'STDs' — What Are They & What Is Their Role?

Written by Jeff G.
Alternative Nutrition/Researcher

I am asked continuously about ‘sexually transmitted diseases’, and some people use the idea of STDs to attempt to invalidate my writings by claiming that STDs are proof that viruses are contagious. Therefore, I will be devoting this article entirely to the topic of ‘STDs’, what they are, why they are not at all what science claims, and why they are not contagious.

First, it must be stated that STDs are another made-up lie to scare people into being against natural activities, then blaming the disease on nature; such as a monkey, or bat, or anything else they can come up with at the time to cast blame upon. Firstly, it is not possible for human beings to manufacture and replicate bird or bat flu, or any other animal flu, because we do not have the same DNA or RNA and cannot replicate animal cells and tissue—we are human.

Secondly, as an example, over 2/3rds (around 80-90%) of the population have one of the herpes simplex viruses of some form. It has been shown that genital herpes appears in those that have not engaged in any sexual activity ever in their life. Herpes is a detoxification dealing with toxicity, mostly metallic toxicity from vaccines or other sources that collect in the lymph system and nerves that is expelled through the skin and/or mouth. 90% of toxins are designed to leave the skin. With such a large percentage already having this virus, do most assume they ‘caught’ it from someone? The power of coincidence is therefore high when observing if someone ‘passed’ a virus along to someone else with regard to herpes (both HSV and HPV).

Such viruses are not in hibernation in the body as science claims—they are created/mutated by the genome when the body needs that particular viral strain to cleanse. The body can manufacture viral blueprints in the genome, which determines what type of proteins the cell will manufacture. They are instructions/blueprints. These particular viruses (herpes) are detoxifiers that expel toxins via the skin, tongue, and mouth. 90% of toxins are meant to leave the body through the skin; the skin being the largest organ of the body, and the largest expeller of toxins via sweat, perspiration, and skin eruptions (rashes).
HIV: HIV is one step removed from AIDS, but use different viruses. It is a result of a severely immunocompromised individual due to drug usage, alcohol abuse, tar, resins, and chemicals accumulated from smoking, and chemicals in processed foods. HIV usually never progresses to full-blown AIDS unless medical treatment like ‘AZT’ (Chemo) or other harmful medical treatments are given. AIDS can also be sparked by vaccine, and is a manmade virus strain that has been spliced and manufactured. It is the lymphoma virus of a sheep, and the leukemic virus of a bovine spliced together. It was injected into homosexuals as an experimental hepatitis B vaccine in 1978 in New York, Houston, Los Angeles, and San Francisco. Because those participants had HIV, they progressed into full-blown AIDS after the vaccine. Those that did not get the vaccine did not develop AIDS.
AIDS cannot be sexually transmitted—no virus can. Even if you bleed and you make blood-to-blood contact, you bleed outwardly—you do not bleed inwardly. Furthermore, white blood cells will neutralize small amounts of such viral proteins instantly and will not enter the body. Injection via vaccine or from the blood of an infected individual is necessary, and the result will depend upon the health of the body. Either way, it will make a person sick because you have foreign protein in the blood. If it is via vaccine, the result will be worse because of the associated adjuvants that artificially heighten and sustain the immune response, thereby causing more damage.
Herpes: People who have high adrenaline store excess adrenaline in nerves, and are prone to herpes. This causes nerves and surrounding tissue to become toxic from these accumulated adrenaline stores, and will eventually detoxify, discarding via the skin. Remember that we also have lymph nodes in the reproductive system that store industrial toxins.  See my writings on what the immune system is and the function of the lymph. 90% of toxins are supposed to leave the skin—our largest organ of the body. This means there is a multitude of different detoxifications that expel through the skin. Two of those is measles and chickenpox. Another is herpes. Shingles (a form of herpes) is another. Smallpox is another. The body uses different viruses to accomplish its goal of cleansing and strengthening the system. There are 320,000 viral strains inherent to the human body, all of which are designed to deal with each and every tissue and organ within the body and can be called upon if and when needed by cells in order to cleanse themselves and their surroundings.
Also worth considering:  The body can observe another body and learn how to detoxify his/her own body. For instance, if I see how someone else’s body is detoxifying through a skin rash, my own body may learn the processes by observing another’s body in action. This occurs by observing someone with our 5 senses, specifically our eyes, which transmits energy throughout the nervous system that can inform cellular behavior. However, this will ONLY occur if detoxification is needed by the body. The microbial functions in the body are intelligent and alive and can be informed via the 5 senses of the body. But it is not entirely down to sense—It is reliant upon if there is a toxic accumulation in the body, and only then will such processes be signaled and more likely to occur. This is merely one way detoxifications can occur. Of course, if a toxic accumulation is too strong, it will be forced to expel eventually anyway. However, observation of another’s body is helpful in teaching our own body how it can detoxify.
Sex generates hormones that tend to detoxify the reproductive organs, skin, and lymph in them. All three are interconnected. Heat plays a role as well which causes cellular division, and thus, the likelihood that such detoxifications will be quickened. Toxins store in these areas due to many causes, such as vaccines, an abundance of eating metal-containing processed foods, etc. These tend to affect the nervous system, in particular, the reproductive organs. It is possible that two people may detoxify in the same way after such activity, by developing lesions/bumps, because most people have a predisposition toward expelling toxins. Sex is then likely to be the impetus for these to occur, which eventually would have occurred anyway, given enough time.
Note: Many toxins are expelled from the vagina, through the mucosal membranes. The same is not true for men, therefore, women are considered to live 20% longer than men. 
Perhaps sex was the catalyst for those toxins to begin expelling. There is a high degree of illusion that must be taken into account here, therefore, there is much room for manipulation or misobservation and coincidence. Science believes that such diseases are contagious, but it has been noted by prostitution records dating long ago, that such women never developed any ‘sexually transmitted diseases’. The entirety of their argument is nonsense when closely scrutinized. It is merely another attempt to dissuade people from natural activities and instill fear, separating man from nature, himself, and his neighbor. Some parts of that play into population controls. The implications behind this are wide and detrimental to the nature of mankind.
Let us also remember the actions of white blood cells, and that if viruses somehow passed through defense mechanisms of the body, it would take merely 3 white blood cells to neutralize a viral particle. Semen that may contain a viral particle is also neutralized in this way. Aside from this, as I have explained in my videos and writings, viruses operate on a lock-and-key system (RNA/DNA). This means the virus is very specific to the body it arises in and is not remotely compatible with another’s body, since each person contains different RNA and DNA within cells. So, viruses must manifest inside your own body for them to be utilized, otherwise, they are treated as nothing but foreign debris that must be flushed from the body.

Let us also not forget that we bleed outwardly, so sex that would somehow cause bleeding would never infect a person, including anally. A forceful injection is necessary to get such material into the body and blood (vaccination/blood transfusion), and then, the same applies to what I said above about the lock-and-key system (level of reactions are in accordance with what type of toxin is involved). If we consider the hypothesis that fecal matter somehow makes its way into the penis, and causes such disease, we must also consider that urine cleanses the urethra.

Again, there is no way possible that these viruses are caused and transmitted through sex. If they were, AIDS would have existed 1,000 years ago, along with every other viral illness/disease you can imagine, and we as human beings (or animals) would not be here now. The fact that these diseases have cropped up so recently should make everyone sit back and think very strongly and deeply about what is transpiring before us.


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