India Madness

Written by Jeff Green
Alternative Nutrition/Researcher

May 1st, 2021

I have been observing the situation in India and have been receiving questions on what I think about what is supposedly going on there. What is going on in India is propaganda, plain and simple. I have been waiting for evidence to prove this, and it came yesterday via CNN. In a recent CNN news broadcast, Sam Kiely, a news correspondent for CNN, was broadcasting from what appeared to be a makeshift crematorium. The video is titled “Overwhelmed cemetery shows toll of India’s COVID-19 crisis”. In this video, you clearly see the scene being dramatized for the camera. Sam Kiely walks down a row of what appears to be fires for the dead.


The first red flag appears: No bones. Let us remember that bones do not burn in normal crematorium temperatures. No bones can be seen even in the actively burning fires. Furthermore, these glorified bonfires are too small to burn someone. As the camera rotates around, a group of men with masks on haul wood to burn the next supposed victim of COVID. They disappear into the distance. Soon, another set of men carry a gurney with what appears to be a body underneath. I have seen this tactic many times before. The cloth is never raised to uncover any body. As the camera pans back around to showcase the many bonfires, it becomes clear that this is a media setup. CNN has long been at the forefront of staging news pieces. The Saudi Arabian “hotel” air bombing staged by CNN’s Charles Jaco and other reporters working alongside him in 1990 during the Gulf War comes to mind. The news piece is brief and to the point. Another round of propaganda was fulfilled by the news media to use as the justification for more world government goals.

Let us also remember that the amount of fires necessary to burn as many victims as they claim would toxify the air and prevent any of these people, including normal citizens, from being able to walk outside. The smell of burning flesh and hair is toxic and smells as such. This is absurd on its face. It is environmentally toxic if true (which I firmly believe isn’t true). They are burning wood. However, they are burning enough wood to make a thick fog of smoke that permeates the area, which is also toxic. This is counterproductive to maintaining health from respiratory illnesses if true.

Other incidents that come to mind are the vast amount of staged events in the past 10 years. They have become efficient at conducting these operations. People who have not studied this will not understand how they function. There has been plenty of evidence of staged events in order to promulgate the agenda of world government throughout history. Another incident that comes to mind is The Nayirah testimony, which was a false testimony given before the United States Congressional Human Rights Caucus on October 10, 1990, claiming that babies in Kuwait who were found to be on incubators, were killed by Iraq forces. It was later revealed that Nayirah was the daughter of the Saud Al-Sabah, the Kuwaiti ambassador to the United States.
The testimony was publicized, and used by United States senators, including President George H. W. Bush in order to justify the Gulf War. The event never took place and was staged. I have often said to my listeners that a knowledge of history is paramount in understanding the deception taking place.

Another incidence of staged events is more recent when on April 7th, 2018, a chemical attack supposedly by Syria and Assad took place. This was the justification for attacking Syria. The media in the West and abroad, including both the left and right, would not let up for weeks on end, and spouted the propaganda far and wide. The supposed event was a lie, it never occurred, and was entirely staged. A BBC producer, Riam Dalati later asserted that video footage of the chemical weapons attack in the Syrian city of Douma was staged. He came to the conclusion after six months of investigations. The BBC later said that the journalist “was expressing his own opinion.” While the world ‘weeps’ and ‘prays’ and is ‘disturbed’ for those that are supposedly dead, the rights of We the People gradually erode and slip away.

What else has been staged? Supposed shootings have been manufactured steadily over the past 25 years. These have been done to steadily erode the freedoms of the people, both within and outside the bounds of the US; mostly the 2nd Amendment and the right to keep and bear arms. I have for years compiled evidence to prove this. It is no mystery to me what is taking place. While the majority of others can not understand the depth of what is taking place, nor do they want to or even believe such a thing, I have been silently collecting information and storing it. If you so much as express doubt of a shooting, you are labeled a crazy lunatic with no conscience. I throw that out of the equation because feelings do not change the truth. I do not care how bold it may be to the average person. I only care about what the truth is, period.

The truth is elusive at best, as I have repeatedly said. The truth is, is that many of these events are manufactured by criminal elements within our own government in order to progress world government. Now that the Democrat leftist/Marxists have control, we can all expect to see the gradual increase in mass shootings, which will be manufactured and promulgated by the intelligence agencies which produce them. These originate from the teams that conduct psychological operations. These groups are funded by our government and exist in many countries all over the world in order to progress world government.

The fact is, people are deceived and do not know where to start in awakening to the truth. They have far too much faith in their government. The sad reality is, that the deception is so far-reaching that it is hard for many to grasp. However, once they finally do, they are then able to realize future events with ease; It becomes easy to tell when something is not genuine. It can be known when you can determine how something is produced, and recognize the flaws therein. The situation in India is a propaganda scheme that the West can utilize and play upon to expand world government in the East and drive up vaccination rates worldwide through fear. I have no doubt in my mind that this is entirely staged for the benefit of the enemy.

In closing, Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath has come out and has claimed that there is “no shortage of oxygen” in private or government hospitals in India. He stated that the problem was “black-marketeering and hoarding.” While the media claims they know what is going on, they have no lambasted this fellow because of the above words. Again, this is a media campaign brought forth by the West.

I submit that the rumors of lack of oxygen, the rumors of thousands dying, and the massive media campaigns that encompass it, including the rush to give India aid, are all manufactured nonsense to build up an image of hopelessness in the face of this ‘pandemic’ to drive up vaccination rates to coincide with the release of these vaccines, and justify further control measures. It is clear to me that everyone over the age of 18 will rush to get their vaccine in India now. They are intending to shock and spook people, and that they have done. What better way than this to drive up vaccination rates in third-world countries that are more reluctant to be vaccinated? Everyone must look deeper. Everyone must ask themselves: Who has the means? Who benefits? And who has the power to cover it up?
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2 years ago

Regarding false flag and media deceit and noted in your article above, can I ask if you have studied the work of Dr Judy Wood? In particular ,her forensic examination of factual evidence ,only- relating to the event of 911? Her name and reputation have been subject to ad hominem ,her work /research vilified and lied over by MSM etc He work is published in ” Where Did The Towers Go ?” Her website:
The 911 event was , I think , a major further step to world governance?

Shazaad Bacchus
Shazaad Bacchus
2 years ago

I personally would not trust Judy Wood too much. She says AIDS is caused by a “virus”, when it actually isn’t. She might not be deliberately lying but sure is quite misled on what is going on. As to 911, has some great information on that.

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