I am Tired of the Deception

Written by Jeff Green
Alternative Nutrition/Researcher

November 7, 2020

I am tired of the deception…

Joe Biden, ‘president-elect’, has said that he will make coronavirus his number one priority on January 20, 2021—his first day in office. I am tired of this nonsense. I do not care about viruses insofar that they are affecting my life—they do not affect me, they are not my life, and my life does not revolve around a virus, either fictional or real. I am tired of the widespread irrational fear of dying and becoming sickened due to a virus that plagues this nation of cowards. A nation of people who do not use their brains are of no consequence, and thus, steaks on the table by choice and consent; being of no consequence to anyone or anything. I am tired of the deception.

I am tired of hearing about the supposed dead as if no one ever dies in this country, whilst millions die yearly. I am tired of hearing of the many American’s that have supposedly ‘lost loved ones due to this virus’. Excuse me, but 220,000 people could die right this moment and you’d never know the difference, period. This is a nation of 330,000,000 (million) people, and we are suddenly supposed to change our lives for a small portion of people who could not understand the nutritional puzzle and thereby mistreated their bodies? I am tired of hearing that viruses are contagious enemies that conveniently do the bidding of those in power. I am tired of the feigned outrage that this virus is killing all of their loved ones and that we must give up our security, liberties, and freedoms to stop an ‘unseen enemy’. I’m tired of being constantly told that this is a democracy, when in fact, it is a republic; not ruled by the will of the people, but by the rule of law—a constitutional federal republic. I am tired of scientists being held up as gods among men. And, I am tired of the deceptive and outright fraudulent sciences that have given those in power the ‘authority’ to usurp the minds of the nation and people of the world.

I am tired of being told I must protect the ‘weak and vulnerable’ in society when those very people abdicated their own freedom by succumbing to propaganda and brainwashing. After all, why should I care about the select few that are weak and vulnerable when we are all in danger, and yes, vulnerable to Marxism? Indeed, why should I care, when Marxism has the potential to enslave and kill many millions for many decades? I am tired of apathetic Americans abdicating their freedom for temporary security promised to them by the same rulers who wish to enslave them.

Most of all, I am tired of the manipulation and deceptions that run rampant in the desire and thirst for power and control. And, even more, tired of the sheep that fall into their trap. I am ashamed to be an American—for American’s no longer have a fighting bone left in their bodies; their spines made of jello, doing nothing when it is necessary and folding under any kind of pressure. I am tired of American’s not knowing their fundamental rights recognized and protected in the Constitution for the United States of America. I am tired of living with the fear that one day we may all wake up in a police state of complete and utter control because so many handed away their freedom without a second thought. And what’s more, I am tired of living with the fear that one day my freedom of speech will be censored and removed from the public.

I am tired of being attacked by ignorant nobodies without a clue for simply imparting the truth to the people. Yes, I am tired of the sheeple deceiving themselves and others. I am tired of all manner of staged events in order to capitalize on the fears of cowardly Americans in order to institute a New World Order system of control. I am tired of being told that vaccines have eradicated disease throughout the world, when in fact, we have more disease now than we’ve ever had in the history of mankind. I am tired of being told that I am a conspiracy nut because I do not believe the fictional science of those in power, which they use to gain control over the people. I am tired of seeing those around me fall victim to the deception that is brought about by those that wish to control them; both their thoughts and actions. I am tired of the division amongst the people because of their lack of purpose or spirit in truth; the hatred, misplaced anger, and the lack of passion for that which is important. Yes, I am tired of the deception.
I ask you: When will the people finally wake up? When too will they become tired of the deception? Surely, they must not think this is all life has to offer? We are blessed with the spirit of courage and power, yet many do not understand or realize it, and as a result, many fall victim to the deception, manipulation, and control. Wake up, or this precious earth and all its inhabitants will be changed. I have drawn my line in the sand. Anyone, anyone whosoever that attempts to force me to do anything against my will, will have to kill me, as I will defend myself at all costs by any means necessary, with whatever is at my disposal. Where do you draw line?

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3 years ago

You are so right! Ever watch The David Knight Show on http://www.banned.video?

We are more protected if we band together, city by city. What’s a good way to build groups of knowledgeable people in our local areas?

3 years ago
Reply to  Jeff Green

Years ago, my little sister started her own Conspiracy Club. I was honorary president. Needless, to say, the current events has really got us going again. We use the SIGNAL APP to communicate and post whatever we feel is relevent.

The problem is sifting through the information/disinformation!! Where does the truth lie?

I know Jeff here has put all the pieces together and come to the truth. It took me YEARS to figure out how to keep one’s health up in this toxic world, and I came to the same conclusion as Jeff, primal raw looks like THE WAY.

Trying to get raw milk in certain areas is NOT EASY.

I also came across the Weston A. Price Foundation meetings in my area in Indiana. Look it up…

3 years ago

The thing is, when you have realized that there is no infection but stupidity of mankind, you actually can’t talk to someone who is believing this lie. It’s not only feeling like an englishman in New York – it’s rather feeling like being from another planet or so…

I’m looking for someone to translate your videos into German..

best regards!

Trish Petz
Trish Petz
2 years ago
Reply to  Fabian

Exactly right. It gets lonely..

3 years ago

I could not have put it better myself!! Thank you for the insightful and truthful articles! I will be posting on Facebook as soon as I finish the midnight shift.

I feel that it’s a must to know how to defend and uphold your right to say, “No. No, thank you.” when it comes to forced vaccination. There’s a lady in Alaska named Anna von Reitz who has sifted through the history of this country, the fraud, the wars, the semantic deceit – and she’s assembled all 50 State Assemblies – the actual unincorporated united States – which has been “missing” since the “end” of the so called “Civil War”. I think this is what Trump is trying to do, but maybe doesn’t have all the knowledge to do? Restore the Republic.

Anna talks about how to say no to authority here: http://annavonreitz.com/howtosayno.pdf

Has anyone seen Dr. Robert Young’s videos? (http://drrobertyoung.com) He’s got a few on the stomach, and explains how the stomach digests nothing, but is just a buffer system to hike up the pH of the food (preferably in liquid state) to 7.365 to get it ready for assimilation, break down etc. It’s a remarkable discovery!! see: https://www.drrobertyoung.com/post/does-the-stomach-digest-food

Young also relays his story about getting arrested for a 3rd time by the Feds and how they put him in jail for 40 days/nights for the one charge he was convicted of (they could not get the multiple fraud charges to stick cuz this guy was healing so many people).

Keep up the good work!!!

As an aside: http://trunews.com Has an update on some info pertaining to election…

Bruce Alan
Bruce Alan
3 years ago

Hi Jeff and thank you for the truth,
I’m an old man now but in my younger days I had the acquaintance of an old man of the day who had spent much of his life trying to share his knowledge. He explained to me how he had finally realized that no matter how much evidence and documentation he had accumulated no one would listen to him because the truth threaten their basic belief system they had created a life upon. He then told me if I continued down the road I was on, searching for the truth, I would come to realize we are in a spiritual battle of good vs evil.
I’ve been on this road a long time and one thing I can say for sure is the old man was right and I gave up trying to show others around me what the truth is a long time ago. All the facts and figures in the world make no difference to most people because they don’t care about the truth. Yes we are living amongst children who have not matured into adult men and women, they live in fear of their own shadow.
I’m here to tell everyone to stop looking for the answer in other men. The answer is within and His name is Jesus Christ. Yes we are in a Spiritual battle and you need the knowledge of God, the power of the Holy Spirit and the love of Jesus Christ in your mind, body and spirit or you will suffer dearly my brothers and sisters. Now is the time to get right with God because you ain’t seen nothin yet.
We are being tempered like steel to do battle in the name of Jesus Christ the Lord and Savior of all who thirst for truth and justice. It’s hard to see what is happening in the world and not get angry, I know but it’s just theater. You can serve man or you can serve God, choose wisely. Remember who the most hated man in the world is and learn to love Him and honor Him and He will show you wonders beyond your imagination. Glory to God.

2 years ago
Reply to  Bruce Alan


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