matter, and other toxic matter to the virus for dissolution. So, viruses and antibodies work as one unit.

If the body is highly toxic—that is if there is a large number of toxins floating in the blood, and existing in tissue, the symptoms of viral breakdown will be greater. Toxins broken down by viruses must be excreted by the body. When excretion happens it requires binding nutrients that help neutralize their caustic effects and helps escorts them out of the body. The body cannot eliminate such matter without it first being broken down into minuscule particles. Viruses are able to do this if the toxin is too great for a living microbe to consume without being poisoned to death. Then, the matter is expelled out of the body. A greater degree of symptoms will be experienced if that person is highly toxic because the body is working hard to break down and eliminate those toxins from the body. That means symptoms like coughing, sneezing, heavy mucus & phlegm, fever, all increase in order to expel that matter from the body. That is how the body functions. Without symptoms, the body cannot rid itself of toxicity—toxins must be expelled somehow. 

Again, viruses are not contagious. And remember that viruses will only occur if there is some sort of severe toxic substance that is inside the body which cannot be broken down by regular living microbial methods, such as phagocytes, bacteria, parasites, or fungi. This is why vaccines cannot work. Hypothetically, they do work to suppress the immune system in such a way that prevents these detoxifications, because the body can only focus on one major insult at once, therefore, detoxifications are put on hold while it deals with vaccine chemicals now in the body. So then, you have a problem on top of a problem. 

Hypothetically speaking, if vaccines did work, the body would never properly detoxify toxins, and so then how would the body actually cleanse itself in the face of toxicity? Answer: It could not. That person would die an early death from eventual disease manifestation and toxic overload. Eventually, toxins will reach a level where the body can no longer regulate them rationally, and the body will become weak and die. Viruses are a last resort in this regard, and stopping their processes is inane and stupid, and results in unnecessary death. Trust the body always, for It is more intelligent than the mind.

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  1. Hi there. Thank you so much for this information! Would you please explain why, as the second oldest of six children, when one of us would become ill with chicken pox or measles, why the others would become ill, also. I’ve also watched a “stomach virus” make its way through an entire household, claiming all but a few people of different ages. I’m trying to build a case against this whole Coronavirus scam and share it with my friends and family. I feel like there is a missing piece to the puzzle here. Could it be that those who become ill are ALL subjected to the same toxins? Thanks much!

    1. Actually, I just had someone ask me a question strikingly similar to yours.

      Here’s some information for you that will help clarify the puzzle:

      People tell me all the time that they’ve gotten sick from their loved one, or they caught this virus or that virus from their loved one. I tell them that is what I term the ‘Illusion of Viral Activity’. This is because viruses and bacteria are cyclical in nature, occurring at the same time in the majority of the population each year. This happens because the body, on a cyclical basis, dumps mass stored toxins after a certain accumulation occurs over a period of time. This occurs every year; sometimes milder, sometimes stronger. Temperature and climate changes bring about the necessary signals to begin cleansing processes. When you have households that live together, they almost always eat the same foods, drink the same water, and breathe the same air; sharing identical habits. It is common for them to have similar detoxification times, therefore they will experience cold or flu around the same time. This does not mean viruses are contagious. Viruses and bacteria are not contagious. No virus is.

      The environment plays a role in viral and bacterial creation more than anything. It is much like how bears come out of hibernation each year around the same time. Climate plays a large role in their appearance, and they gradually come out one after the other depending on location. That is why we have a flu season—because humidity combined with cold or heat brings about bodily changes at the cellular level. We observe the same behaviors in the microcosm of the body. Such changes signal the body to dump accumulated toxins so new cellular activity can thrive. Bacteria (or virus) then manifest in order to disassemble and break those down to be excreted from the body—via skin, mucus, respiratory system, and bowels.

      It is very common for people to observe this illusion and believe it is contagious—that is the nature of mankind; they’re easily self-deceived by coincidences. Health is rife with such misobservations because it cannot be directly seen. Therefore, the answer is not obvious at first and is a complex puzzle for those that do not understand the nature of the body. In reality, it is no different than bears coming out of hibernation, or trees blossoming at the same times—Most do not all come out on the same day, but they gradually do so one after the other.

      1. hi Jeff,

        If I would fight off toxins in my body, the immune system responds and leaves viruses as the byproduct from their actions. Then if I would to cough or sneeze expelling those viruses, and someone else would inhale that, their body would see that as an invasive force and therefore that person’s immune system would react as well?

        I just been updating myself on the ‘Spanish Flu’, between quotes as it was neither Spanish nor the Flu but rather bacterial pneumonia. Would it be possible for coughing, sneezing, spitting sick persons to pass on their bacteria to others, moving the disease from one to the other?

        thanks, Patrick

        1. Hi Patrick, the answer is no. You are not going to pass any large amount of viruses onto someone. And do remember that passing, or shedding any excretions is not going to cause you to become infected with the virus. Viruses operate on a lock and key system utilizing RNA and DNA. It it impossible for them to function unless they are in the original host body. You can pass these things on, such as bacteria, but bacteria as well must have dead tissue to feed upon—no different than a maggot must have dead matter to thrive in.

          1. Perhaps, Jeff, your explanation is the reason why Dr. Rosenau could not prove contagion when he conducted his experiments on soldiers in 1918 on both coasts. This seems to be a fascinating and remarkable experiment that appears to have been lost in time, intentionally or otherwise. The report is buried deep into the NIH archives. https://www.gjenvick.com/Influenza/TheRosenauExperiment-1918-1919.html
            I’m curious to know if you were aware of this report and what you think of it. Thanks.

          2. Thank you, yes. I have used that as a reference a number of times in my writings. More people should be made aware of it. It is not the only one of its kind.

        2. The government conducted several experiments during the Spanish Flu era.
          1) They collected “germs” from infected people then exposed 100 people to the “germs”. Not a single one of the healthy people got sick.
          2)They took the same “germs” and then injected them directly into healthy people, once again, yielding the same result. Not a single one of the healthy people developed any symptoms whatsoever.
          3)They took the infected people, sat them uncomfortably close to the healthy people and had them get as close as they could (lip to lip) without actually touching and had the infected breath air into the mouths of the healthy. Anyone care to guess what the results were of that one?? Lol
          They failed at least 300 times to spread the sickness from one person to another.

        3. Air borne transmission of a bacteria or virus has never been proven in a blind placebo study. A study of transmission of the 1918 Bacterial flu was done in two separate studies on military men , both studies showed that they could not infect healthy men with sick individuals. Not even animals.

      2. What incredible insights, God bless you! I can’t tell you how long I have searched for a reasonable explanation for the perceived phenomenon of viral spread. These words are an answer to a very long pondered question!

      3. How is it that bacteria are not contagious?
        Why would they not be transmissible?
        And if they have a harmful effect on the body?

      1. Thanks for the link, but German New Medicine, based on the link you have provided, is inaccurate. The claims suggest that all obvious toxic issues that arise in the body are due to mental factors. That is a blatant falsity. To disprove this theory, I have personally observed people, including myself, under great levels of stress for days on end with no acne, or any other rash, so long as the body is healthy and can deal with cortisol stress hormones without becoming overly toxic. The information you have linked clearly claims that chickenpox and other illnesses are due to mental conflicts yet does not mention cortisol stress hormones as the key factor for causing internal toxicity and sparking potential detoxification more quickly, nor does it mention the main cause, which is the multitude of toxins in our environment that would cause such toxic excretions in the first place.

        Here are the major catalysts when it comes to rashes:

        1. Some form of toxicity must be present in the body.
        2. If toxins are so caustic that living cells, bacteria, parasites, or fungus can not consume and discard toxicity, viruses must be manufactured by cells to cleanse.
        3. All forms of rashes are caused by toxicity, period. No amount of “thinking your way into it” will give you chickenpox. Yes, conflicts cause stress, and if you can generate a high level of stress hormones compounded with external toxic accumulations, that can “break the dam” and form rashes on the body as toxins are excreted; toxic overload occurs. But first, there must be toxicity present. Mental factors alone are not enough to bring about such toxicity—they simply add to the toxicity of the body if they are stored without using those hormones through exercise/activity. But solely blaming stress for these issues is an error, considering we are designed to deal with moderate to severe amounts of stress, including fear, to escape danger in our environment. The cause of all rashes stems from toxic inundation from our environment—usually manmade.
        4. Most always, measles, chickenpox, and herpes are all caused by toxicity in the nerves of the skin—usually from vaccine adjuvants, or metal from cookware, candies, deodorant, and so forth. Toxic cortisol accumulation can expedite detoxification, as toxins beget toxins.
        5. Babies and children are much more prone to these illnesses early on because their detoxification system is developing and has to immediately throw off toxicity as it encounters it so that it can properly develop. Thus, viruses may be needed to cleanse in moderate to severe cases. Children are also routinely assaulted directly after birth with all manner of medical toxicity, such as vaccination.

        1. So is it the case that some kids don’t develop these diseases due to better environment or better detoxification capability? And since viruses are supposed to be unique, then vaccines serve no purpose and don’t do anything at all, not even harm. Other than the heavy metals and graphene in them, of course.

          1. Yes, in part. And, they do harm. But vaccines can not and will not prevent disease. Vaccines are injecting poison and claiming that poison prevents disease.

    2. Your memory is probably wrong for one thing, also it sounds like you’re describing food poisoning which isn’t contagious

  2. Hi Jeff,
    Thank You very much for writing this article and sharing your knowledge. Obviously you have studied the subject well and have thought long and hard to consolidate your understanding. You’ve explained a difficult set of topics clearly and concisely. The message is clear; the germ theory is FAKE Science. There are no “germs” of any name or nature that invade the body and cause disease, there is no Contagion, and vaccination did never and can never prevent disease. On the contrary, Vaccines, by definition, are filth and poison – they contaminate the blood in order to cause disease.
    How did much of the world’s “Elite” get alluded so much as to believe that contaminating healthy blood with disease is the only way of securing health!

    1. Thank you for the comment! You seem to understand exactly what I have been conveying. The elite know full well what they are doing with regard to vaccination, and they know that they do not prevent disease. We are dealing with nefarious forces. In an article I wrote on my website, ‘What Are Their Intentions?’, I explain why they are doing all of this.


      1. Dear Jeff, are you please able to throw light on the supposed ” shedding” given viruses cannot be transmitted and cannot exist outside the cells… What exactly are some non vaxed ppl being affected by when in close contact with the vaxed….

        It’s it the proteins in the sweat allowing for certain bacteria our something else??

        Would much appreciate

        Many thanks

  3. Hi Jeff,
    Thank You very much for writing this article and sharing your knowledge. Obviously you have studied the subject well and have thought long and hard to consolidate your understanding. You’ve explained a difficult set of topics clearly and concisely. The message is clear; the germ theory is FAKE Science. There are no “germs” of any name or nature that invade the body and cause disease, there is no Contagion, and vaccination did never and can never prevent disease. On the contrary, Vaccines, by definition, are filth and poison – they contaminate the blood in order to cause disease.
    How did much of the world’s “Elite” get alluded so much as to believe that contaminating healthy blood with disease is the only way of securing health!

  4. Great article! Question for you: So when people get tested and they have the virus, I will use Covid for now, how did it get into our body in the first place? Or maybe I just need a better understanding of what a virus is and how they are able to name them all. Thank you

  5. Hello Mr. Green, I’m searching some info to write an article about the exosomes/viruses theory, so I found your website 🙂

    I have a question regarding nutrition and the exosome theory, as many websites talking about this theory also talk about nutrition.
    Is meat really unhealthy?

    I saw this so many times, that meat acidify the body, that it’s full of toxins and that it’s dead rotting flesh…

    However, meat is also very important for human health, physically and mentally.
    If meat is considered the most toxic aliment, it’s also the most nutritious. And aren’t grains, plants, nuts and vegetables toxic too ? Course they are, they produce toxic byproducts during their processing.
    Everything is toxic, even the sun that is the primary source of all the energy on earth is harmful.

    I have compiled some raw information about meat to show that meat is actually necessary for human health but I guess you already have some knowledge about it : https://bayfiles.com/B9u0I728pb/Meat_zip

    Considering the exosome theory, and so a new definition on the origin of diseases, how to consider eating meat?

    Today, you see from many sources that meat cause cancer, cardiovascular diseases, cholesterol, that it makes you unhealthy… So many people trust this and decide to follow a vegan diet, a western vegan diet still full of processed sweetened products, then they go back on meat and claim they feel better, then become carnivorous only…

    Maybe we should eat different things based on seasons, so the body clean itself from meat byproducts when it’s fruits seasons and so on.
    The sedentary lifestyle comes with many diseases because we always eat the same stuffs all year long, and the body never have the ability to clean itself.
    Just some nutrition theory.

    1. Thanks for the comment. No, meat is not unhealthy unless burned or processed and preserved with chemicals. Meat is necessary to sustain the body. I write about the need for consuming meat and animal fats in my book ‘The Age of Deception’. I have a brief chapter in there concerning the topic. Everything you’re reading about the so-called deleterious effects of meat is bogus and only applies to meats that have been heavily processed and are not natural. Vegetarianism is harmful to the body and creates diseased conditions. Thank you for the link, I will check it out.


  6. I am just learning about this information. Very interesting! I’m wondering why I seem to never get sick even when other people in my household have been. I don’t believe I have never experienced what people describe as the flu. I used to get painful ear infections as a child (probably from lots of swimming in chlorinated pools) and every few years I might have a mild sore throat for a few days but that is about it. Thank you!

    1. Most likely you have a predisposition toward being more healthy, so viral detoxification is not needed in large amounts. I do not develop viruses to the point of sickness either, but I do develop mild bacterial detoxifications throughout the year, which is to be expected on a good diet. Depending upon your diet, you may temporarily increase your detoxifications as cells have more nutrition to remove toxins. Or, if you’re eating poorly, it is common for detoxifications to occur less frequently with bouts of severe detoxifications; this being due to storing toxins and not cleansing them properly, allowing for great amounts of accumulations. Flus are to be expected when on a poor diet. If those detoxifications are not happening, you know you are storing toxins. You can know the difference through understanding the nature of the body and of the food you are consuming and its effects.

      1. I would like to add that if the poster was vaccinated as a child, that may also cause earaches. I was vaccinated and suffered from them too. I have 3 sons: 24y, 17y, and 8y- none vaccinated. Neither have they ever had an earache-!
        Loads of swimming may also be the culprit however…not certain. Cheers!

  7. Hey Jeff. I’ve been investigating this subject now for months and I’ve been contacting a lot of specialists and experts to create a discussion that would hopefully change the official narrative eventually, but I think you know how it is. It’s usually a one-sided discussion, as people won’t even think outside their ‘forced’ schoolbooks.
    While my theory says there is no such thing as viruses and they are really exosomes, I see you still calling them viruses but say that they are not harmful and contagious which actually won’t make I difference I think.
    I was hoping you could help me with some questions if you don’t mind.

    ‘They’ claim that genetic fragments that they target in an RT-PCR to define in a person are not found to be related to the human genome. They call them ‘alien’ and they say that an exosome(Or true virus) have RNA fragments that can be connected with our human body?
    To my understanding, what tells that an RNA fragment is a human- or nonhuman genome, was decided by unknown molecular biologists through advanced coding that no-one knows of? Your thoughts?

    The only way to define a virus to really be harmful would be what Koch and River were in about. Isolate and purify, then insert to a living being right?
    Of course, doctors call this complete madness invented by conspiracy theorists. We do of course need to add neuro poisons, heavy metals, and aborted fetuses to make it the most normal thing.
    They claim that they can just prove this by adding the isolate to gen-modified mice. Or is it only the cells of one? Because a doctor told me that the mouse got the same symptoms as Covid-19, but how can that be?

    1. I have written about exosomes and viruses, and their differences. There is wide speculation on the exosome theory that, (as far as I know) was driven in large part by people like Andy Kaufman. I spoke with Kaufman on the phone a few months ago and discussed my disagreements with the exosome theory. He was silently in agreement, and could not disagree with my assertions, but I do not expect him to recant or modify his theory publicly. This has resulted in many people taking the easy way out and simply saying viruses do not exist. This is dangerous and not scientifically sound whatsoever. Exosomes are mediators between cells that communicate danger and transport cellular life.

      I write about exosomes here, see issue #1, p.5-6: https://virusesarenotcontagious.com/shine-a-light-newsletter/

      To address your questions:

      Viruses are non-living enzymes. They are not poisons. I simply use the word ‘virus’ because it is widely understood what I am referring to. With regard to Koch’s Postulates: I address the inadequacies of that theory issue #2 of my newsletter, p.5-7, seen at the above link.

      ‘They’ claim that genetic fragments that they target in an RT-PCR to define in a person are not found to be related to the human genome. They call them ‘alien’ and they say that an exosome(Or true virus) have RNA fragments that can be connected with our human body?

      Any cell, virus, or bacterium will have been manifested by the body and contained RNA and DNA of that body. DNA and RNA operate on a lock and key system. Foreign proteins, including viruses, do not contain the necessary RNA and DNA to be compatible with your own cells, since all cells in every body are minutely different, and operate only with the permission of other bodily functions and regulators (cytokines, immune cells, T-cells, and so forth). You may find foreign viral protein in the body, say swine tissue from vaccination for swine flu, but this does not indicate swine virus replication. They will of course view this as ‘alien’.

      From my newsletter, see issue #2, p.2-3:

      The ability for the virus to latch on to the cell due to compatibility between RNA and DNA of that particular cell and virus, which will attract viruses to specific cells like velcro—in hindsight, it’s a very intelligent thing that happens.
      When a cell creates a virus, it embeds the core of the virus with RNA and DNA ‘keys’, and layers it under a protein surfactant type coating (capsid) made of a gel-like water membrane, which allows the virus (with the help of white blood cells) to dissolve specific tissue by engulfing the matter in the outer coating, and gradually dissolving the matter by disassembling it as an enzyme would break down food.
      Remember that viruses are cell expressions. Either way, you cannot then inject that tissue and cause immunity, because the body uses cellular RNA and DNA to communicate their processes in the body—those communication keys are embedded by your cells. Since viruses originating outside your body do not contain your specific RNA and DNA, it is analyzed as nothing but foreign debris with no identification key, thus, no purpose.

      I write the following on the purification of viruses here, see issue #2, p.5:

      Viruses cannot be isolated because they are bound with fluids from the body. Viruses may only be partially isolated when ‘grown’ in cell cultures that sustain cellular life, but they are still bound by fluids. They usually use ‘HeLa cell’ lines which are supposed to be ‘immortal cells’, which are really mutated cancer cells that incur false observations of reality, because they do not behave as normal cells would—they are mutations and those cells are partially dead by nature. Without bodily and cellular fluids, viruses would wither. Isolation of cell constituents, like viruses, is practically impossible. A virus cannot be isolated in the sense that it will then exist solely on its own without disrupting the nature of the virus itself. You cannot isolate something like a virus from the rest of its constituents. Perhaps, through purification methods, such as utilizing a centrifuge, they can attempt to isolate a virus, but then a virus will become something entirely different than its organic counterpart—attenuated and altered, purified, etc. It then eventually becomes ‘dead’ tissue, thereby altering its nature.

      Concerning the mice:

      Whenever you inject a mice with a vaccine and its tissues, that mice will develop enzymes known as viruses to help it break down those toxins. This is because toxins in vaccines will poison to death living cells in a creature’s body, thus, non-living enzymes must be utilized. The same occurs in humans.


      1. Thank you so much for your answer! This is very helpful.

        I understand that the function of a virus would be the same as an exosome then, and only the architecture like proteins and RNA, etc would be the difference.

        1. Well, yes and no. Exosomes can appear to take the place of viruses in a toxic situation, but they must forego their ability to transport cellular life. Similar to how some red blood cells can forego their main role of delivering oxygen in order to help consume toxicity. Exosomes and viruses are part of the same processes, but exosomes are not exactly the same. They’re excreted from cells and have a different role than viruses do. It appears many in the alternative field are missing this piece of the puzzle by claiming viruses are exosomes, but that is not entirely true.

    2. HI, I am a medical doctor and dentist from the Netherlands. I have to admit that I don’t know shit, and I was mindcontrolled a lot. Never heard about virus versus exosomes untill now. And 99,99% of the medical doctors still believe this shit. I feel soooo stupid. My speciality is the human face. I notice that the faces of the humans are degenerating.

  8. https://youtu.be/kq81T-kuojQ

    I have not listened to the full audio but have read the transcript. Lysosomes are mentioned and it is suggested that vaccines destroy lysosomes. I have read that you disagree with viruses being exosomes. Do you think viruses are actually lysosomes?

    1. No, because lysosomes themselves are living organelles that contain a nuclues; they are living. They cannot break down toxic waste as a non-living agent can (at least not directly). Viruses are non-living enzymes, similar to enzymes that break down and dissolve food for digestion. Viruses are produced and manufactured by nucleus cells as enzymes, which are proteins. While such a living cell, like lysosomes, can produce enzymes for digestion processes, viruses are a different type of enzyme meant for the dissolution of more specific matter; specific solvents utilizing RNA and DNA communication keys. Most all nucleus cells can produce enzymatic proteins classically known as ‘viruses’. Lysosomes, in theory, should therefore be able to produce specific viral proteins as well.

  9. Hello Mr Green,
    I have a question that is still in my mind since I have seen the Andrew Kaufman’s webinar and presentations a few months ago explaining that viruses could actually be exosomes.

    But there is one point about this I still can’t figure out, the theory that this is man made virus and the exosome theory.

    We know for sure that we can manipulate viruses in laboratory, we also found parts of HIV in the first genome sequencing of the SARS-CoV-2 virus and many actors invested in different P4 laboratories in Wuhan (Frenchs, americans ans others…).

    So what do they do in those virology super secure labs if viruses are not contagious?

    And what if, viruses are indeed exosomes, but those exosomes contains information on the way to expel toxins and react to certain conditions, and that modifying exosomes in laboratories could hijack the immune system ?

    If viruses aren’t contagious, could exosomes be ?

    1. Hi Antonin, have you read my writings on exosomes? Go to my newsletter issue #1. Exosomes are not contagious, nor is any part of the body. In virology, they are ‘super secure’ because they cannot infect their serums with outside influences, and also, they conduct experiments under the belief of the Germ Theory. You see all these people wearing all these silly garbs, and people believe that is necessary—It isn’t. Those garbs do nothing except deceive onlookers and the person involved that they are involved in very deadly and contagious circumstances. If it were toxic chemical waste, I could understand it. But viruses, bacteria? Unless you don’t want to destroy or skew your test samples and serums, that is the only time such garb should be worn.

      Viruses can be manipulated in labs and injected to cause deleterious effects. AIDS, smallpox, etc, comes to mind. These cause toxic conditions that those specific tissues are bringing about due to their recognition and actions in the body; how the body responds to them.

      1. Hi Jeff. You said that viruses can be manipulated in labs and injected to cause deleterious effects, but I thought that viruses were coded to an individual and thus the body wouldn’t recognize a virus from someone/somewhere else.

        So what exactly is causing said deleterious effects. The toxins in the injection or the virus?


        1. What I stated was that viral proteins can serve as toxins and cause cells to produce solvents (virus) to dissolve the tissue. Foreign viral proteins can be altered and bound with chemicals to elicit certain reactions by the body; they are toxic to cells.

        2. Yes, but upon the viral tissue entering the body, it is treated as foreign debris that does not belong in the body. Because of that, the body mounts a response that many times requires the use of its own solvents to cleanse that debris from the body.

  10. Hi! I’m curious your opinion on 5g. I consider myself a bit of a “conspiracy realist” as I would put it but the 5g thing as related to covid i used to find a bit far fetched. After reading your article it kind of makes sense that maybe covid is just a new reaction to a new toxic substance. Forgive me if this sounds ignorant. Thoughts?

  11. I have fallen down the rabbit hole. I recently heard someone mention that viruses aren’t contagious so I googled it, and your name popped up. I have also seen some videos now by Tom Cowan. Thank you for putting this information out there. I have to say I am a bit overwhelmed and trying to take it all in. In many ways it makes so much sense, and in others I am still confused. For instance, in May of 2020, my two sons and husband came down with fevers of about 103 (a few days apart), chills, sore throats and one son (who has a weak stomach) vomited quite a bit. I nursed them all back to health (letting the fever run its course and giving them vitamins to help {although I know you don’t believe they are helpful, but that is what I did at the time}. Took about three days each and they recovered. I never got sick, and my exposure to all of them was very high. The strange thing is the first son to come down with it, hadn’t left the house for two months. He had the least amount of exposure to the outside world (we live a bit rural on some property). So I’ve been thinking – how in the world did he catch a virus? Now, after reading through your material I’m questioning my own question! So now my question for you is: If our bodies/cells create viruses, then are corona viruses or flu viruses even a thing? Or why would we all be creating corona viruses at the same time, so to speak? Seasonality? I mean, it seems like if we are creating viruses to clean things up, wouldn’t those be unique to each of us? You probably have answered this somewhere, so I apologize for not finding it yet. If you could point me in the right direction, I would love to read about it. It also seems that getting a virus from time to time is a good thing to help clean things up – but so many people get so sick from their viruses (is that what they are sick from?) that some die – is good nutrition the best answer? I’m a bit saddened that the concept of vitamins (d3, zinc, quercetin, maybe niacin?) really don’t help. And here I thought I was being proactive. I’m rambling now – so thank you for your work. I will buy your book soon, as I can tell I am going to need to know more about all of this.

    1. Firstly, thanks for the comment!

      Viral or bacterial detoxifications can occur in people living in the same households who are eating the same foods, drinking the same water, and breathing the same air; sharing almost identical habits. It is also due to cyclical changes in a place or region that can spark viral or bacterial detoxifications due to biochemical messages that signal cells via humidity, oxygen, and temperature changes. Emotional trauma, travel, business meetings, speeches, and other manner of demanding public activities, all cause emotional disturbances that can bring about detoxifications that were ready to happen. Emotions cause the body to release toxins through hormonal changes and adrenal glands via the fight or flight scenario. So long as the body believes something is a threat—whether consciously or subconsciously—it will incur some level of stress and strain. Only those on a good diet that consume raw foods, can truly handle stress without damage since stress spends large amounts of nutrients. Even then, stress can still bring about detoxifications, though usually, they are milder in those on a good diet.

      The environment plays a role in viral and bacterial expressions more than anything. It is much like how bears come out of hibernation each year around the same time. Climate plays a large role in their appearance, and they gradually come out one after the other depending on location. That is why we have a flu season—because humidity combined with cold or heat brings about bodily changes at the cellular level. We observe the same behaviors in the microcosm of the body. Such changes signal the body to dump accumulated toxins so new cellular activity can thrive. Bacteria or viruses, depending on the toxin involved, manifest in order to disassemble and break those down to be excreted from the body—via the skin, mucus, respiratory system, and bowels. If the toxin is too poisonous for living microbial agents to consume, such as living cells and bacteria, then a non-living solvent enzyme protein (virus) will be manufactured by cells to help cleanse the cells and their surroundings of those toxins. In moderate toxicity, bacterial, parasitical, or fungal living agents are able to heal the body without the widespread replication of viruses. All people who develop viruses do so because of innate toxicity in the body caused by environmental pollution. Viruses are necessary responses of the immune system to discard waste that our living processes cannot. Therefore, we need non-living agents to help us discard that waste.

      Viruses do not kill directly—systemic toxicity kills, which is why viruses manifest in the body to begin with. The so-called deaths attributed to a virus are due to underlying factors, or medical treatments that cause death; antivirals, antibiotics, ventilators, which easily causes lung damage through extended use, and other medical treatments and drugs that weaken the body and cause improper detoxifications. In some cases of weakened bodies, viruses may replicate and their breakdown of toxic matter will become so great that the body cannot cope rationally with the increase of toxins now in the blood. If cells cannot keep up with toxins, cellular overload occurs. However, it is usually due to treatments that alter the behaviors of the body’s processes, such as fever and infection, (note: infections are caused by toxins, not natural agents of the body) which play a large role in the healing phase. The body cannot focus on multiple insults at once without foregoing other processes. This means toxins can become overwhelming since they are not being expelled properly. Again, viruses are not the direct cause of death—it is the sheer toxicity present in the body that is causing the body to succumb to illness as the body, through viral means, is attempting to restore homeostasis.

      It is very common for people to observe this illusion and believe it is contagious—that is the nature of mankind; they’re easily self-deceived by coincidences. Health is rife with such misobservations because it cannot be directly seen. Therefore, the answer is not obvious at first and is a complex puzzle for those that do not understand the nature of the body. In reality, it is no different than bears coming out of hibernation, or trees blossoming at the same times—Most do not all come out on the same day, but they gradually do so one after the other.

      In the end, cells create viral proteins which are merely a type of non-living enzyme that breaks down specific substances like an enzyme breaks down food. Each cell in your body contains unique RNA and DNA, which is used for communication purposes between cells and agents, and no one else’s body contains the same RNA and DNA as your cells. Therefore, viruses originating from outside your body are not recognized by your body as anything but foreign debris that does not belong therein.

      I do hope this has answered your questions,
      —Jeff Green

  12. Hi, could you answer about cold sores. As it is in people that may not live in the same households etc that they can pass them on. For example teenagers from different households kissing. Are Coldstream not a virus? My daughter has had the herpes so called virus for most of her life since she was about 5. I’m interested to understand why we can’t seem to get rid of it. We have determined that she had gluten sensitivities and that may have caused her gut to not be able to absorb or detox properly. Any help in this batter is appreciated.

    1. Hi Sandra. I have written about herpes, and here is some information for you: https://virusesarenotcontagious.com/stds-what-are-they-what-is-their-role/

      People who have high adrenaline store excess adrenaline in nerves, and are prone to herpes. This causes nerves and surrounding tissue to become toxic from these accumulated adrenaline stores, and will eventually detoxify, discarding via the skin. Remember that we also have lymph nodes in the reproductive system that store industrial toxins. See my writings on what the immune system is and the function of the lymph. 90% of toxins are supposed to leave the skin—our largest organ of the body. This means there is a multitude of different detoxifications that expel through the skin. Two of those is measles and chickenpox. Another is herpes. Shingles (a form of herpes) is another. Smallpox is another. The body uses different viruses to accomplish its goal of cleansing and strengthening the system. There are 320,000 viral strains inherent to the human body, all of which are designed to deal with each and every tissue and organ within the body and can be called upon if and when needed by cells in order to cleanse themselves and their surroundings.

      These particular viruses (herpes) are detoxifiers that expel toxins via the skin, tongue, and mouth—mostly industrial toxins from food, chemicals in products, etc—that have accumulated in tissue on the lips. Cold sores may appear during a cold; either viral or bacterial, and during fever, which releases toxins from the skin during the healing and resolution phase. 90% of toxins are meant to leave the body through the skin; the skin being the largest organ of the body, and the largest expeller of toxins via sweat, perspiration, and skin eruptions (rashes). Your daughter did not catch her cold sores from anyone. She is most likely eating a food that her body does not agree with; something that has some toxic factor, such as a chemical preservative, processed food, or pasteurized milk, or something of the sort. It may also be due to previous vaccination and medications after birth. It may take many years on a proper cleansing diet to remove built-up toxins. A diet that incorporates raw foods, such as raw eggs, helps to cleanse the body. Raw oranges are good to eat. Also, lemon juice with raw honey, mixed in naturally sparkling water. Eating these types of cleansing foods over time will gradually remove any built-up toxicity, so long as the person does not retoxify his or her body.

      1. When I was 20 and my new husband 21, shortly after we were married we both had a sudden onset of herpes. We both had partners previously.

        About 6-7 yrs later after we divorced I had a routine outbreak, and my new partner had a sudden outbreak of their own shortly after- ! They didn’t have herpes previously.

        What gives?

        1. Here’s my writings on herpes: https://virusesarenotcontagious.com/stds-what-are-they-what-is-their-role/

          Herpes is a very commons skin lesion, and they occur in all types of ways, from genital herpes to cold sores. Herpes results from volatile toxins leaving the skin. This can be caused by hormonal and temperature changes during sex which can precipitate detoxifications like herpes. Herpes is a detoxification of the lymph and nerves in the skin. Again, herpes occurs in at least 80% of the population, even in those that do not engage in any such activity. Due to this high incidence of herpes, there is a high degree of coincidence that must be taken into account that may give the illusion of ‘contagion’, as most such illnesses do.

    1. As an example, Indian smallpox was caused by many different environmental factors wherein native waters and food was polluted by nefarious military forces. The body discards the majority of poisons through the skin, therefore eruptions on the skin from poisoning are common. Smallpox vaccines were offered as a solution, when in fact, it perpetuated this poisoning further and further, causing many deaths. Smallpox is an ancient disease that occurs in toxic bodies as an expression of toxicity. It can be hastened and brought about by environmental pollution. There is a multitude of virus strains, and each toxic area in the body will utilize different strains of viruses for cleansing toxic tissues. Native American Indians were wiped out due to the destruction of their food supply, and the poisoning of their waters. This, in turn, caused disease. For example, the manifestation of smallpox symptoms is due to the severe poisoning of the body. Both measles and smallpox are skin eruptions wherein toxins expel through the skin. Smallpox is more extended and severe.

      There are those that also believe the myth the Indians were infected via blankets, however:

      Historian Philip Ranlet of Hunter College and author of a 2000 article on the smallpox blanket incident in Pennsylvania History: A Journal of Mid-Atlantic Studies, also casts doubt.

      “There is no evidence that the scheme worked,” Ranlet says. Historians usually attribute most of the deaths to the spread of diseases for which native people had no immunity, but recently historian Andrés Reséndez has pushed back against this, arguing that populations were lower than previously estimated, and “a nexus of slavery, overwork and famine killed more Indians in the Caribbean than smallpox, influenza and malaria.”

      I stand by this and assert that Native Indian’s natural raw food supply was killed off, their waters poisoned, their diets changed, and they were turned into slaves, leading to diseases of all kinds to try to balance the toxic effects of toxic food, lack of proper nutrition, and stress on their bodies.

      In all cases of smallpox, some form of severe toxicity is taking place in the body. There are many sources of that toxicity that have occurred throughout history that poisoned mankind, leading to outbreaks of illness and disease.

      1. Thank you for this explanation. I am an anti-vaxxer and an anti-germ theory proponent. I suppose the media would call me a ‘conspiracy theorist’. Trying to explain to someone who believes in the germ theory is very difficult when it comes to explaining smallpox as there are countless medical explanations attributing smallpox to the ‘virus’ they call Variola. They even say that this virus has been isolated and is stored in a couple of laboratories around the world. Could it be that Variola is a bacteria?

  13. Hello ?, hope everyone is doing well.
    I have been delving into this exosome-viral
    Correlation since this started.. I can remember watching a documentary about hats back in 2007. Where they where studying bats to figure why they host so many diseases and viruses but never got sick. The conclusions were the fact that when the bats ? awoke and went feed I got the flap of their wings is so vigorous that it serves to detox the bodies so deep and the motion acts as shredder for what they described as waste sacs in the cells(exosomes) this made the detox so profound. Bat dung or guano is full of minerals and very good for fertilizer. Which would also indicate that is pulling out all the flush from the bats bodies. I just thought it was interesting is all. Exercise that involves repetition and intensity is key for detoxing the body.
    I want to ask Jeff if anyone is investigating the possibility that the actual pathogen is yet unidentified. And that possibly it’s an airborne bio toxin developed from the gain of function research and that when exposed it activates a virus like corona virus common cold that most the population is exposed to already. It wakes it up and makes it gain function and this shocks the system and send the body into a septic shock if one is already highly toxic.. and what they test for is the reactivated virus and the cause of what made it gain function is never detected.but highly contagious like an exosome highly toxic.. what made me think of this was my mother in law is being treated for cancer and when she had undergone chemo it reactivated hepatitis b she had gotten when she was a girl, and she needed to stop chemo and get treatment for that. Maybe there’s a connection to the attack from the immune system and the detox mechanism in the body that it’s been triggered by some unknown particle or nanoparticles that get detoxed so arent detected. I have often wondered if the exhumed bodies of people who died from pneumonia in 2017-2018 would test positive for COVID-19. People talk a lot about conspiracy theories which is true, however I find they are leads surrounded by issues or events where transparency is lacking or not there at all.
    There’s no public discussion or investigation on the previous vaccine programs started after 2003 sars outbreak.. no open discussion on gain of function. No open discussion on who was involved and heading up these programs and them answering tough questions on things.. people are left to speculate if there’s no transparency or if they don’t know.. if the speculation is negative or reflects bad then it becomes conspiracy theories however if the the speculation is positive or neutral and people don’t know it becomes a likely scenario instead. If they want to debunk all conjecture then why not do the ez thing and be transparent about the issues..

    1. Thanks for the comment…

      The fact is that COVID-19 is not a specific virus, as no virus is. COVID-19 simply does not exist. Coronaviruses exist, but there are many strains of coronaviruses, which the media leaves out of their news articles and broadcasts. ‘COVID-19’ is the keyword that is intended to be repeated ad nauseam. The word itself means absolutely nothing. There is an endless amount of strains since every person develops a virus specifically to his or her own cells. And indeed, now they admit to many strains ‘out in the wild’. Most all of these detoxifications of the lungs is due to an increase in pollution from manufacturing, vehicles, smoking, and/or in combination with stress, which causes drying of the mucus in the lungs as a great number of nutrients are mostly used to relax muscle tension in the chest caused by stress. This prevents the body from forming mucus which binds with toxins. Remember that detoxifications occur in cycles in a population. It takes a certain amount of years for the body to express toxicity. Polio, for instance, usually occurs every 150 years in a large swath of the population; based upon history. If you look at a chart of yearly flu cases, we see that each year fluctuates from the last (please look it up to see). In other words, one year is up, one year is down, and so on and so forth. So, as I wrote about in my last newsletter, this virus is mainly a cold virus, as coronaviruses are, that has been relabeled and weaponized against the people as a media and political tool to bring about world government. It was planned, manufactured, and brought into being in December of 2019.

  14. I have a question about pneumonia. I was diagnosed with pneumonia in 2016. So I wonder if I was tested now do you think I would have the antigens for covid-19?

    I have another question about the smallpox vaccination. Most people have a round white scar on their arm from the smallpox vaccination. I’ve been vaccinated several times and it is never left that small white scar. What does that mean if anything?

  15. Im thinking its an illusion of your body eliminating toxins but I was curious about your thoughts of nosocomial infections and super bugs.

    1. This is due to antibiotics, antiseptics, etc. Hospitals make me feel sick shortly after entering due to this. They contain a plethora of toxic/polluted air due to their use of chemicals, their use of fluorescent lights, and so on. Superbugs in hospitals are not a problem unless they make their way into a wound or through a blood transfusion of infected blood.

  16. Wow Jeff Greene! Just… wow! Stumbled upon you in a comment on IET17 and have learned so, so much! Def gonna look at your other articles. You made me regret not paying more attention in bio in the late 70’s, lol. Thank you for the layman’s terms too. Light and Love

  17. Hi Jeff, I was just introduced to your work, a lot of food for thought. I am confused about the idea out there that bacteria in pleomorphic cycles like the yeast and early fungal forms in the Næssens somatid cycles 9-12, can get into the nucleus of a cell and release mycotoxins to inhibit cellular DNA repair & tumour suppressor genes, and turn them into cancer. Do you subscribe to that idea of bacterial mycotoxins causing inflammation, and if not, what is the actual mechanism in your opinion for causing the cellular death and decay, apoptosis, etc? Do cellular viruses actually kill the cell itself if the terrain is too toxic for any kind of expulsion and removal? Thanks! Steve

    1. Hi Steve,

      Healthy, and somewhat healthy nucleus cells that manufacture proteins, assemble viruses from viral parts in the cell that then go out and do their functions. Cells that are too unhealthy to do so, will of course not manufacture viruses because their fluids are too toxic. Viruses may dissolve portions of those cells by entering into them through weakened walls of the cell as well—it is entirely dependant on the cell. So yes, the cell may engulf or ‘suck in’ a virus, just as a white blood cell engulfs foreign matter, but it’s not being done to infect the cell—in science theory even, it couldn’t replicate in that cell anyway, since it’s not stable enough. So, to answer the last part of your question, the answer is yes. The only time a virus would enter a cell is when that cell is so toxic that it must dissolve large portions of the cell. Sometimes the cell is so toxic that it must be entirely dissolved.

      When you think about disease and how it occurs, think of the opposite of what we’ve been told—the negative, if you will. So, bacteria are scavengers. Widespread bacterial proliferation is needed when the body cannot regulate properly, cellularly. A good example is septicemia, a widespread bacterial infection. Remember that infection is what sends nutrients to the area of damage, so it is very much an important action of the immune system; the entire body. It is not the bacteria causing inflammation, but more so the need of cells to call upon a large amount of bacteria to help cells consume toxic matter now in the blood, which is what causes the inflammation in the first place.

      Now, when it comes to cancer, it is the inability for the body to discard dead and dying cells. This occurs due to lymphatic fluid congestion throughout the lymphatic network; there are 5 major networks throughout the body. Lymph fluids can become congested from consuming cooked vegetable oils. Remember that vegetable oils are only one molecule away from being plastic. Plastics are made from vegetable oil. When you heat them, they turn into trans-fats and become oxidized. In the body, they form resins over time and harden into crystalline structures. Thus, over time, this causes the lymphatic system to inhibit flow of lymph fluids, leading to cancers, since the cells cannot expel debris in and around themselves, nor carry out their processes of toxin removal properly. Healthy cells will gather toxic/dead/dying cells and place them into tumors so that the body can then go back and gradually dissolve them as they are able to. The body can only really focus on one major problem at a time, thus, the need for tumors to house toxins until it is able.

      Somatids, in my view, is merely another name for microzymas. These are biological particles of all living organisms that will morph according to the terrain they are in; morphing into bacteria usually. They do not evolve from one organism to an entirely different organism, however. Think of a caterpillar morphing into a butterfly. As such, in some circumstances, a bacteria can morph into a different form of bacteria depending on the terrain it is in. This is common both in and out of the body; Bacterial mutation. Certain macrolevel bacteria are probably produced from these types of ‘worms’. Bacteria are alive and, like a caterpillar, can morph and change forms, but they do not change into entirely different life forms—analogy: they move over a degree to the left or right, and change form in that way.

      However, when it comes to viruses, they are only pleomorphic insofar as that the genome will mutate its instructions/blueprints prior to creation by the cell. In other words, after a virus is created, it cannot morph. Therefore, I deem this as ‘viral pleomorphism’—the body mutating viral blueprints in the genome prior to viral creation. As such, there are a multitude of viral strains/variants, since the body mutates the strains depending upon the need of the cell.

  18. Hi Jeff, thanks for the article and the replies to all these pertinent questions!
    I thought of another related question. What to think about the so-called effective treatments for Codiv like Chloroquine, Ivermectine, Zinc, Vitamin D, Artemisia,…?
    From what I understand of natural healing, these would just stop the detox process and thus stop the symptoms. This stopping of the detox would be due to an overload of toxic matter, preventing the body to detox and making it storing the toxins instead. But, then, it is strange that these drugs/supplements are well tolerated while other ineffective treatments (Remdesivir) are less lo.

    1. Hi Nicolas… you’re right, the drugs you mentioned are dangerous anti-parasitic drugs, and so on. None of these are going to ‘kill’ a virus or improve symptoms. It is akin to throwing the bathroom sink at a problem and hoping for the best, and that’s not how a real medically minded person would conduct his or herself. Zinc and vitamin D are well-tolerated, and are not a problem (unless synthetic or cauturized/heated). Ideally, those vitamins and minerals should be consumed from raw foods that contain them. The other drugs are toxic and in combination with other drugs, vitamins (usually synthetic variants), and minerals is a complex cocktail that the body has a hard time breaking down. Therefore, detoxifications will stop temporarily, depending on the amounts given. These drugs may temporarily stop or lower detoxifications like coronavirus because the body can only focus on one insult at a time.

      In other words, it would have to halt most detoxification to deal with cells and tissue being damaged. Eventually, the detoxification will resume at a later point (usually stronger than before). These drugs and supplements act like an illicit drug on the body, like cocaine might; it irritates the body and causes cells to become erratic and hyper. You are experiencing a toxic rush because the body is foregoing its cleansing processes whenever you take an ‘energy’ supplement; think Redbull or caffeine—they are irritants that hype the body temporarily, then the resultant down after it is all over.

  19. Hi Jeff, thanks a lot for your good explanations!

    What’s about poisoning by radiation? When there is a long exposure of electromagnetic non-ionizing fields it is known that there is DNA damage. My quesiton is, is there production of viruses from the cell to repair that damage? Thanks!!

  20. I work in medical environment with aerosols since age 16 and currently……. and it is about emotional balance + least toxic nutition ingested that keep people off medical bed(sick).

    Body is a emplefor the spirit boy. It should be listened religiouslt though intutive thoughts if one can learn it.

    Our interaction with our evironment (interactions), thoughts/mind, beliefs/perceptions, emotions, word/sounds hypnosis .etc play large rols in curing or develoing illness (ill-ness as ill-nest).

    Medicine/medical system is to confuse the spirit body with physical cells/body for healing (spiritually and physically)……

    Thnk you Jeff for writing your truth in great words. I could not find in my vocabulary what you have explained in this blog since I have hard time expressing the disease (dis-ease) to patients, colleagues and staff. I see things/environment as energies…. and you wrote that beautifully in this thread.

  21. Great article, thank you Jeff. Just a quick question. Can you tell me if you have ever looked into the possibility of cosmic radiation being an influence on increased virus or exosome activity?

    1. I would have to say that cosmic radiation plays very little role in disease manifestation. We are mostly shielded from such problems, including the earth, and pose little problems. 99.99% of all problems are caused by industrial pollutions of all types.

      Glad you find my information helpful!

    2. Damian, I can tell you that radiation may increase the toxicity of a body because it kills cells and/or degenerates them. As such, viruses may be produced by living cells to clean up waste material. I have stated before, however, that most forms of daily radiation are non-ionizing and as long as care is taken, can be lived with without determinantal effects.

  22. Thanks Jeff. You wrote earlier that “Remember that detoxifications occur in cycles in a population.” What do you feel governs these cycles?

    1. Sorry Jeff you recently wrote recently “Climate/seasonal changes bring about humidity and temperature changes”. This definitely explains yearly events like the seasonal flu, but what would say explains the most severe pandemic like conditions?

      1. Pandemics occur every 10, 20, 50, or 100 years, give or take. This is because specific cellular expressions will release toxicity when the cycles of the body in accordance with climate, temperature, and humidity, are just right for those cells to express themselves. This also occurs because the population carries its toxicity from generation to generation. Toxicity of the spine, such as polio, is a good example. We can expect pandemics to occur every so often. It takes a period of time for toxicity to build in the majority of the population—many years. Then, all of those people who have been building toxicity will release that toxicity and you will experience a pandemic. I have often said that this so-called pandemic is the usual fluctuations that occur with the body, as can be seen on any yearly flu statistic chart. Those in power can predict when pandemics will occur and then capitalize on it. For example, if they introduce a new vaccine to the public, they can predict with relative accuracy when those people will begin to detoxify. Thus, they introduce a booster shot. Everything they do is organized and well thought out.

  23. Hi Jeff, how are you? I tend to subscribe to your way of thinking and logic here, however I do have one question that I haven’t seen answered well that I hope you could shed some light on. In the article you say “ Viruses and bacteria are not contagious. No virus is.” We’ve been taught that sexually transmitted infections particularly bacterial ones are infectious, and anecdotally at least I’ve seen people appear “catch” a bacterial infection from sleeping with someone who either had or went on to have that infection. Could you expand upon this with your thoughts? ThAnkyou

  24. Hi Jeff,

    Since this Covid-19 “pandemic” has begun, I’ve been keeping up with all of the troubling current events. Subsequently, I began researching the topic of viruses and vaccines, including the history of Small-Pox and Polio vaccines. I’m aware of a lot of inconsistency, and since discovering your site and reading a few other dissenting opinions on the “viruses are a pathogen” concept I’m warming up to the idea that there is something wrong with the long-established status-quo. Certainly the idea that viruses are not causing the disease may explain many of the problems we are spotting in the Covid-19 narrative (e.g. asymptomatic cases, etc.)

    BUT, I have a troubling thought in this regard, and it is specific to your statement in this page’s article about childhood diseases like Chickenpox. A few years ago my partner travelled overseas to visit her family and friends in her native homeland. Whilst staying in a friends place abroad, her son was going through a Chickenpox outbreak. So she was “exposed” to this – whatever “this” is – a virus is what most would call it.

    Shortly after being exposed, she returned home and a few days later, she began to break out. This was approximately 2 weeks after her “exposure” to said child. We went to the Doctor and it was diagnosed as Chickenpox. I checked my vaccination record and I never had the vaccine, and I knew I had never had Chickenpox as a child. Ditto for my partner. Both of us were only children, perhaps that is a factor worth mentioning. The Doctor then suggested it was NOT too late for me to get the vaccine, as the virus has an incubation period. I took the jab.

    Consequently, I experienced no such outbreak as my partner had. It would seem then, the vaccine worked. I recall that approximately 10-11 days after the vaccine, I came home one night after work feeling extremely fatigued. I went to bed early. The next morning, I had a rash on my leg, but that was it. My partner still has a numerous scars on her face – although they have faded! I got off lightly?

    Can you give me some thoughts on what might have occurred here if we try to fit it into the model you propose. Tom Cowan’s recent book on this topic suggests a mechanism of resonance, but I feel at this point it’s just an idea and not really supported by a large body of evidence or research. Certainly nothing I have found. I appreciate any thoughts you might have on our experience.



    1. I suppose you are referring to ‘The Contagion Myth’ by Cowan. Resonance is not playing a big role in anything with regard to viral or bacterial detoxification. There is no scientific basis for it. Let me ask you a question: How do you know the vaccine worked if you weren’t around your partner long enough afterward to see? You left that part out of your story. And I don’t quite understand the part about you both being children when this happened because you said she traveled abroad only a few years ago.

      I’ve gotten a few messages claiming that the person received chickenpox or measles. There are so many factors at play, and if someone is convinced that they ‘caught’ a virus, it is difficult to have them open their mind and think of the various possibilities outside of that.

      All I can tell you, based on your story, is that you have misunderstood what took place, which is incredibly common because disease is coincidental in nature and hard to pinpoint. It’s like trying to determine where a smell is coming from. Also, vaccines suppress the body and immune response so that you do not properly detoxify. The reason your partner has scars is because she was not eating properly during detoxification, or picked at the rash. There are environmental factors at play that bring about detoxifications. I’d have to know what you were both eating on a daily basis, what was the air quality in your home like, and so on.

      I have developed detoxifications the same time close friends did on the other side of the world, many times being the same exact detoxification. That is how important environmental factors are at play, and, never rule out coincidence. There is a time and season for these things to occur. I have written about it extensively. Continue to explore my writings. Most times, detoxifications occur in large portions of the population simultaneously making it appear ‘pandemic’. It is an illusion. People not even connected to each other can develop the same symptoms.

  25. Hi Jeff,

    Re-reading my paragraph above, I see how I have mislead you. By “only children” I meant that we both have no siblings. I’m implying that perhaps we reduced our chances of getting Chickenpox as children because were not around other children as often as others who have big families (going by the Viruses are Contagious theory.) The perils of communication via Internet Messaging.

    It terms of the vaccine working, I was around her all the time after she returned from abroad – we live together and returned home during a holiday period. So to clarify the timeline, it goes like this. She meets with friends overseas (travelling alone), one of whom had a child with Chickenpox. Two weeks later, she’s back in the country and she comes down the Chickenpox. Upon diagnosis, I get the vaccine on Doctor’s recommendations and I appear to avoid the brunt of the illness, but I feel *something* inline with predicted incubation period. In my mind, it’s a very clear chain of events.

    One might say then, that the vaccine did its job and trained my immune system to see this virus. But if I understand you correctly, what you are suggesting is that all it did was supress my immune system response, from something we both encountered in the environment (hence I did not have the same level of outbreak? Or detoxification?) But then the timeline does not quite match. You would think we’d fall ill at more or less the same time?

    Yes, she probably picked at the scabs when they started to come loose. We live in Australia, so the environment is overall very good. We are both health conscious. This was back when we were in 30’s and child free. Air quality, water quality and so on are all of a very high standard. Australia is a nation of farmers and miners, so food is one thing we do mostly right (even though many still choose to eat processed garbage.) It would not be clear to me what we did wrong or what else we could have encountered to trigger the outbreak. But that’s the mystery, isn’t it?

    Thanks for clearing that up on Resonance – I figured that might be the case. I also understand why he needs to speculate on this matter.

    What we experienced is for sure very “coincidental” and fits into a well-established timeline which every mainstream Doctors will openly tell me. I just googled it again – “Chickenpox incubation period.” Why Chickenpox in the 30’s then, right after contact with a Child with the same illness? Didn’t have it as a kid. Coincidence indeed!

    With that said, I have read enough in the last few months about vaccines and their development (surrounding Smallpox, Polio, etc.) to make me very open minded to the root cause of disease. There’s no doubt in my mind that environment plays an enormous factor in our health. BUT, if we’re saying that Chickenpox is just a childhood disease to strengthen the immune system, I need to make some sense of what we experienced in some other way, no?

    I am being honest and truthful about my account of events. Maybe the truth is a mixture of things. Maybe some diseases like Chickenpox are communicable, but through mechanisms not quite understood? My opening message didn’t quite go the way I intended. It was confusing and I apologise for that. I’m probably more undecided than ever on this topic.



    1. Thanks, Daniel, for clarifying. The state of Australian farmers has nothing to do with whether anyone is eating well, but I also understand your point. Insults occur from many different angles: Food, air, water, synthetic clothing, washing powders, candies, cookware, chemicals in cooked and processed food, vaccines, and the list goes on. Also, eating properly does not stop detoxification: it increases them for a time because cells now have the nutrition they need to cleanse. There are many possibilities. Also, the doctor wouldn’t be able to test if you truly had chickenpox unless it was a verified blood test. It was likely an educated guess. What was your vaccination history in your life? What about hers? Did she receive any vaccines before traveling abroad, and, did you receive them with her?

      Let’s say that I travel abroad and I meet someone and stay with them for a period of 1 month. During that time their child becomes sick with stomach flu. I develop a very similar illness while there. I then travel back to my home and my other family members begin to feel ill 2 weeks later. The doctor takes a glance at me and claims I have this or that virus, but he is making an educated guess. Do you see how much room there is for coincidence? All detoxifications have similar symptoms. You must also take into account the stress factor of traveling and leaving home. Separation anxiety (in both of you), worry, and stress, all of which produce toxic stress hormones that lead to skin rashes of all types. For example, stress also increases acne excretions because toxins are being expelled by cells during stress.

      Anytime you have any detoxification like chickenpox or measles, it is always a toxic problem. You have solvent factors breaking down toxicity which is being expelled out of the skin. Further, viruses do not ‘incubate’—viruses are not alive. Bacteria and parasites incubate. And further still, vaccines do not ‘train’ the body—they suppress the detoxification system whilst agitating cells as a hard drug would. Of course, this will halt all current detoxification because you have just insulted the system and it can only focus on one detoxification at any given time. As such, the prior detoxification will be put on hold as the body tries to heal the new and more severe insult (cleansing vaccine toxicity, which may go on for months).

      Chickenpox can occur at most any age. If you did not have it as a child, you likely did not warrant strengthening of the lymph and nerves at that time. I received the chickenpox vaccine as a child, and also developed a mild case of chickenpox. There are so many rashes due to the nature of the body. What those toxins are will have to be closely observed by yourself or via lab analysis at the time. It is almost always heavy metals that have damaged nerve tissues in the skin, such as in shingles, or it is glass-like cauterized sugars in processed foods, or it is chemical preservatives, stored vaccine substances, etc.

      Don’t you find it at all curious that this rash you developed just so happened to develop in a particular area of your body and not from head to toe? Viruses are specific solvents made by cells. You’re right that the timeline coinciding with some ‘contagious’ factor simply does not match up. Perhaps there is some form of biochemical mental signaling going on through stimuli of the eye and mind. There is at least evidence of this, as I have observed the power of the mind myself to bring about illness or mimic illness. For example, when my mom was sick and dying, I would often mimic her symptoms. The mind is incredibly powerful. Either way, this is still not fitting into the model of ‘contagious’, because viruses themselves are not contagious.

      I do hope I have helped you understand this,

      1. Hi Jeff

        Further to this discussion I have a similar question that will hopefully provide an answer to help me get my head around this! Back in 2013 when I was 43 my son, who was 4 had chicken pox. I never had it as a child and believing in germ theory at the time, assumed I was ‘immune’ to it. However, a couple of weeks later I also broke out in the same rash, head to toe and with a 40 degree fever. I remember vividly coming down suddenly with the feeling of ‘flu’ and have never felt so unwell in my whole life. So, I’m obviously wondering how I detoxed around the same time as my son after so many years of avoiding it. I must also add that I had separated from his mother so was not living in the same house at the time but was always visiting to look after him, cook and wash him etc.

        Kind regards


        1. Hi Christopher, I really cannot answer your question fully because I have limited information about the events. But I will answer it the same way I do others who ask me similar questions. Whenever you see the illusion of viral activity where two or more become ill around the same time, it is always due to cyclical behavior brought about through environmental changes that trigger cells to dump toxins—not from a contagious factor.

  26. I am so glad that God lead me to your article, and videos today. I am one of those that are awake … but wondered about viruses, shedding, herd immunity, which you answered in your videos. I have a question regarding a personal health condition. I am healthy … live a healthy lifestyle, regular exercise etc. I struggle with a constant nasal drip. I’m constantly coughing and clearing my throat. Sometimes at night, I wake up coughing and suffer to breathe. Apart from that, I hardly ever get sick. What am I doing wrong in this regard? How do I fix this? Thank you for speaking the truth!

    1. Thank you, Elizabeth. For nasal drip, you likely have a detoxification from the brain or the like. Toxins discarding in this area will cause the turbinates and nasal passages to become inflamed, leading to congestion, then nasal drip to drain toxins. I suggest blending 2 raw eggs with 1 raw banana or orange and 1 to 2 tbsp raw honey. Blend until smooth and drink slowly. Repeat for a few days and see how this helps.

  27. Jeff Green,

    I have something, foremost its about the instruction code of the Rna Sequences of the covid injection. is the medical est. saying the spike protein and all who know look like the exosome that buds out of the bilayer of the monkey kidney cell Vero E6 is the spike protein?
    in this injection its to instruct a toxin into the body. can it be activated with frequencies ? A lot people have overcomed the toxicity with a with a fever, sweat etc however. can you name me the 12+ things that gobble up the Rna/dna material excretions after the fever? In this example, would those pacman gobble up the covid seqenced Rna debris ? thank for all your help!

    1. No, it couldn’t be activated with frequency. Theoretically, even if it could, that frequency would have to be pinpoint and sustained at a high level. There are a few cleansing agents in the body, such as phagocytes, bacterium, parasites, fungi, and a whole host of living cells. To answer your last question: Yes, of course, they would. It depends on the construct of the protein after it has been broken down and excreted. It would be nearly impossible for cleansing cells not to come into contact with RNA debris at some level. But do remember that it is the job of the virus to dilute those toxins so that they do not permeate healthy cells and cause their destruction. That is the entire reason viruses are manufactured by the body.

      1. Hello Jeff,
        first of all, I would like to thank you for your amazing work.
        I would like to ask you concerning this part of your text:
        “But do remember that it is the job of the virus to dilute those toxins so that they do not permeate healthy cells and cause their destruction. That is the entire reason viruses are manufactured by the body.”

        In other document from you I have found following:
        “The heart of the technology that is behind mRNA is the explicit alteration of human DNA through utilizing fragments of diseased manmade proteins…..” (Amandha-Vollmer-Jeff-Green-QA.pdf)
        My question: How could this foreign mRNA alter humans DNA when it should be seen by our body as foreign matter and being dissolved by “viruses” produced by our body? (in other words- it should be dealt with as with any other toxin coming from outside world).
        Thank you

        1. Hi Tomas, whenever you have a toxin—in this case, parts of viral tissue from diseased animal tissue, and then bind that with a chemical adjuvant, it can enter cells and cause those cells to alter their DNA through the transcription process that occurs in the cytoplasm. When the cell is removed by cells, it inevitably enters the cell and causes degeneration that way. So, while they may remove the toxin, it still damages the cell because it is directly inside the cell.

  28. Can somebody explain to a 9 yr old child how a person get a flue from another person? If virus do not exist or they are instead exosome, what does that I can contaminate my wife with a flue or another infectious disease?
    If I sneeze in front of a person, what is expelled from my body? Exosome? “Virus”? Toxins?

  29. Hi Mr. Green, if viruses and bacteria are not contagious, and I have heard other people who think this is true and also think that handwashing is sanitary. Can you explain why handwashing is sanitary? What is being washed away that causes ill health? Thank you

  30. Jeff Green,
    Thanks for all of the great explanations! I am wondering: There are stories of indigenous people making first contact with Europeans/outsiders and then becoming sick and dying with ‘diseases’ they ‘caught’ from these outsiders making first contact. What do you make of that? I’m assuming there has been little documentation on this phenomenon ie: how long after contact the illnesses occurred or IF the indigenous groups were first introduced to refined sugar or processed foods- or even toxins on the bodies of the newcomers first. ( like fuels used for cooking,perfumes, chemicals, foreign bacteria, fungus,parasites, or what-have-you). Could you comment on this? I would love to hear your take on it.

    1. Oh-I just read through the comment where you explained the topic of indigenous people dying from ‘smallpox’. I suppose that answers my previous question well enough, thank you

    2. I see you found some of my previous replies, but I will just reiterate that all diseases have at their root an environmental toxin. Those toxins are the catalyst that brings about disease—be that poor food, concentrated toxins, ignorance toward toxic metals and fumes from smoke and metallurgy, and synthetic cloths, and so on. There are many possibilities that can be blamed.

  31. Hi Jeff, After reading all the above and all the questions and your informative responses I am blown away and finally feel like things are making sense in my understanding of terrain theory vs what they spout and all the lies swirling. Thanj you sooooo much!!!
    I wondered if, now that I have much bettwr understanding in regards to things like chickenpox and herpes..you might be able to explain your perspective on autoimmune diseases? E.g crohns or ankylosing spondylitis…where the western medical line says it is the immune system attacking its own body/tissue/in the areas involved eg gi tract or joints… Is it then just due to toxins? And, if so, can peoplecure autoimmune diseases by detoxifying, dietary changes etc? Or some other explanation? Very keen to hear your thoughts. Have just read all this at 3am and will be getting your books I think!!
    Thank you for all that you are doing to educate!!!

  32. Hello, Mr. Green

    I wanted to ask your opinion on a condition of mine. I am unsure as to what it is but I can explain what I have been going through. It started around 2018-2019 after going through a chest cold. Ever since, it’s like I produce an overabundance of saliva and always feel the need to spit or vomit. This happens after every meal except for fruits and vegetables at times. It last for 30 minutes to an hour usually, but now it has gotten worse to the point it last all day until it subsides. Sometimes it persists so long, I have trouble breathing. I am unsure, what to do or even what this is to make any changes. Anything you can provide to help is greatly appreciated.

  33. Hi,
    Firstly thank you for all the time and effort you are prepared to give to those unknown to you. It is the few, such as yourself which help me to restore some belief and faith in humanity …. thank you.
    I would like to buy your book The Age of Deception and perhaps others for building my understanding of your approach. However, so far I haven’t had any success. I live in the UK and have tried buying on-line through Amazon UK and Blackwells and have tried to order through my local bookstore.
    Can you advise.

  34. On the topic of – how do viruses still SEEM to spread or be contagious:

    I’ve heard it explained this way – it’s a sympathetic response our body is having with another, seeing as our very cells/bodies/immune systems are deeply in communication with those around us. (Same way a yawn is contagious) So if I come into contact with someone with an active virus (detox), my body might recognize that and if I have the same toxic conditions and/or lack of key nutrients, or if it’s just the right time for a cleanup, I will go through it too.

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