State of the Disunion - Pro-Vaccination Comments - Part 1 & 2

Written by Jeff Green
Alternative Nutrition/Researcher

Written on June 8th, 2019

State of the Disunion — Pro-Vaccination Comments – Part 1

Now for a small collection of rather insightful commentary on measles from the pro-vaccination humanitarians:

“We’re well past the point where vaccination should be mandatory, no exceptions except actual medical ones. If that means breaking down doors and holding people down, I’m fine with that. These people should be arrested and have their children taken away.”

“This isn’t a personal rights thing. It’s threatening the public’s health. Declare a public health emergency. Then issue an order to quarantine these people indefinitely, and include in that quarantine any outside communications not passed through public health channels, since those are the vectors for this “disease” to spread. They can have the quarantine lifted at any time they repudiate their views, vaccinate their kids and have had time for the vaccination to take effect. If they fail to live up to their repudiation, they go into quarantine for life, with all communications screened for evidence of trying to spread the disease before being passed on.”

“No one really talk much about Andrew Wakefield and his *research* in the 90s. I would lay a lot of blame to that F**KING IDIOT who falsified his study for personal gain which would be the point in history where anti-vaxx accelerated in its traction. If there is a hell, I would wish that guy burn and rot in hell for millions of years for the damages he has done.”

“Why aren’t you concerned that the anti-vaxx information given to you are not a conspiracy by this group of strong anti-vaxx proponents to kill your children and do ethnic cleansing (stress that i think this is another conspiracy). What makes one conspiracy more believable than another?”

“No vaccinations, no tax refund, and no government benefits – for kids and adults. If anyone doesn’t have the proper vaccination record, vaccinate them from scratch. Otherwise, its maybe time to let the US military handle it and vaccinate everyone to their standard! If it’s good enough for soldiers and veterans, its good enough for everyone else.”

“It’s not ethnic cleansing. It’s a concerted, well organized effort by Russian trolls and possibly other fringe elements within and outside the United States to spread chaos and dissension both here and abroad. I’ve been following this whole anti-vaxxing debacle over the past 2-3 years and would notice a strange pattern. There was never anything organic about the way the anti-vaxxer movement was spreading.”

“What this tells us is that there is no such thing as anti-vaxx theory. It’s the result of someone (or a fringe group) finding ways of tricking the population into not vaccinating, but doing it one group at a time and by coming up with the perfect “disinfo” talking points tailor made for each one. In other words, not ethnic cleansing but strategically targeting specific demographics that it would be the easiest to propagandize to. …I’ve gone on too long but hopefully, everyone gets the idea. Anti-vaxx propaganda is biological warfare carried out via disinformation, no question.”

Apparently a lot of it is Russian propaganda.

All comments from

In closing:

People against vaccinations have apparently been propagandized with untrue information about the dangers of vaccines, and cannot reason and come to such a conclusion themselves with available information. Russians are involved (as always). Anti-vaccination ‘propaganda’ is merely part of carrying out ethnic cleansing (probably by Russians). Vaccines should be mandatorily forced regardless of our rights and liberties as American citizens. If the people do not comply with forced vaccines, they should be put in FEMA camps or killed. My only question is: Whom is truly the conspiracy theorist here?

State of the Disunion — Pro-Vaccination Comments – Part 2

This post continues where the last one left off, presenting a collection of comments from tyrannically minded sheeple showing the state that America has devolved to. I refer to articles from Ars technica, because it seems to be a vaccine hotspot for these dimwits to gather, and gives a good sense of the broader situation going on among such groups.

The following comments arise because the parents of a young boy refused a 2nd tetanus shot while he supposedly had tetanus, which was most likely due to previous medical treatments when treating his wound. However, the article claims “They treated him with antibiotics and gave him a shot of a tetanus vaccine (DTaP).” It did no good (what a surprise). “At this point, his parents refused another DTaP vaccination—and all other recommended vaccines.”

This is where the pro-vac humanitarians step in to save the day —

“I think family health insurance should require vaccinations of children and adults. No vaccinations, no insurance. That insurance company should balk at that bill because it was purely caused by the parents ignorance.”

“This is disgusting. The kid should be taken away and the parents should be incarcerated, neutered and prevented from adopting so they can never have do this to another child. I’m really quite tired of this BS.”

“It’s child abuse. State should take custody of this child and any other children in the house vaccinate them medically evaluate them and the parents can petition to get custody back once they prove to the state they’re no longer dangerous to their children.”


“‘Anti-vax’ moms sue NYC as US heads toward record measles spread…”, the article headline reads. 2019 is set to be the worst year for measles in the US this century (untrue, the ‘outbreak’ in ’92 was 2000+ people)… With a massive zero deaths, I might add. “Five unnamed mothers in New York City filed a lawsuit Monday, April 15, seeking to block the city’s mandatory vaccination order in areas hit by a massive measles outbreak that has raged since last October.” — Indeed, what a travesty.

This is where our child loving, compassionate humanitarians step in to remind us that we are a nation of sheeple—

“I normally don’t consider myself a hateful person… spiteful perhaps, opinionated certainly, and maybe even aggressively callous. But these five fucking jackasses? I fucking HATE them.

“If I got the measles, or worse, had an immunocompromised kid who got the measles, I would sue those clueless motherfuckers for every nickel they have.”

Vaccines should be compulsory, and refusing them on “religious grounds” should be prima facie evidence of unsuitability to have custody of children.”

Sounds like we need a good, old-fashioned quarantine. Let’s see how mad they are when they’re confined to their homes until their children are vaccinated.”

“We weep for your kids; that you don’t have the sense to get them vaccinated. At the least, you should keep them away from the rest of us. Since, even those of us that have the sense to vaccinate our kids will eventually see our kids come down with the diseases they’ve been vaccinated against, once vaccination levels reach extreme lows. Herd immunity is a real thing, people! Vaccines aren’t 100%, close but, not 100%.”

(Herd immunity doesn’t exist.)

“Let them pay the city’s legal expenses. Let them pay the medical bills for any other people their children infect. Jail them if their choice results in harm to others.”


A frightening reminder that our country is a herd of sheep:

“Anti-vaxxers defeated: NY bans exemptions as doctors vote to step up fight…”

“Anti-vaccine advocates received a blow in New York Thursday as state lawmakers banned non-medical exemptions based on religious beliefs—and there may be more blows coming.”

Responses congratulate the passed measure:

“Good job.”

“Good for NY and CA. We need to get rid of non-medical exemptions here in WA, too.”

“Ms. Biel and Mr. Kennedy are fucking shit up. Isn’t there some way to take their goddamn money?

This is great news! Hopefully this is the beginning of a much larger trend in fighting back these ignorant, and or bad faith activists back from where they came from.

KILL THEM ALL!!! I mean … good, for once reason as won over morons.


All in all, vaccine supporters seem to be rabidly unhinged and full of vile hatred, offering very little understanding to the wide array of concerns one might have when it comes to vaccines—nor do they have the intelligence to do so. We can certainly not count on these individuals to resist a coming tyrannical form of government. As a matter of fact, we will be fighting these very people along with the enemy when that time comes.

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