The 2019 Measles Hoax Leading to the covid 'pandemic'

Written by Jeff Green
Alternative Nutrition/Researcher

Written on June 16, 2019
Originally Posted on Reddit

They tried this measles outbreak hoax back in 2014-2015 — Media devoid of reality

This measles hoax (2019) was attempted in 2014-2015, and has been building since.

Subtle suggestion that vaccines shouldn’t be a choice, saying such a debate doesn’t help. Vaccines are ‘a must’.

147 students booted from classroom over vaccination and can’t return to school unless vaccinated.

Suggests only liberals are concerned with vaccination. Thereby turning its viewing audience against the truth through cognitive dissonance.

CDC urges people to get measles vaccine. Fearmongering nonfacts from both TV doctors are presented. Marc Seigel claims that 145,000 died from measles around the world in 2014-2015, which is a bold-faced lie as I will show …

Quoting from USA TODAY, July 2, 2015—

  • “A woman died this spring due to a measles infection, which is the first reported measles-related death in the U.S. since 2003.” But wait, it wasn’t measles after all that killed her. “The woman, who died of pneumonia, had other health conditions and was taking medications that suppressed her immune system, the health department said.”

  • Measles kills one or two children out of every 1,000 infected, according to the CDC. Yet according to the above article, only one died in the past 12 years, and it was actually due to other causes. If measles killed 1 out of 1,000 infected, we would see more than 1 death in 12 years from measles.

  • From the same article: “It’s not surprising that the woman had no obvious measles symptoms; people with compromised immune systems often don’t develop a rash when infected with the virus..” said Paul Offit. Paul Offit, the vile vaccine pusher? The most logical answer is that the woman never had measles.

  • Measles remains a leading killer of children elsewhere in the world, killing nearly 146,000 in 2013, according to the World Health Organization. But they can’t prove that, because they were not all proven in a laboratory setting. These are simply made up statistics to increase vaccine demand in countries with lower vaccine usage.

  • From the same article: 2015 “Some states have reacted to the outbreaks by passing laws to require more children to be vaccinated. Both California and Vermont this year repealed exemptions that allowed unvaccinated children to attend school because of their parents’ personal beliefs.” — Herein lies the motive.

Measles cases in the US are overreported to reflect the illusion that vaccines are curing measles, and without vaccines, we will devolve into having a major epidemic. Suddenly when vaccine rates drop, a historical ‘epidemic’ occurs rapidly, and only weeks after signs of resistance from large groups of people against vaccines to drum up support for increased wide-spread use of vaccines.

Let us look at a more recent article for proof, quoted from Fox News, May 28, 2019—

“…the CDC has confirmed 880 measles cases in 24 states since January, the greatest number since 1994. — That’s merely 36 cases per state in only 24 out of 50 states.” What about the others …

“Arkansas had the highest percentage of kindergarten students enrolled without complete vaccinations and without invoking a medical, religious or philosophical exemption, according to the CDC. In Ohio, that figure was 5.3 percent, the second highest. Georgia and Hawaii were lowest, at 0.2 percent.”

“Neither Ohio nor Arkansas has any measles cases yet this year, but health officials say the percentages of unvaccinated children are a worry. A 95 percent immunization rate is considered necessary to achieve group resistance to the spread of a contagious disease, officials said.”

The conclusion is that the measles vaccine precipitates measles in the populations. Measles vaccines are given worldwide and the vaccine assuredly causes deaths here and abroad. However, unless those cases are from laboratory-confirmed cases, they cannot be counted as cases or deaths from actual measles. They are overreporting cases of real measles, and underreporting deaths and cases of illnesses from vaccine-induced toxicity.

This exposes how they subtly brainwash and propagandize their audience with made up statistics and facts. It is disgusting and vile because it preys upon people’s ignorance. Everything that came out of their mouths were 100% lies. Quite an amazing feat. These people are getting paid handsomely to spout their lies on national TV.

Each of these videos is a subtle push for mandatory vaccines.

All videos come from Fox News, a media station that has time and time again lied to its audience only slightly less than CNN, MSNBC, and others. But when it comes to the important topic of vaccines, Fox News loves to have guests on that pander to the pharmaceutical companies and brainwash their already feeble audience into further propaganda. Furthermore, Fox News runs pharmaceutical ads every other commercial that lie left and right, and likewise, they are not interested in reporting the truth in any form regarding health or vaccines because they are in part funded by these industries. Dr. Marc Siegel, a so-called doctor, who is prominently featured on Fox News, is constantly spouting out talking points, and shutting down opposing views with non-factual statistics and propaganda meant to elicit fear in the viewing audience, whom hang on every word coming from these blatant and dangerous liars.

In conclusion, this has all been steadily building for years and will result in the push for mandatory vaccinations, not only from the indoctrinated and brainwashed people themselves, but from health officials, and from such people like Marc Siegel and others like him.

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David Komorowski & Komorowski
David Komorowski & Komorowski
2 years ago

Thank you for standing up and reporting on this
using logic and truth.

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