Shine A Light Journal

Shine A Light Journal is a highly detailed and researched work
that mainly illuminates and expounds upon one topic.

Issue #2:
Contains 28 full-length pages

Topic: 'New Alternative Health'

Confronts Emerging Beliefs in 'New Alternative Health'
Rebuttal of Rappoport Article on Viruses
Rebuttal of Lanka and Kaufman on the Existence of Viruses
Covers Isolation Contradictions
Covers Pictures of Viruses & Exosomes (examples provided)
Covers the Existence of SARS-CoV-2 as Lab Creation
PCR Testing and False Positive Potential

Released - 06/05/2022

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Shine A Light Journal is a highly detailed and researched work
that mainly illuminates and expounds upon one topic.

Issue #1:
Contains 10 double column pages

Topic: Isolation
Follow-up question by Amandha Vollmer
Essentials of Isolation
Isolation Defined

Released - 08/23/2021

Note: This work is a PDF (digital) file.
Upon purchase you will be redirected to a download link.

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Issue #7:

Lab Leak Scandal
Epigenetics: The Future of Gene Alteration
Cell Cultures—CPE
Graphene Oxide?

Released - 08/03/2021

Issue #6:

Exposé: The ‘Science’ of mRNA—Macrophage/Cytokine Alteration
Sudden Shedding Explosion?
Part of my Story Explained
Viewer Comment Answered

Released - 05/22/2021

Issue #5:

Viral Replication & Testing
Vaccine Passports are Boldly Unlawful—Encroachment Upon Freedom
mRNA? DNA Alteration
A Question About the Nature of Viruses
Antibody Testing?

Released - 04/04/2021

Issue #4:

Fraudulent Death Rates
Do Viruses Exist - Subversion in Alternative Study?
The Myth of Strains

Released - 02/03/2021

Issue #3:

Virus Studies/Trials
Double-Blind Studies
What Is The Evidence of Viruses Not Being Contagious?
Rabies: Is It Real?
Prions & Their Cause: Deceptive Science

Released - 12/26/2020

Issue #2:

How Do Viruses Mutate?
Can Viruses be Isolated?
Koch's Postulates Flawed

Released - 11/27/2020

Issue #1:

What is Lyme Disease?
Can Vaccines be Weaponized via Insects?
What is Malaria?
5G Theory is Deceptive
Viral Functions

Released - 10/6/2020

87 Responses

  1. Please write or video about nutrition in detail. I’ve purchased your book and love it! Thanks to you, I’ve recently switched from a vegan diet of three years to mostly a carinvore diet with elements of primal raw diet.
    I’d love to hear you speak more in depth about nutrition and other health improving ideas.
    Thank you!

    1. That’s great! I know you will benefit greatly from the change. I plan to do more as time goes on, and I will most likely be doing videos and writings on nutrition.


  2. Thank YOU for all of your hard work. I printed out your book and read it cover to cover (that is rare), I’ve watched all your videos, and read your blog. I have been sending links to your website out to all the heavy hitters on social media and my personal and business connections – hopefully some of them will read it. It is time for everyone to take their power back!!! I was born in the 60s … I remember life back then (society was healthy!!!). I did get the Measles Vaccine (late 60s or early 70s) – it put me in the hospital (I am glad it did … I haven’t had a vaccine since then)!!!

    1. That is really great to read… and thank you so much for sharing this information as you are. Word of mouth has really spread the message the past few months, and I think that’s the key. I hope you stay unvaccinated too, as will I.

      Thanks again!


  3. About 5G, the theory isn’t that 5G somehow create the coronavirus in the body, but that new electro magnetic radiations in the environment can temporarily modify the general body balance, and induce symptoms that can be attributed to an infection or weaken the immune system.
    There are many studies about the danger of EMR, even from the first ever deployed military radios.

    Beside health issues, there are many concerns surrounding 5G because it is a huge step in many areas like robotics, AI, central bank digital currencies, surveillance…
    This is multi billion dollar investment and countries must implement this new technology to be able to compete with others, this is a necessity for governments, and the coronavirus crisis really help in implementing it without too much protest from the public.

    1. Yes, and I agree with most of that, and it is a concern. But I do not subscribe to the idea that 5G is somehow much more dangerous than existing 4G, and that 5G is causing cells to produce coronaviruses. That is in fact what many of these people are claiming, and it is simply not correct, logically or scientifically.

  4. An extensive article have been published two days ago :
    Germ theory denial in the age of the COVID-19 pandemic

    Issue #3:
    What Is The Evidence of Viruses Not Being Contagious?

    “There are so many more sources it would take multiple pages, so I will leave it there. Suffice it to say, we’ve all been lied to all of our lives.”

    Your sources date back from prior the invention of the electron microscope, so it will be disregarded, but it raised some interest in the comments :

    So, if you have more things I’d be really interested in it.

    1. Have you read my book? The electron microscope cannot see viruses except in snapshot images. They cannot see their living processes. Scientists living before the electron microscope can still observe viruses through scientific observation outside the body, by observing the actions of the body over time, which shows the dissolution of toxic material by some (viral) bodily agent. In hindsight, viruses do not have to be seen under microscopy. At this time, even now, they cannot be seen in their living state. I addressed this in my video ‘Viral Misconceptions’. My sources stand and will stand forever. They cannot be disproven—they are the reality of nature.

    2. I have seen your video regarding the electron microscope and the Royal Rifes microscope too, some still claim that this microscope simply cannot work :
      because the visible light spectrum doesn’t light things as small as viruses, and that’s what I thought too.
      But this article explain pretty well how this whole thing works Link

      This look amazing tbh, is this still produced somewhere ?
      I can’t believe this have just been forgotten.

      I’ve posted too much lol, you can delete replies to make the page more readable.

      1. There is a video I put in ‘Viral Misconceptions’ that is footage of a phagocyte taken through an actual Rife microscope. The article you linked to about Rife is another article done by a ‘fact-checker’ who did a poor job of fact-checking. If it did not work, there would not be footage of it existing. There were multiple Rife microscopes that were preserved (at the time). Now, when it comes to Rife’s claims about light, that is different with regard to the microscope working or not.

    3. Did you read the comments on the Disqus from ‘sciencebasedmedicine’, and observe just how hateful those people are? I did make a quick reply there and was viciously attacked by the mob. Those are the type of people that will attack you based upon your username, or a misplaced comma, or a grammatical error, instead of addressing the matter in a polite way. Tip: If you ever want to expose someone’s bias, watch what they pay attention to. If you make any error in your comment, or they dislike the color of your website, or you mistakenly list the year that something occurred, or misspell a word—whatever it may be—they will all lash out and claim your material is ‘invalid’ based on that alone. It happens all the time. That’s how these people operate. They do not care about the truth. Even if you were perfect in every way imaginable with all the right certificates and you went to medical college for years and graduated, and then decided that Germ Theory is inaccurate, they would pile on you and attack you as some conspiracy lunatic and disregard anything you write or say.

      1. They seem indoctrinated, the “denial” term is also a trigger word.
        Don’t really worry about it, some people will read the comments and figure out things for themselves.
        You don’t just rebuild the whole medical field in a day.
        Just leave your comment there and move, don’t fall for their baits.

        The author still never replied when pointed that an MSM center-left media claimed that the smallpox and variol on blankets doesn’t fit right with germ theory.

        They are demoralized people, they can’t come up with a conclusion to defend their own interest (Yuri Bezmenov), I don’t argue with them but try to bring more confusion in them, confusion or psychological shocks when possible, you must never fall for their baits and never attack them frontally as they are stuck in a false dichotomy.
        You could say for example that germ theory is some kind of a systemic racism perpetrated by white supremacists to prove their racial superiority lol (“quoting” The Atlantic newspaper regarding native Americans).

        Just my two cents, please DON’T publish this here.

    4. Thank you for your last comment. You’re absolutely correct, and it is pathetic how such people do not know how to have civil commentary in any way. I read a well-written comment from someone about the matter that I’d like to pass on.

      “Is a credible website?”

      “Short answer:

      No. It’s an echo chamber for the most regressive and insane ideas from Big Medicine. Like a cult or religious sect. Should be called faithbasedmedicine. org.

      Long answer:

      Appears to be an “astroturf” site that advances the cause of pharma-based medicine through methodical and often irrational assaults on all other approaches. The site is cloaked in an aura of scientific rigor, but is clearly a fierce and dogmatic defense of status quo allopathy. These guys are extremists and ideologues. Much of the editorial content is focused around discrediting, mocking, condemning. Little space is given to what they actually believe in. By process of elimination, they appear to believe in very little, seemingly only the most rigidly circumscribed allopathic orthodoxies.

      One of the main tactics is to lump all non-mainstream approaches together as “CAM”, as if they are some unified whole that can be easily dismissed. It’s a term of propaganda and belies the site’s alleged objectivity. They write sententious and overbearing articles heavy on technical jargon that look and sound convincing but are just hit pieces that often prove or settle nothing. They are ostensibly concerned with rooting out quackery, but only when it appears outside the mainstream system. They write article after article decrying the terrible evils of homeopathy and acupuncture, but scant few on the rampant corruption and iatrogenesis and quackery and lethality in conventional medicine. This hypocrisy kills credibility.

      The discussion threads that follow the articles are distinctly cultic. The rare dissenter is usually shouted down and mocked by the mob of regulars. In the absence of meaningful opposition and checks and balances, systems and groups usually drift toward fanaticism. The very idea of natural medicine sends them into convulsive fits. Nature is a dangerous hell that must be conquered and subdued, and its only value is in providing the raw material from which modern medicine can synthesize “real medicine” in a lab.

      Their belief is that people should only pay attention to what has been “proven” to work by rigged, industry-funded clinical trials, and that all health matters should be routed through your white-coat MD, the FDA, and their Pharma overlords. The site is an effective marketing and propaganda tool toward that end, but of little value to anyone with an open mind.”

      1. The internet is becoming more and more a compartmentalized echo chamber unfortunately.

        I’ve also noticed that wikipedia rebranded the terrain theory as “germ denialism” :
        Pathologization of counter view point is an interesting mechanism.

        Pro tip : don’t waste your time trying to edit wikipedia, or only publish things in the “discussion” to begin.

        I’d be glad to hear more about hand washing, I’ve read some things about “dead matter”.
        They first discovered that washing your hand to assist childbirth after performing an autopsy (on corpse) reduced postpartum mortality, how would you explain the processes involved ?

        1. Very true about the internet. When it comes to hand washing, they may observe that cleanliness may reduce some rare instances where outside bacterial sources would cause some level of infection (usually during surgery). In actuality, mankind has been giving birth long before the idea of ‘sanitation’ with no problem—many times live births on a farm with manure all around. Tribes, natives, and most other people long ago did not wash their hands routinely, including during birth and most activities such as eating, yet there was never a problem. The body cannot be cleansed of bacteria, and the notion that it can is another deception by the medical industry. Sanitation retards healing of wounds by killing bacterial colonies on the skin responsible for proper healing of tissue; preventing reformation of damaged cells, and cellular division. Cows, pigs, etc, are born into their own waste with no problem and thrive healthfully as a result. When taken out of their ‘dirty’ environment, they are seen to develop disease. When returned, the disease vanishes. Therefore, bacteria go hand-in-hand with health. When you observe the bacterial levels of modern man, you can see that almost all people in ‘civilized’ society have a great reduction in the proper rate of bacteria necessary for optimal functionality of the body; by trillions.

          When it comes to sanitation, it depends on what type of sanitation we’re talking about. Consider that when a baby is born, it passes by feces, blood, and fluids from the mother. This establishes a relationship with bacteria early on. Without this natural relationship, the child will not flourish healthfully. Also, consider that bacteria, enzymes, stem cells, and cells such as epithelial cells, and their precursors, exist in a healthy mother’s milk. These feed the baby and get it ready for the world it will enter. Of course, if the mother is not healthy, her milk will also be unhealthy.

          Naturally occurring bacterium do not negatively influence a child or mother during birth. However, the opposite is true when it comes to disinfectants, which used to contain mercury (or still do); products such as Merbromin and Merthiolate. Also, mercury exists in small amounts in chlorine bleach. Iodine, which is frequently used, is also a problem for tissue as it not a natural form of iodine and is toxic to the body. Only alcohol is the least toxic antiseptic, but still damages. Such disinfectants toxify tissue and cause infections to occur as the tissue tries to both heal and remove toxicity from the tissue. Scaring results much more readily from using these substances. Also, accumulated toxicity already present in the tissue (the skin, in particular), will pose a problem in healing; causing retardation of healing. This is because toxicity, such as aluminum, that deposits in the nerves of the skin, will be confronted by cells attempting to renew and heal the wound. When those cells are rebuilding tissue and then come into contact with these metals, they are poisoned to death or degenerated, which causes improper healing. So, the body must both remove this toxicity and heal the wound at the same time, which can lead to infection and improper wound healing. White blood cells may be sent to the area to help push that foreign debris from the tissue (infection). These are all things the medical industry does not consider. Their treatments cause 90%+ of these problems; either from accumulated vaccination or harsh and caustic chemicals used to sanitize tissue, which alters tissue from its natural state.

          Remember: When you have surgery or cut the skin, cells are damaged. During healing, if tissue is toxic, white blood cells must enter the area. As mentioned, if those cells come into contact with poisons embedded in the tissue there will be a problem. Those cells help push toxins out of the body via pus through the infection process. When you kill those cells in and on the tissue by using caustic disinfectants, the body does not properly swell and cause infection at the area of damage, which results in improper detoxification. Swelling, and pain, and sometimes infection, are necessary to heal any wound. Improper healing results and healthy cells surrounding the outside of the wound itself are also damaged.

          1. This is well known and documented that excessive sanitation doesn’t benefit the immune system, babies must be in contact with the germs of their mother to develop strong immunity, and some doctors advocate for inoculation of allergens in the early life of born child to reduce the allergy rate.
            Humans and animals always gave birth in non sanitized places, with lots of bacteria around, too much sanitation is a problem in our societies, it could even lead to auto immune diseases as the body can start to attack its own healthy cells in the absence of the healthy bacteria necessary to the general homeostasis.

            But humans and animals have always made a separation between what’s dead and alive, most particularly corpses and fecal matter.
            We know that corpses and fecal matter in contact with food and water can create epidemics, some even placed corpses in water sources to harm the people drinking that water.
            The first mention of fecal matter linked to diseases is linked back to the roman empire, and it’s now linked to cholera epidemics.

            Sanitation (don’t eat where you shit) and clean water sources are one of the most important factor in the eradication of diseases.

            Fact is : people already know about the terrain theory, it’s deeply implanted in the human psyche, when we fall sick, we say “we catch a cold”, not that a germ came in our body and made us sick, we know we have to boost our immune system before winter, and we know we must bury or burn corpses and to not shit where we eat.

            Hand washing as we know it today is only very new, from the 1980s’ and related to the HIV story apparently :

            But hand washing is a very very old practice, and present in numerous religious books.

            Soap was also discovered from corpses btw, because corpses contains agents that dissolve matter at heavy rates.

            You can put viruses and bacteria from someone into someone else body, those agents are usually beneficial and help treat many conditions, viruses can indeed be used as cleaning agents in people that can’t deal with an infection.
            We’ve even recently discovered that we can make pills with the fecal matter of healthy individuals and give it to people with crohn diseases and IBS to restore their gut flora.

            But when we come to rotten foods, dead corpses, fermented fecal matter, there is an other matrices involved to dissolve and transform those products into something else, and making your body interact with those products can have negative impacts.

            Actually from wikipedia :
            There is little evidence of microbiological contamination of groundwater from burial. Where dead bodies have contaminated water supplies, gastroenteritis has been the most notable problem, although communities will rarely use a water supply where they know it to be contaminated by dead bodies. Microorganisms involved in the decay process (putrefaction) are not pathogenic.

            The substances cadaverine and putrescine are produced during the decomposition of animal (including human) bodies, and both give off a foul odor.[4] They are toxic if massive doses are ingested (acute oral toxicity of 2 g per kg of body weight of pure putrescine in rats, a larger dose for cadaverine); there are no effects at all for a tenth of that dose.

            So the toxic products of decomposition is what’s harmful in the decomposition, not the microorganisms, but only in large doses.

            From the WHO itself :
            The rotting corpses of earthquake victims are a “negligible” threat to public health, according to the World Health Organization (WHO).

            And in many cases it only cause diarrhea (like food poisoning ?).

            So we have Ignaz Semmelweis, who first mentioned that hand washing could prevent mother death (I don’t actually see any data about newborns death rate, nor can find any data about his experiments actually), good article about him here :

            “Semmelweis didn’t answer all of the attacks of his critics, including that a large number of women in his maternity wards died between 1856 and 1858, even though the doctors were washing their hands. The deaths were later traced to poorly laundered linen though, not the doctors, after the laundry service for the hospital had been “released to the minimum bidder.””

            “he waited years to formally publish anything about his work. In fact, his treatise, The Etiology, Concept, and Prophylaxis of Childbed Fever, wasn’t published until 1860, which amazingly, is 13 years after he made his discovery!”

            So it’s not really convincing right now, but I guess we have way more new datas regarding the benefits of hand washing ?

            Found an interesting one here Link

            “Handwashing is thought to be effective for the prevention of transmission of diarrhoea pathogens. However it is not conclusive that handwashing with soap is more effective at reducing contamination with bacteria associated with diarrhoea than using water only”

            So we have some data indicating that removing some material from hand could reduce the outcome of diarrhea, I don’t see how such small amounts could cause this, and the sample is a bit small but why not, let’s make the hypothesis that toxic material can enter the gut and that a purgative mechanism then occur in the body.

            Let’s see one big meta analysis on hand washing Link:

            “Only 14 (3.3%) of the publications reviewed reported studies linking hand washing to infection. ”
            So on 423 articles, only 14 found link between hand washing and the reduction of infection ? And hand washing only gained attention after the HIV crisis, when science admit that HIV doesn’t transmit by hands ?

            Let’s look deeper.

            “By the end of the 19th century, hand washing and antiseptic practices received such universal acceptance that experiments of the effectiveness of hand washing were apparently considered unnecessary or unethical. Evidence, therefore, is primarily anecdotal or ex post facto”

            So not many proofs, understandable, we won’t tests things like this if we believe it could lead to the deaths of patients.

            There are very few prospective clinical trials assessing a causal link between hand washing and risk of infection. This fact is almost certainly attributable to the work of Holmes, Semmelweis, Lister, Nightingale and others in the mid-19th century who effected dramatic reductions in morbidity and mortality from contagious diseases when they implemented hygienic interventions in health care. ”

            So back at the beginning, hygiene play a big role in the development of diseases, and we see that being clean improve the health of patients in a medical setting.

            But if it isn’t germs, bacteria, fungus and viruses, what are the mechanisms involved here ?

            What we see with the apparition of hand washing is a wide spread of the availability of clean water and increased concern of general hygiene measures, from the idea that we shouldn’t mix the clean with the unclean (dead and undead), we surely improved health of the general population and in medical settings.

            If washing your hands remove micro organisms, it also clean dirt and what I mentioned as “dead matter”, which is matter in decomposition from tissues and external material stick to the skin.
            It’s like infection during surgeries, what happens is that unclean matter, or matter that’s supposed to be on the outside of the body enter the inside of the body, which cause a reaction to put right back things at their places.

            But how could “dead matter” cause any symptoms in such small amounts, I don’t see how.

          2. You said in your post:

            “As we can see in the practices from WWI, they left the wound open and continuously cleaned it, it couldn’t ferment in a bandage, and the toxins were washed away very often, thus reducing mortality. Those are very good practices, and maybe it could even be improved by simply using clean water, but tests on toxins would have to performed.”

            I disagree with this conclusion… let me explain. Wounds are primarily healed by bacteria in and on the skin. Continually washing most wounds is not ideal because you are washing away bacterial cleansers and agents that rebuild skin tissue. I have often placed raw meat on wounds and noticed their healing quickened, turning properly into new pink skin. I have observed similar outcomes utilizing raw honey for skin cancers and raw meat applied to the skin. I have personally observed such cancer heal over a period of 1 year, if the size of the skin cancer was the size of a quarter. On that cancer, the bandage was replaced only once every few days. One’s own urine will also heal wounds more quickly. All these methods I have mentioned all have enzymes, nutrients, bacteria, and fat that go toward healing wounds fully and properly. Washing and sterilizing wounds too often is a step backwards. If a wound is festering, simply washing it in lemon juice once a day will reduce the over fermentation process possible with some wounds. We cannot always go by the so-called available history, because much of it is manipulated for ulterior motives. I first and foremost go by personal observation, and weigh it against the findings of others, if I have determined the true outcomes and legitimacy of the source.

          3. Uuh my answer is really too long, tldr, some toxins from bacteria can make you sick in very low amounts, like in the case of botulism :

            So this just explains much of it, toxins from bacteria makes you sick, and if you don’t keep a minimum of hygiene, the toxins from your body can make you sick.

            This is actually well documented that it’s not bacteria from corpses and rotten food that makes you sick but the toxins issued from them, unfortunately, I find so few data on this topic, maybe because we are stuck on the axiom of the germ theory of diseases.

          4. I’m still sifting through all your comments, but if I understand your conclusion correctly, it is that bacteria are not the cause of illness with regard to surgery or wounds—that is true. Rotting releases chemical byproducts of decomposition that can irritate and toxify mankind. See: Miasma. Science has tried to disprove miasma, but miasma is very real and is a fact of reality. If you do not believe that, then go put your face into a trash can full of trash for a while and tell me how you feel. It will affect you. It has nothing to do with bacteria or and living microorganisms. What you are smelling is the disintegration of tissue, which does involve biochemical and bacterial processes to break that tissue down. But, they are not a threat.

            You are going to have to really separate what you are told from mainstream medical sources and use your common sense, as it appears you are doing. So once again, it is not bacteria that cause disease in 99.9% of circumstances. It is always a toxin, whether a natural toxin or a manmade toxin. And almost always, manmade toxins are much more harmful. What you will continually see is the unproven static theory that bacteria will cause disease. But this is only theoretically true and is not proven. For if this was the case, I would be dead, since I have been eating raw meat, raw milk, and raw eggs for many years from all kinds of sources. My health has improved greatly as a result—the exact opposite of what they claim would happen. That is why you must be very skeptical about their so-called proof and claims when it directly contradicts observable results in nature.

        2. Botulism is created by decaying dead tissue in things like canned food. Same theme: bacteria can create deadly poisons outside the body (remember the digestive tract also is topologically outside the body), but such bacteria do not thrive in healthy living tissue. Thus germ theory and “immune system” are nonstarters. What they call the immune system is better called a janitorial system, and the lymphatic system is the garbageman.

    5. Ah yes, the good Dr ?
      Funny how history tends to repeat itself.
      Think of the following quotation ascribed to Sir Thomas More ,King Henry V111`s Lord High Chancellor of England,when on trial for his life for serving God not the King , where he says to his erstwhile colleague Sir Richard Rich , bribed with the Office of Attorney General of Wales to betray him, “It profits a man nothing to give his soul for the whole world …but for Wales ,Richard ? ” ( “A Man for All Seasons”,R.Bolt).

  5. I finished the subtitles (in french) of your main video :
    (that’s why I was asking tons of questions btw)
    Consider uploading it on your youtube channel it would help me.
    You can download the video with the subtitles here :
    And I give you the subtitles in .srt too if it can be useful in anyway to you :

  6. Are we in the middle of a paradigm shift ? Will this event led us to a better comprehension of ourselves?
    We can only hope for, but that’s a long way.

    I have a question, how would you explain the so common loss of taste and smell we observe lately?
    Common colds always induce some loss of smell but never in those proportions, there is really something different with those symptoms, could it be a new pollutant in the air? Chemtrails ? Nano particules chemtrails ?

    I found this excellent article :
    This is very well written and contains solid sources, I think that’s a very good introduction to your writings.
    All of your explanations are very clear and logical, and everything can be checked and verified, but it would be really better if you included sources of your claims somehow, for example I have observed many similarities of your work (and sentences) with the work of Aajonus Vonderplanitz, yet I didn’t see him quoted once?
    You also claim that many people used your work without mentioning you, maybe include a Creative Commons License.

    1. Please read: – to understand why the loss of smell and taste can occur due to toxicity. To clarify: I have referred to Aajonus multiple times—in my book, my written interview with Alana Fournet, and personally directed people to his two books and lectures in my comments to them. On the front page of my website, I give credit to the Primal Diet for my health. I make it clear that I am a student of Aajonus, having followed his work for over 13 years. At the same time, all my thoughts outside of that are informed from multiple sources and personal knowledge gained through observation and is a branch off of Aajonus’s work, and others, and are my own informed thoughts. Creative Copyrights are created automatically when someone creates their own personal work. This is the nature of the internet when information is being spread, CC or not, and people will take the information for their own usage. What happened is, I was writing Reddit articles up to two years ago, and certain individuals passed around a whole article I had written without my name.

      When you refer to sources, I have many references in all of my writings from scientists, doctors, tests and studies, and so on. For instance, Issue #3 of my newsletter is source-driven and surrounds the topic of the supposed contagiousness of viruses.

      1. The footage is from the Rife microscope and is a phagocyte releasing particles—they are not viruses—It would appear the same for any cell releasing viruses. My book: I have not published my book through any third party. Maybe you didn’t know, but Amazon is actively removing anti-vaccine material, so it is most likely a fool’s errand to even try on their service because it probably wouldn’t get past the Amazon review stage. They review all material before publishing. Again, that is why I publish directly. People buying my book can buy it directly from me with no problem. I have published directly, though perhaps I may do so one day. Epub: I can send that to anyone that needs it if they get the book, and they can email me and inform me, and I’ll gladly send them a different format.

        For the footage, search for ‘1996 Bare The Rife Beam Ray Device, Effects on Microorganisms raw microscope footage’

        1. What do you mean by particles?
          Yes I know about Amazon, it would just give you more credit if you were published, if any publishers is interested, and open your work to translations and wider diffusion.
          There is a window of opportunity right now with the pandemic maybe it’s the right time.
          Thanks I found the original video.

          1. The particles are most likely cytokines or something similar, or enzymes, or soluble debris leftover from the cell breaking down matter—it’s hard to tell honestly. Some of the organisms in that footage are in full-blown disintegration mode. Either way, the processes are the same for viruses being released by cells and would look almost identical, bursting out from the wall of the cell. I should do a video describing more clearly what is going on in the video, and compress it down so others understand it. It is quite a long piece of footage, but it is remarkable.

            I have actually been looking into getting the book onto other platforms like Amazon but was discouraged with all the trouble it seemed to take. I’m going to continue to look into it in order to get it on something like Amazon. Perhaps Amazon would allow the book to be sold, but from what I have recently seen with others, they have been removing works like mine.


    2. Medicine lumps together three very different types of symptoms: 1) actual damage or loss of function (e.g., necrosis, blindness), 2) messages from the body in an attempt to advise on your behaviour (e.g., pain, nausea, loss of appetite), and 3) elements of detoxification and repair processes (e.g., inflammation, swelling, fever, coughing, sneezing).

      While loss of taste and smell could conceivably be 1 (damage), in a flu they are almost always 2 (a communication from the body). The body tells the person to stop eating, because most people have plenty of fat reserves to live off of for weeks or months and digestion takes a lot of work and busies the organs of detoxification greatly.

      As usual, medicine interprets all symptoms as 1 when they are mostly 3 and 2.

      1. I tell everyone: When you are sick, and are detoxifying, you must force-feed yourself raw cleansing foods. This is necessary so that tissue and glands and organs are not damaged from toxins entering the blood and tissue from cells. Foods that digest the easiest are raw eggs. Raw eggs are cleansing; they are the fastest digesting food there is, and provide fuel to the body to deal with symptoms. In this way, general detoxification are easily dealt with, so long as the mind does not panic and cause stress in the body. When one is sick with more advanced detoxifications, they must consume the appropriate amount of foods—which is usually to overfeed. The body utilizes fat as energy. Detoxification burns through a lot of nutrients, including fat. When it comes to fat, if you do not feed the body fat, it will rob the body itself of fat which protects it. Fat is essential; butter, animal fat, and raw milk. Aside from fat, the body needs a steady supply of nutrients from food to bind with toxins.

        1. “I tell everyone: When you are sick, and are detoxifying, you must force-feed yourself raw cleansing foods.”

          Forcing anything is a form of resistance. When you are ill, get out of the body’s way and let it do its work. If you hanker for something to eat, obey your body. If you DO NOT hanker for something and instead feel nauseous, obey your body and don’t eat anything. The body knows what it is doing when it tells you to avoid eating. It knows its priorities. I had a terrible flu in 1999 when I didn’t eat or drink for 4 days but I recovered, and 22 years on I am fit as a fiddle (and I’ve been smoking for 42 years).

          The human being will never be smarter than the human body or animal body or plant body by virtue of the fact that the human did not create those things. If you think you’re gonna figure everything out and are gonna avoid illness & disease forevermore, you’re setting yourself up for a rude awakening.
          The main thing we are learning during this paradigm shift about health is that adding things to the body in an attempt to make it healthier, or in an attempt to recover quicker from an illness, is a form of getting in the way of natural processes. You are NOT smarter than the body. You, the human, did not design it.

          We as a race of species have been alive for 100s of thousands of years and made it to the 18th century without xrays, pharma-meds, vaccines, pill-vitamins, pill-minerals, yearly check-ups, diabetic or cancer screenings, insulin shots, radiation or invasive surgery. We’ve survived with raw foods, cooked foods, smoking, drinking, plant-based-drugs, pollution from volcanoes, dust storms, pollen clouds, hordes of locusts…wars, rumors of wars, obscenely unhygienic conditions, disinformation, misinformation, psy-ops…

          Another thing we are learning is that it is best to reject the perception that there is a common human body — there is not. Every single body is a unique, subjective health system. It is erroneous to assume that what you have figured out about YOUR body will apply to everyone else’s. Ditto for the so-called immune system: Your entire body from head to feet is the immune system. There is no central, localized “immune system”. Your whole body is the immune system. There is no such thing as boosting it. Just eat sensibly (what you hanker for), get plenty of good, deep sleep, and keep your stress level of worry & negativity low enough to keep it from overwhelming you. When you do get sick, DO NOT add anything to the body. Stay out of the way and let the body do its thing. Illness is the body’s way of purging an assault to its system. Obey the body. If it tells you to not eat, then don’t eat. DO NOT suppress the symptoms. They are the means by which the body is cleansing and healing itself.

          “Preventative Medicine” is a form of hypochondria. It is fear-based. It’s the wrong outlook towards the body & life itself. Its basis rests on a war-model >> Mother Nature is dangerous & pathogenic & contagious. The body is fragile & vulnerable and devoid of intelligence and can’t possibly protect itself or repair itself or recover from an assault without the expertise & intervention of mankind.

          The only expert of health anyone will ever be is the expert of YOUR OWN health — and even then you won’t figure everything out. You’re not meant to. This nightmare was intended to be mysterious & adventurous. There are innumerable moving parts that you simply cannot see all at once and will never be able to isolate and line up like ducks in a row.

          There seems to be two types of people when it comes to health: Those who dislike consuming medicinal products, and those who are helplessly fascinated with pills & potions & herbs & tablets & syrups & mixtures & recipes & concoctions…

          I appreciate your efforts to rectify & replace over a century’s worth of medical misinformation (TRUE medical misinformation, not the Youtube kind!).

          You consider a Greek dude as a kind of health mentor (can’t remember his name) — but how do you reconcile his assertion that HIV (“AIDS virus”) was created in a lab involving leukemia? How can he possibly not know about the HIV scam? There was no virus whatsoever!

          So Jeff believes in a God…..and believes in Satan, too….Would you agree that only God can create life? Certainly Satan does not have the power to create life, right? And what is LIFE? Is it not consciousness? Consciousness is a thinking-feeling entity who is aware that it is a thinking-feeling entity. All living creatures, from the macro to the micro, are conscious entities. Believe it or not, the microorganisms in and on our bodies are conscious entities just like you and me. Only God can create them. Satan cannot. Satan can pretend to! Satan can CLAIM to have such powers, but it’s all a clever deceit & fraud.

          God never created a virus. A virus is described as a pathogenic, contagious microorganism. It’s ONLY purpose is murder >> to ruin the health of the host it infects. There is no other creature on earth that lives this way; no other creature on earth whose sole purpose for existing is to find a host and kill it — and thus kill itself! God did not create it. Satan and man are unable.

          I certainly do not believe in any God or Satan but have used those terms to speak in a language you would understand since you have elsewhere announced your belief in such things. The bottom line is: There are no kamikaze micro-creatures — such things would be contra-life, anti-life, anti-Nature >> not even parasites seek to destroy their host, in fact, there is some suggestion they do their best to not overwhelm their host lest they kill their home & food supply!

          1. Hello Alexander, you’re jumping all over the place with your commentary. Let me address a few of your comments. When I said to force yourself to eat during a detoxification, I am referring to the disease state—not the temporary inability to desire food. Many diseases squash the desire for most foods due to toxicity in the body. You must eat to reverse disease—regardless of appetite. If your advice is to simply not eat, then you will die. Raw foods can be eaten during times of most sickness with no repulsion, and they progress healing much more quickly and are necessary to reverse disease that is causing the sickness.

            You cannot fast yourself to health; cells begin to starve and die after only 8 hours due to low sugar and protein in the blood. Force-feeding is necessary in many cases, whether you claim it is “resistance” or not. The repulsion to food while sick is almost always from cooked food, which can turn someone off of eating anything because they are hard to digest and their smell is unpleasant when sick—the opposite is usually true in raw foods.

            Aside: The first stage of that progression to death would be the utilization of all blood protein and sugars, which the body would then draw from the liver, and then the tissue, the bones, including the teeth, and especially the fat. Let food be thy medicine, and medicine be thy food.

            When you say “obey the body”… I agree, to a point. However, you cannot always “obey the body”. For example, if many were to obey their body, they would instinctually eat sweet fruits all day long, and ingest too many sugars into the bodily system. Many gravitate toward that which is sweet because they are adapted to them unnaturally. Their body has adapted to these foods due to modern society. Obeying the body is fine once the body has been properly re-established into a healthy state. Therefore, obeying the body is not nearly the easy thing you describe, nor is it optimal is most cases. Nutrition is a complex puzzle, and it is something that has taken me many years to fully understand.

            With regard to my beliefs: I have only said I believe in God—nothing more, nothing less. Whether you believe in God or not is your own personal belief. You have claimed that viruses are a poison, which is the exact opposite of everything I have ever written, and I have made it abundantly clear that viruses are enzymatic waste dissolvers—not poisons. They are a part of the natural order of reality and are intrinsic to the body of all living organisms, whether you believe God created it or not is irrelevant.

            Lastly, you claimed in your comment that every body is unique. To what degree? Each human body is very similar to the next. The same is true for all animals and plants. Each body is not as unique as you claim, especially when it comes to disease, nutrition, and all therein. It is true that individual bodies require different needs to a certain degree, but on a whole, the human body has the same requirements.

            Note: HIV virus was spliced and manufactured in a lab. It is the lymphoma virus of a sheep, and the leukemic virus of a bovine spliced together. It was injected into homosexuals as an experimental hepatitis B vaccine in 1978 in New York, Houston, Los Angeles, and San Fransico. The man behind these trials, which was carried out by the CDC, was a man by the name of Dr. Wolf Szmuness. Such synthetic tissues is what causes a multitude of disease in vaccines. They do not spark a particular virus in most cases. They are toxic, due to spliced viral tissues bound with adjuvants which irritate and toxify the body. HIV patients were tipped into full-blown AIDS (which is a whole-body immuno-suppressant disease) due to these vaccines because they were already in the late stages of hepatitis liver disease. So, yes, the AIDS problem was manufactured.

            Can you tell everyone why you have been smoking for 42 years, I assume even until now? You seem to be under the impression that it is not disease-causing to do so.

  7. Having trouble finding your Jan 12th post.

    But it’s hard for me not to see excess death here.
    Since March, deaths seems to average 8-10k a day. Granted I think the lockdowns could be the main cause.

    Also interested to hear your thoughts on this:
    What would the equivalent of “absolute proof” needed to convince the public viruses are created in the body and not contagious?

    1. 8k is the normal rate of overall causes of death in the US each day. The excess death chart is PREDICTED, not final death counts. That is how misleading these people are. Go to their graph and you will see that their points are predicted numbers, not actual numbers.

      The video from Mike Lindell is mostly incorrect because the election was manipulated by Democrat leftists, and there is a repeating theme of that all throughout American history. China did not necessarily play a direct role unless they were hired to complete the task by Democrats. Further, if these tamperings did occur from China, would they have been ignorant enough to not use VPN services to hide their location? Unlikely. I stand by my belief that Democrats and Democrats alone were involved in the manipulation of the election. Anything else is a scapegoat to mislead conspiracy-minded people away from the truth and into the China narrative that those in power use against these groups.

  8. Hi Jeff,

    First thank you for sharing your hard work on the real issues of viruses and bacteria.

    What are your thoughts on magnesium oils? is it toxic to the human body?

    Thank you.

  9. How do you explain that viruses are not contagious but that phage therapy use lab grown viruses to replicate in a host body and lyse bacterias?
    Studies point that topical and IV use of phages are very effective against infectious states.
    They do not come from the body, yet the body incorporate them in a healing process.
    And why can’t the body produce those phages by itself? Why would it need exogenous micro-organisms?

  10. Hello Jeff. Arrived here via Michael O Berenicia and my longstanding interest in natural health. However I did not know about terrain theory although having studied homeopathy for a short amount of time, I knew about the idea pf susceptibility. So this is the follow on in my journey. My emotional shock at the deep evil being perpetrated now will not pass easily- the more I read the worse it is. Thank you for all you do- you discovered a lot in a short time. I am glad I arrived here- take care of yourself. I look forward to reading everything you have written. May Great Spirit help us all .

  11. People like Jeff are why I wish I was filthy rich so I can promote them. Or, is that not how it works? In any event, Jeff, along with Dr’s Cowan, Lanka, Kaufman, Robert O. Young, Amandha Vollmer, David Crowe (RIP), Jon Rappoport have enabled me to see right through this scam. I am forever thankful

  12. Why do people get colds and chicken pox at around the same time (on a shorter timescale than seasonally)? Yet why couldn’t the US Army infect people with influenza despite their best attempts at swapping snot from patients to healthy people?

    I think I finally have a good answer: Picture a nomadic hunter-gatherer tribe. In detox season (flu season) if one guy gets sick at a time, they can’t just leave him there, they have to stop nomading and wait for him. Then for the next guy and the next. The tribe will be stuck in place for a long, unpredictable amount of time.

    To prevent this, we should expect the body to coordinate its flu timing with the other members of the tribe who need a detox. This doesn’t apparently happen through mucous and saliva, and it’d be a pretty silly way to signal. More likely people just use pheromones, as that’s an established signalling pathway.

    Whether a tribe member came down with the flu would then be a function of

    1) How much does their body need a cleaning?

    2) What percentage of the people they spend time with daily are sending out the cleaning signal versus a don’t-clean-now signal.?

    Simple multiply those together and the result is how likely they are to come down with a flu in the next few days.

    This explains why the military couldn’t infect anyone. The healthy volunteers spend 99% of their time around their healthy buddies who aren’t putting out the “let’s detox!” signal, and just for a few minutes they go in to hang out with sick people and get green mucous stuck up their noses and down their throats. The body obviously isn’t expecting a signal like that. It’s receiving a pheromonic “let’s detox!” signal from the sick people but it’s totally drowned out by the “let’s not detox!” signal from the people they spend most of their time with.

    So sure, in a single office or single school class or a single very serious judo club that rolls together for hours a day and then hangs out at night as well, the pheromone signalling can get a bunch of them to detox at once (perhaps all of them, but some will be asymptomatic). Nothing to do with viruses, mucous, etc.

    Even in total isolation a flu can happen, of course because the body does want to regularly clean itself especially if eating civilizational foods. People being around just influences the timing.

    1. Hi Nate, thanks for the comments. The reason that the military could not infect anyone with influenza virus is because viruses are not contagious—not due to a lack of biochemical alignment between people. Pheromones do not signal detoxification either, or healthy people would get sick at all times due to toxic pheromones; toxic hormones due to thyroid cancer, for instance. You can only sync detoxification insofar as sharing emotional signals, traumas, stressors, sharing the same foods, environment, and so forth. The reason that flu seasons occur is due to changes in temperature and humidity; the cycles of life. When you have a large population, you will inevitably observe the increase in flu and colds due to widespread changes of weather cycles. It has very little to do with signaling pathways. Also worth noting: asymptomatic doesn’t exist as claimed. That is a tale told by Germ Theory adherents to describe someone who has viruses but is not experiencing symptoms. In this case, everyone on earth is asymptomatic because everyone always has a small amount of viruses working in the body at all times.

      The reason people do not detox properly is because of an inhibited and congested lymph system, and lack of adequate nutrients for cells to use in order to cleanse, as such, those cells are suppressed from cleansing properly.

      1. Hi Jeff, amazing work. My question has to do with the statement “You can only sync detoxification insofar as sharing emotional signals, traumas, stressors, sharing the same foods, environment, and so forth. The reason that flu seasons occur is due to changes in temperature and humidity; the cycles of life.” from the previous reply.

        Let’s say that a whole family experiences symptoms of what they call “stomach flu” ‘aka’ norovirus in the same few days. Also, let’s say that it’s in the middle of summer. Do you not believe then that this is due to some sort of vibratory resonance and not the weather? Would that fall under emotional signals? Please elaborate. Thanks!

        1. Thanks, John. Not vibratory, but temperature/climate induced. Heat brings about many changes in the body at the cellular level. I have observed that many people detoxify in hot environments, including myself. I observe an increase in fever blisters during such times. I have also observed bacterial stomach infection (detoxification) occur, but not at the same time in people. The lymph system flows more readily in heat, which produces the need for greater toxin expulsion as toxins expel from cells and their tissues.
          Although, this can occur at the same time for the reasons noted in my writing, where I refer to the cyclical nature of the body. When you have people in the same environment/location, you will observe that detoxifications will sometimes occur at the same time. Other times, not so. This I deem the ‘Illusion of Viral Activity’. All detoxifications follow this illusory behavior. Some of that can absolutely be emotional. Emotional trauma can cause shared stress on the body. Sometimes emotional stress upsets the stomach. It causes back pain from tension and respiratory difficulty from the tightness/tension in the chest resulting from stress.

          This all plays a role in the appearance of detoxifications, and they should never be dismissed.

          Hope this helps…

  13. Hi Jeff, thank you for all your excellent research and the information you have shared. I’m new to this and find that “ring of truth” to it, so I’m drawn to learn more. I was sharing some basics with my friends and one asked me “what about STD’s?” I had no answer for them because it seems people do get STS’s, which I’m assuming are bacteria? But people talk about HIV and herpes as viral infections. I’d be interested in your understanding in this regard.

    I am continuing to learn more from your web site and your book.

    Thank you!

  14. This is quite shocking, Jeff:
    “If your advice is to simply not eat, then you will die.”
    Sorry, but that is horrifically wrong. Ever studied fasting? Ever studied survivors pulled from wreckage after a week of no water or food? Ever studied “spiritual” disciplines involving fasts lasting up to a month or longer?

    “Force-feeding is necessary in many cases, whether you claim it is “resistance” or not. The repulsion to food while sick is almost always from cooked food, which can turn someone off of eating anything because they are hard to digest and their smell is unpleasant when sick—the opposite is usually true in raw foods.”

    I can assure you, whether food is cooked or not, my repulsion to food when ill with a flu is total: Can’t even bear to nibble on a dry cracker or piece of bread — and I AM ALIVE TODAY as if I have never been ill a day in my life.

    Your idea about force-feeding is heinous and dangerous advice: My wife believes as you do — as if the body is a mechanical machine that runs on a combustible engine and if the fuel runs out then the machine DIES — and because of that Neanderthal belief, I have watched her kill our ill cats by force-feeding them until they had something like strokes. She honestly believed that it was wrong for them to refuse to eat whilst ill — as if they are dumb ignorant beasts whose bodies lack any kind of innate intelligence.

    The difference between those who die from hunger strikes and those who don’t die after a month or more of fasting is the fact that the hunger strike is rooted in negativity & fear but the fasting is rooted in positivity & optimism.

    You actually believe a human can be smarter than a God-created body? You actually believe God fell short when creating the bodies? You actually believe God made mistakes — made dumb bodies that depend on the “wisdom” of man to look after them?

    Obey your body and stop pretending you are smarter than it. Judging by your comments & blogs, you have suffered considerable pain & anxiety in your life — and I am guessing it’s because you micro-manage your mind & health. Too many assessments. Too many adjustments. Too much fiddling with the knobs.

    When the body is ill, it is because it is detoxifying — it is eliminating something that has gone inside the body via an orifice or the skin. Now the body wants you to STOP putting anything inside it or upon it — it was your putting something inside or upon it that has made you ill and therefore it is only logical to STOP putting “helpful” things inside or upon it so your body can clean itself out.

    Ever heard of David Crowe? He was a fabulous researcher about the Virus Fraud and he died last year of cancer. He was afraid to fast because he thought the body needed food to fight the cancer. He was wrong, obviously. It has been said fasting is very beneficial for helping the body to eliminate cancer — and fevers, too, it’s been said they have cleared up some cancers. But fasting ain’t AMA approved is it? Fasting is the opposite to the common erroneous practice of DO SOMETHING, ANYTHING! Don’t just do nothing! Cram something “helpful” into the body! The body is missing an essential element — it needs your expert help! It needs a special mushroom or colored tea or a cappuccino enema!

    People are responsible for themselves. As for the argument that obeying the body could lead someone to eat in unhealthy ways: They must learn by experience. If you eat something that makes you ill or uncomfortable, you stop. There is a difference between obeying the body and obeying the psychological urge to comfort-eat. Either way, if the body doesn’t like what you’re feeding it, it will let you know. If you ignore what it tells you, you pay a price of pain. But let’s stick to just the issue about obeying the body whilst ill: Eat what it tells you to eat (what you hanker for) even if it seems silly or unwise, and don’t eat when it tells you to don’t eat.

    The epitome of simplicity, fearlessness and good news for all living creatures — that is what the Truth is composed of. Mankind has obscured the Truth with misinformation, disinformation, willful ignorance and deliberate fraud — and loads of fear-based, complicated assumptions, fallacies, theories and bad ideas about health (and our very reason for being spirits in this material world).

    Next I am going to comment on your blog about the Nature of Mankind and Reality.


    1. You write these things to me as if I have never written about these topics. My entire website is full of nutritional answers to each one of your comments. Your comments on fasting are ill-informed and over-generalized; broadly painting one solution for a multitude of issues. There are different forms of fasting (such as intermittent) that are much more beneficial than the form of fasting you describe. Gentle fasting has its place and purpose, but not the many days-long fasting you have described.

      Once again, I will ask you: Why should anyone take nutritional advice from someone that has smoked for 42 years? You appear scatter-brained and are jumping all over the place, bringing up topic after topic that is not relevant to the discussion at hand. Most of your comments are verging on personal attacks dripping in feigned outrage and are not genuine discussions in good faith. Based upon your writings displayed here, it is wholly obvious that you know very little about the field of nutrition. Also, the supposed “Greek” mentor you are referring is no longer alive, nor was he Greek. I assume you are referring to Aajonus Vonderplanitz. Perhaps you should study him and find that out for yourself. He was absolutely correct in virtually everything he ever stated.

      If you would like to come here to learn, that is fine, but do not use my website as a personal soap-box to spread your own agenda, or go commenting on every one of my posts with book-long dissertations most of which are guised as personal attacks. It is counter-productive, negative, and I will not allow it.

      “The world understands the word “virus” to be a poison — a contagious, biological poison.”

      I couldn’t care less what the world believes. I am concerned with the truth, period. When you claim I shouldn’t call them “viruses”, I do that already, you just have not read enough of my writings to see that fact. In all my writings, I make it overtly clear what viruses truly are. There is no confusion.

      With regard to HIV, you wrote:

      “Kary Mullis would most definitely have come across such information in his 20+ years as an HIV-denialist, Dr. Stefan Lanka, too, and neither has ever mentioned such information — nor Peter Duesberg. Ask your Greek mentor for the actual scientific evidence — pretend we are in a court of law, and present it to us — show us how you “splice” a virus, Jeff. Show us the splicing and the grafting that results. Show us the living virus being spliced with another living virus and show us the living result — show it in action, either in a human or in a petri dish. Are you going to say that no such video exists? I don’t expect a video of the experiment or action that your Greek mentor describes, just a video or some other physical evidence of viruses being spliced together and then observed doing their dirty deeds.”

      Apparently, they did not find the information I did, or you have not read enough of their writings to determine that as fact or not. Any internet search engine is replete with information on virus splicing and how it is conducted. You must go out and do your own research. You can research Dr. Wolf Szmuness, and you can also look up how vaccines are formulated. They use diseased animal tissue from different animals and combine them into a serum to elicit responses from the innate immune system of a human.

      You do not understand the full nutritional puzzle when you claim that we should: “Eat what it tells you to eat (what you hanker for) even if it seems silly or unwise, and don’t eat when it tells you to don’t eat.” In some cases, that is true, but in other cases, it definitely is not. When someone is sick, their first instinct is to not eat, but that is not always the correct choice. You basically claim all instincts are correct and should not be disciplined, and this is not true. People who are sick do not desire food, and if they do not eat, they will die of starvation and malnutrition. The first instinct of most every person is to eat that which is most pleasing to their tongue, which means lots of sweet food. Perhaps you think the resulting obesity and diabetes from that is perfectly normal too… after all, they were only following their instincts.

      In your last comment, you claimed I am suggesting the body knows better than the mind—in many cases it does, but in many other cases it does not, for that is why we have a mind; to reason. When the body is in a disease state, the body is not healthy. Therefore, we must intelligently guide it to health. You can fast for a few days to cleanse the body, but extended fasting leads to incredible weakness and an imbalance of the thyroid glands, adrenal glands, and digestion, and widespread cellular starvation and decay. This is highly dangerous.

      “Ever heard of David Crowe? He was a fabulous researcher about the Virus Fraud and he died last year of cancer. He was afraid to fast because he thought the body needed food to fight the cancer.”

      That is a blanket statement. The body needs food to reverse cancer. You must put nutrients into the body so that cells have energy and nutrition to reverse cancer. Fat must be put on the body in order for toxins expelled from cells to be deposited into that fat for neutralization. Getting fat is a must for cancer patients. Fasting does not reverse cancer—it allows the body to metastasize tumors. I do not know Mr. Crowe, nor will I pretend to assume his condition, but if he was not consuming raw meats, raw milk, and raw eggs, then his chance of cancer reversal was nil to begin with.

      Finally, Dr. Lanka has not necessarily described to any specific degree an agent that will break down toxicity when our living microorganisms are poisoned to death, at least not in what I have read by him. However, based on his writings, he alludes to this idea. Therefore, one can deduce that it is likely that he believes the same way I do in this regard; that what we call viruses are parts of cells that are actually enzymes, and are produced by cells to dissolve matter.

      It is not wise to outright dismiss the whole of science—I have never done that, but many people that are otherwise intelligent are doing exactly this. To claim viruses do not exist, or that they have never been seen, is incorrect. It is hard to assess where Mr. Lanka stands in regard to this fact. And, whether we call these agents enzymes, or “viruses”, it is still describing a particle produced by a cell that dissolves.

      Furthermore, just because you have never seen a virus through a microscope, doesn’t mean you cannot conclude their existence through logical deduction. I cannot see atoms either, but I know they exist. Also, most viruses, except for things like ‘bacteriophages’, are too small to reflect light and therefore are virtually impossible to see without expensive microscopes. When people claim exosomes are viruses, I shake my head because they admit that these particles do in fact exist and that they are dissolving something, but they get caught up in the terminology, which at the end of the day changes nothing.

  15. Thanks for these valuable information. I have a question about viruses from labs. As it is becoming a popular theory that the virus was built In a lab and weaponized in Wuhan lab. But we know viruses are not contagious and nor can they isolate a virus even if they wanted to. So how do we understand or replay to such, knowing that even if it was weaponized it is not contagious

  16. Hello, I was wondering a simple thing.

    Why does antibiotics works in “H.Pylori infections”, that bacteria present in 50% of the population.
    Well, it doesn’t work all the time, some people “relapse”, but some are said to be without symptoms for a long time after a simple treatment of antibiotics and other drugs reducing stomach acidity.
    What do you answer to someone that was actually treated efficiently by this?

    1. Hi Akon, antibiotics kill bacteria, but bacteria are major parts of detoxification and the healing process. While antibiotics temporarily suppress infection, the infection will resurface in the future because the body did not properly cleanse. The next time will be worse than the first.

      1. Yeah but in some cases antibiotics stopped their symptoms for extended periods of time with no relapses.

        Also I was wondering about parasites, such as Tenia or Schistosomiasis, do you think they come from inside the body or outside?
        I saw you mentioning this somewhere.

        1. It may take months or years to begin to resurface again due to antibiotic suppression, but I have observed that they always resurface stronger than before.

          Parasites can swell to 100x their size or more. Parasites manifest to eat degenerated tissue, depending upon the toxicity of the tissue. Usually, they are a result of contamination from medications like penicillin, antibiotics, and others like them. When parasites consume, they eliminate only a small portion of that waste, because they utilize a large portion of it just as a human does in the digestive process. Likewise, a human may eat 5 pounds of food and only have a 1 pound bowel movement the next day because the body utilizes the rest for its processes. Parasites function in this way. Remember that if the body is too toxic it will have to resort to viruses to cleanse because tissue is too toxic for living microbes to consume without dying. Parasites originating outside the body can technically pose a problem, but in reality, parasites are scavengers and consume dead tissue and they help us break down toxicity, just as a fly consumes dead tissue—parasites cannot live without those dead or degenerative tissues.

          In almost all cases, parasites are beneficial, and many natural tribes are healthy because they have many parasites in their body. When we rid our body of our helpers, we degenerate into disease. It is vital to put bacteria back into the body by utilizing raw foods, like raw meat and fermented raw milk, and so on.

  17. Jeff – Do you have any knowledge on the virology experimental methods that rely on observed cytopathic effect (CPE) to declare the presences of viruses in cell cultures? For onlookers here, the first step of such experiments is the injection of fluids from a sick patient into a dish containing immortalized monkey or fetal cell lines. From there, this approach is based on the shaky notion that observation of cell degradation is indicative of “viruses” replicating and consuming the culture, whereas in reality these are likely just cells breaking down due to removal of their nourishment and addition of toxic materials/antibiotics. This cell degradation, which is observed visually, is called CPE.

    I came across the papers below regarding the PCR test and it is clear that the probability of a PCR “positive” result is directly proportional to the cycle threshold (Ct value). Furthermore, the prevalence of observed CPE among the positive results is also tied to the Ct value. Namely, there is a higher prevalence of CPE among the batches which test positive for lower Ct values. Intuitively, this tells me that if the PCR flags a positive with a lower Ct value, it is likely that the cells were breaking down (i.e., CPE is happening) which in turns means there is a higher likelihood the PCR test will detect the genetic fragment in the target primer. In other words, my impression is that CPE indicates a higher presence of cellular debris which means it is easier for the PCR to detect the target and give a “positive” result. The converse holds true with higher Ct values according to the logic. Do you agree with this reasoning?


    One last thing: Do you know if CPE has any correlation with the patient having observable symptoms of being sick? These papers keep talking about “positive cell cultures,” but this is nothing more than CPE and what really matters is if the patient is sick. Who cares if there is CPE if the person isn’t displaying symptoms of illness!

    1. Yes, I agree with this assertion. To bring it down to laymen’s terms, the PCR test is magnifying genetic material and thus renders most tests as positive. Also factor into the equation the fact that many people have developed coronaviruses at one point or another in their life, and you will find that most people will or will eventually test positive. Also, lets approach this from the opposite angle. They put those tissues into ‘clean’ environments wherein they are kept alive but not healthy by cellularly toxic serums. Viruses occur in the absence of the living microbiome. Observations are skewed in such an environment. This is how they ‘grow’ viruses. They merely observe cells produce their own cellular breakdowns, which are a type of enzyme known as a virus. These are the positive cell cultures you refer to. In the body, you have very small amounts of viruses being produced by cells to aid cellular functions; Viruses are utilized by the body at all times in small amounts to aid cellular functions. Just because those viruses are there, does not mean the person will be sick, or ever be sick. It takes a lot of viral replication for viruses to become a problem.

      During times of extreme toxicity, chemicals are produced by cells. One of these chemicals, a primary agent of cell survival, are an enzyme known as viruses. Viruses should never be referred to as an innate poison, but instead as a specific dissolver guided by RNA. Their nature is that of a chemical production—not a poison. Viruses are a solvent that dissolves and fractionates substances via RNA guidance. They utilize a large amount of water to dilute substances. During illness, cells may manufacture viral solvents to help damaged cells break down their own toxicity. When bacteria and cells are so poisoned by toxicity in the body, the body will produce viruses to aid cells. The body uses viruses to try to mitigate the problem, but in severe cases, the body will experience systemic toxicity from the vast amount of toxins now being dumped into the blood, along with all the viruses and their subsequent diluting of those toxins. Without proper amounts of neutralizing minerals, such as calcium and magnesium, the body may degenerate quickly into a dangerous situation.

      Also, you must take into account that ‘immortalized’ cell lines, such as the Hela cell lines. They usually use ‘HeLa cell’ lines which are supposed to be ‘immortal cells’, which are really mutated cancer cells that incur false observations of reality, because they do not behave as normal cells would—they are mutations and those cells are partially dead by nature. Taking this into account, you could add in any fluid from a person, healthy or not, and likely observe the manifestation of viral solvents. In such environments, the microbiome is absent, therefore, the only alternative is for cells to produce their own solvents as they break down in the solution. Those cells are attempting to cleanse themselves and their surroundings, and go into cell survival mode.

      Again, viruses are merely a type of enzyme but are a very important enzyme produced during times of cell survival. I have covered the topic of CPE and included some of our discussion here in my latest newsletter issue #7 so others can read it.

      1. Thanks for the reply Jeff and expanding on what the viruses, which are really just enzymes that mainly help with detoxification, are actually doing. I am really trying to get down to the fundamentals of the mRNA/DNA vaxx design and PCR test design processes, which both fundamentally come from the CPE experiments and genomic sequencing methods. I am of the opinion that dissecting this route is the most potent method of taking down this fraud since it gets at the most fundamental level and undermines both the fake tests and injections in one shot. I’ve been watching Lawyer Reiner Fuellmich’s work on the legal side and he totally understands that the PCR is a fraud, but he hasn’t yet figured out that the CPE experiment is more fundamental and attacks both the PCR tests and so-called “vaccines.”

        I am trying to work up materials (like a presentation) describing this route by dissecting the paper below, but it takes a lot of work since I am not a biologist. My training is more on the math and physics side of things, which should be useful in studying the genomic sequencing methods which are nothing more than a mathematical algorithms. My hunch is that we can show via mathematical analysis that they are basically oversampling their materials and are hence dreaming up a genomic sequence that can be fit onto any predetermined template. I think we can also show that many of the genetic snippets they are detecting are inherent to the immortalized cell lines themselves since those cells are sequenced along with the patient fluid (i.e., this stuff is mixed together and the mixture is sequenced). My goodness, this stuff is such a mess! If you have any guidance on the sequencing methods, that would be helpful for me since I am starting as a non-specialist in this area. Any critiques or guidance on my approach are also appreciated.

  18. Hi Jeff

    Again appreciate your time and effort to explain things easily in your newsletters.

    I want to know you opinion about chickenpox. Is it different than viruses and is it contagious? Since we know people put their kids at a young age with other kids who have it. I’ve heard one opinion that it can be contagious in a way by cells energy ect. Is that a sound view?

    1. Pox parties is a classic wives-tale because people believe viruses, such as chickenpox, are contagious. Chickenpox is not contagious. Pox parties, therefore, cannot work. Chickenpox is no different than any other virus. It deals with eliminating toxins through the lymph system and skin. Chickenpox is a childhood virus mainly that strengthens the immune system at an early age. It is just like measles, or any other such virus. Chickenpox, measles, and other such skin rashes are all detoxifications that take place in the lymph and nerves, and other interconnected areas and are expelled via the skin. This causes rashes and lacerations of skin tissue when those toxins are ejected.

      If you get a large group of people together, such as a school, it is inevitable that many of them will detoxify at the same time, statistically speaking. But this does not mean it is being passed around from student to student (contagious). This is what I deem the Illusion of Viral Activity (IVA). Disease, in general, has an illusory factor because it is unseen and hard to pinpoint, and therefore, is ripe for confusion and errors in judgment. When closely examining the situation, you find that there was no transmission, but that the body is cyclical, and that merely observing a group of people manifesting the same type of illness at the same time does not indicate a so-called contagious virus. In the same vein, you can observe many children who do not succumb to any illness whilst being around those who have the illness. Again, disease and illness are illusory in nature.

  19. Thanks Jeff

    There has been some research about insect wings having “antibiotic” capabilities as per below articles. This was interesting for me and I’m trying to understand it from a terrain theory perspective, would you be able to give your opinion about what is really going on in these flys?

    1. Sami, living creatures may create bacterial regulators to keep bacterial colonies in check so that there is proper balance. This is normal. The human body contains these mechanisms as well. Cicadas I have studied at great length and have personally filmed them and followed their entire life cycle. Their wings when newborn are very soft. They likely contain antimicrobial properties to keep their wings from being eaten or corroded by external bacterium.

  20. Thanks again appreciate your response. Sometimes the folks I’m discussing with show me studies which claim to show transmission of viruses. Below is an example. What is the appropriate way to respond to such claims?

    “In one study, nasal washings obtained from jaundiced or “preicteric” people who had received yellow fever vaccine were dropped into the nostrils of 4 healthy male volunteer soldiers, and observations were made weekly [22]. One volunteer developed asymptomatic hyperbilirubinemia, and 2 developed overt jaundice. In another study, 9 male volunteers were injected with pooled blood products obtained from patients who had developed jaundice after receiving injections of mumps convalescent-phase serum or yellow fever inoculation [23]. All subjects developed hepatitis infection with or without jaundice.”

    1. That’s because they fail to understand how the body functions. Whenever you inject foreign debris, the liver becomes compromised. Someone that is already weak can easily succumb to liver problems. Jaundice and hepatitis are both severe liver issues—hepatitis is a liver virus occurring in the liver cells. Jaundice is liver disease and the inability to regulate red blood cells and their waste products.

  21. Hi Jeff, thank you for sharing all your wealth of knowledge! Question, what is your take on antigens? Is it possible that they can be created and possibly “cloaked” to seem like a “virus”? Apologize, I’m walking and learning all this little-by-little…

    1. Vincent, antigens are the viral animal tissue that are used in vaccines. Those tissues are always synthetic in order to be grown by the trillions in labs to be used in vaccines. They are usually parts or pieces of whole viruses. Those tissues are bound with adjuvants of some kind, and are needed to cause the immune response cells to engulf the particles by artificially elevating the immune response. This is how those toxins enter into the cells of the body. Tissues are needed because, by nature, the body is able to analyze that there is foreign tissue in the body, but since it has no purpose, the body must remove it. It spreads from there. The entire ‘science’ behind vaccination is a fraud, as is the so-called transmissibility of viruses.

  22. Can you give us an idea of how perceived contagiousness actually occurs and what might be going on physically? I am totally on board with terrain theory and understand how toxicity, poisoning, and stress are responsible for most of the illness we experience. Having said that, when my young daughter gets sick with the sniffles, it is almost guaranteed that either my wife and/or I will get the sniffles in short order (usually 1-2 days later). This happens enough that I have a hard time chalking this up to statistical happenstance.

    My guess is that there is a communication method between our bodies that is invisible to the naked eye. This signal is emanating from our daughter’s body when she is sick and it is effectively telling the bodies of my wife and I that it is time for us to detox too. Hence, we get our colds and do our detox too. Here is another data point: It is well-known that women living in close proximity, such as dorm rooms, tend to have their menstrual cycles synchronize over time. Clearly menstruation isn’t contagious, so there must be a signaling mechanism between these women in such cases. What is it? We also know that pheromones exist and are not visible, but I am not entirely sure what their function is. Another possibility is that our bodies are naturally producing information-rich electromagnetic fields that are perceived by others nearby. Such fields could be produced by electric charges flowing in our bloodstreams as well as in the neuronal activity in our brains.

    Taken together, I’m trying to build a list of possible physical mechanisms: this includes pheromones, hormonal/protein excretions (???), electromagnetic fields. What do you think? Is there any published evidence on any of the routes with physical evidence?

    1. Well, I’ve written extensively about these topics, so continue to look at my newsletters and my articles. I have answered this topic elsewhere on my site for a few others.

      Here is what I have written, in part:

      This occurs because viruses and bacteria are cyclical in nature, occurring at the same time in the majority of the population each year. This happens because the body itself is cyclical, and operates on a cyclical basis. It dumps mass stored toxins after a certain accumulation occurs over a period of time. This occurs every year; sometimes milder, sometimes stronger. Temperature, pressure, and climate changes bring about the necessary signals to begin cleansing processes. When you have households that live together, they almost always eat the same foods, drink the same water, and breathe the same air; sharing identical habits. It is common for them to have similar detoxification times, therefore they will experience cold or flu around the same time.

      The environment plays a role in viral and bacterial creation more than anything. It is much like how bears come out of hibernation each year around the same time. Climate plays a large role in their appearance, and they gradually come out one after the other depending on location. That is why we have a flu season—because humidity combined with cold or heat brings about bodily changes at the cellular level. We observe the same behaviors in the microcosm of the body. Such changes signal the body to dump accumulated toxins so new cellular activity can thrive. Bacteria and/or virus then manifest in order to disassemble and break those down to be excreted from the body—via skin, mucus, respiratory system, and bowels.

      It is very common for people to observe this illusion and believe it is contagious—that is the nature of mankind; they’re easily self-deceived by coincidences. Health is rife with such misobservations because it cannot be directly seen. Therefore, the answer is not obvious at first and is a complex puzzle for those that do not understand the nature of the body. In reality, it is no different than bears coming out of hibernation, or trees blossoming at the same time—Most do not all come out on the same day, but they gradually do so one after the other.

      Women in close proximity likely share emotional habits and therefore sync according to mental factors. Of course, there is energy involved, but again, the body cannot detoxify that which does not need detoxification. Any energy is mostly energy of the mind itself—not a transmission of physical energy per se, but mental energy (existing as stimuli). A robust mind that is conditioned to deal with stressors will not be prone to as many stress hormones that hasten such detoxification. People together experience tribalism, including women. Responses to pheromones are mostly mentally based, in humans at least. There are small cues, but nothing very strong as occurs in other animals.

      And finally, do not rule out miasma. That is the toxic expulsion of the breakdown of toxins and body waste—in this case, expelled from the sweat and breathed in. Things such as toxic foul breath can also sicken you. These are toxic to your own body if inhaled long enough and may elicit the same responses in your own body.

      1. I appreciate your patience in replying to me. Apologies if you had to repeat some prior material. I actually bought your book, but have yet to read it since I have a stack of books that I’m trying to work through. There is just so much history and technical material to get caught up on 🙂

  23. Hi Jeff

    I just read your latest work. Thanks for the info. I always knew in the back of my mind that the argument that viruses can never be isolated is a weak one. Because even if we can isolate these solvents such as exsosomes it doesn’t prove viruses are contagious. The core issue is they are just hijacking the role of the virus to suite their agenda. Is this accurate?

    Also, One such example was the claim that these sars covid 2 were identified and a picture with there spike proteins are visible. Big deal…doesn’t prove anything.

    They claim that they can show these viruses infect other cells , how are they proving that? Do they have a video showing the movements of these viruses?

    1. In reading issue#2 ‘New Alternative Health’ it appears to me Green shares important common ground with his named opponents, Kaufman, Cowen and Lanka – much more so than with Fauci or any virologist he funds. Green’s well reasoned and unnecessarily contentious argument is viruses exist as self-produced soaps which aid in body cleansing/detoxification. Kaufman, Cowen and Lanka take the more hyperbolic stance that viruses don’t exist at all, yet both ‘sides’ agree viruses are not infectious agents, Germ Theory is wrong, and Sars-Cov2/Covid19 wasn’t a pandemic. The enemy of my enemy is my friend. I for one would appreciate a less combative and more collaborative approach aimed to achieve a united front against the primary opponent and their nefarious ‘next one’ contagion plans.

      1. Thank you for your insights, Michael. Perhaps one day many will begin to see a more reasonable and scientific way of confronting important topics like these in alternative health. Unfortunately, those you mentioned are intrinsically connected to their stance and would have trouble publicly admitting mistakes. To change course now would be to upset their core audience. I think it is a vitally important topic to understand, which is why I wrote the journal. The goal is to maintain rationality and scientific integrity in harmony with the truth.

        1. They may not admit mistakes, yet they do appear more open-minded than most Doctors in the field, and may readily adopt your line of reason when presented as congruent with their own in the most important ways. To me, whether a virus exists or not is mostly irrelevant to the primary concept the virus is not a causative agent nor is it something one can ‘catch’. Those are the key lessons for the masked masses to avoid complying us all into destruction. At the least, the ‘never isolated’ and ‘not proved to exist’ arguments are eye-openers for further discovery – which is ultimately how I found your work. Much appreciated.

  24. Hello, Jeff.
    I was wondering if you might be able to shed some light on how cancer is formed in the body. I recall either reading, or listening to one of your recordings and can’t find that article or recording again. It was very interesting and I have been trying to explain how cancer works to my girlfriend. You said something about how tumors form around dead tissue or toxic materials that the virus cannot successfully break down and eliminate. I could have this entirely wrong so hopefully you can correct me and maybe even point me in the direction of the point where you mentioned this. Take care, Jeff.
    Never stop doing what you do. I think you are the most truthful and accurate voice out there right now and your words are important. Thank you for everything you have done and continue to do.

    1. Hi Colton, you are correct. I answered that in my interview with Alana Fournet under my articles section. I describe the function of cancer and why it forms. Thank you for your encouragement…

      1. Hello Jeff,
        I have read the 20 pages of your interview with Alana Fournet in your articles section and found nothing about the function and formation of cancer, except that “Skin cancer is a result of not having enough of a high quality fat layer”???
        Could it be somewhere else?
        I have been studying this issue for a long time and would be happy to hear your views before sharing mine.
        Many thanks for your very stimulating research et reflection.
        Catherine, from France

        1. I have a chapter in my book that deals in cancer and its causes. Cancer is the inability of the body to regulate cells properly and remove dead or dying cells, usually due to lymphatic congestion wherein lymphatic fluids do not move properly in the lymphatic system. Tumors are formed to house/cacoon these dead cells so that the body can gradually dissolve them over time as cells are able. Cancer is a necessary byproduct of manmade environmental toxicity. The body has many ways to cleanse and heal in times of toxicity, and cancer is one such way the body does that.

  25. Hello Jeff,
    I have been trying to buy your book The Age of Deception + Shine a Light Journal n°1 and now n°2, without a Paypal account and using my Visa card. In both cases, I could not check out as a guest. When I try to validate after filling in all the necessary fields, the system requests that I open an account which I’d rather not do.
    I sent you a mail on May 31st to ask for help…
    Many thanks in advance !

    1. Hi Catherine, I never received your email, but I did get your message on my website. You must enter a valid email into PayPal after selecting ‘Pay with Debit or Credit’. Then, all you do is put in your card information, then select ‘Pay now as guest’ at the bottom.

      Please let me know if you need extra help. (I’ve sent you an email with this also)


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