The Making of an Imaginary Pandemic & How it Evolves

Written by Jeff Green
Alternative Nutrition/Researcher
(originally posted on Reddit—March 7, 2020)

  • There need not be a real threat—only the illusion of a threat.

  • Media campaigns working on behalf of powerful vested interests that oversee governments long ago put in place contingency plans to use when called for. The use of these plans is determined by what those in power deem an ‘existential threat’ to their order, or the desire to progress the order.

  • Governments, which are largely directed by the world governing bodies—the UN, and the WHO, both of which are merely different branches of one and the same, oversee the responses by government employees, training and propounding to members what to believe and how to carry out operations. This is carried out on a state by state and local level, as well as on the federal level. Each group is compartmentalized. This encompasses doctors, nurses, media, authors, and all manner of government employees that have been positioned into government for their inability and unwillingness to question the status quo because of their indoctrination. Many are ignorant to the nefarious nature of the agencies with which they work—but a small handful is very much aware.

  • The illusion of a pandemic can be manufactured through fear and propaganda only. No new viral threat is necessary to maintain the illusion. Currently existing viral illnesses can be used and masked in current statistics. What this means is that falsified coronavirus deaths and nondeaths can be masked by regular flu cases, because the symptoms are more or less the same, and 500,000 people die yearly from flu globally (supposedly), thus allowing for a lot of room for statistic manipulation.

  • The seed of fear is planted in the populace at an early stage, over time, it is built upon, progressed and exploited.

  • Over the course of a few months, the planted seed is played upon and keywords are repeated thousands of times, preparing and priming the audience for the eventual future outcome. Coronavirus, death, coronavirus, infection, coronavirus, China, many dead, fear, extremely contagious, fearful—are all keywords repeated thousands of times. This need not have any factor of truth. Again, only the illusion of imminent threat is necessary. The audience cannot see the deaths, nor are they firsthand witness to them, but in their mind, it is real. Media they trust, who have propounded to them for years what to believe, are the authority figures of truth, and in their minds would never lie to them or deceive them. However, those in media can be just as misled as the average citizen, which confounds this problem further; being a victim of their own system of deception and disseminating disinformation for these corrupt elements within government.

  • As this unfolds, articles from mainstream news sources watched by millions of the population begin to increase their coverage with the keywords I mentioned above. This engages the already primed and ready audience to readily partake in their own exploitation, against their own free will, and against their own understanding; mostly through the subconscious mind. This influence can deceive and influence even the most awake and strongest of minds.

  • As this is occurring, an even greater media campaign is being waged and carried out on the internet all across social media. Fake accounts pretending to be more than one person are utilized in order to propagate fear and hysteria. Propagandists are hired to disseminate large amounts of disinformation and fear across all forms of media, comment sections, and blogs. 

  • So-called doctors who are indoctrinated, vested and biased ‘studies’, all devoted to maintaining the fear and propaganda of this illusion, spring forth in an attempt to finalize the media propaganda campaign and cement the fact in the minds of the people that this is indeed an existential threat. Many various reasons for these events abound in the mind from the indoctrination resulting from propaganda, which confuses the people further to the point where the truth is muddied and elusive at best. Each narrative is silently weaved into the consciousness of the whole of the people until the majority believe what they have been silently guided to believe—yet, they believe they organically arrive there themselves.

  • Mass hysteria results because the majority are confused and bewildered. The propaganda at this stage has taken great hold.

  • In the face of this impending ‘pandemic’, the majority call for swift government action.

  • Government action, being slow to occur, causes even greater outcry from the public, until the fever pitch mounts to requests of total control in all forms to contain the threat. In this way, government inaction works to their favor as the fires of fear burn in the population’s consciousness, thus allowing government reaction to be extreme and justified.

  • Those government actions are always controlled measures that limit individual freedom and liberty for the people’s own security and ‘well being’, and this takes place against the people’s knowledge, for they are too emotionally invested and misdirected by the forces bringing about such hysteria. Like magicians, those in media work their magik of misdirection as the whole of the forces behind the veil of secrecy work to dismantle constitutional law and order.

  • Those that are awake enough to begin seeing the deception try to calm the fire. Such calls for rationality are shunned, discouraged, and ridiculed. Many are viciously attacked and threatened.

  • As this is taking place, further measures are taken by mass media to ridicule those that question the official narrative. They intentionally magnify those that question the official story, mildly putting themselves at risk of being exposed, in an attempt to devalue their concerns and ridicule them, using reverse psychology, which turns the majority away from investigation. Thousands of articles from all sources of media abound—each one lying either willingly or unwillingly against the people’s own knowledge. As stated, many in the system are a victim of the system without their knowledge, propagating whatever they are told.

  • Almost all of those in alternative media begin to hawk their own doomsday ware and useless health supplements as a way to combat the impending ‘pandemic’, thereby confirming the ‘fact’ that this is something everyone should fear—those that are seemingly ‘awake’, fall prey. Alternative media, supposedly the last bastion of reliable information, was mostly overtaken long ago around 2001. Instead of alternative media calming the flame, they fan the flames further. Many alternative media figures’ prime motive is money and entertainment.

  • Calls to action are soon called for by elected representatives, being reserved and calm beforehand, they now call for action by government. Such politicians are bought and paid for, and their principles are always in flux and their gauge for truth is low.

  • Government is then authorized by the consent of the governed, and the elected representatives, to institute unconstitutional laws for the safety and security of public health.

  • Organizations such as the CDC and WHO ramp up and gradually introduce vaccine measures to ‘combat’ this increasing ‘pandemic’ threat. The president takes part. In his unknowing exploitation of naivety and ignorance toward health, he is easily persuaded and misguided by nefarious forces around him, thereby leading us further into a corrupt new order.

  • Since almost everyone in the population believes vaccines are safe and effective, such vaccines are more readily fast-tracked and on the road to being publicly available, disregarding most safety measures and tests. The multitude will clamor and beg for this vaccine as a ‘cure’.

  • Great numbers of nefarious individuals continue partaking in subterfuge all across the internet, and a continued campaign to persuade people to be worried and fearful is carried out and further progressed. This fear will drive many more to become vaccinated.

  • As all of this is occurring, infection rates decrease naturally in the first place of the outbreak, but it will be reported that both death and non-death rates are rising globally, but this will be a lie. So long as the illusion of spread and increasing illness occurs with the possibility of death, so too will the fear surrounding it. This must be maintained throughout the entirety of the event, for the illusion of fear is the key to control.

  • Once the prophylactic ‘cure’ is completed, the possibility of it being forcibly mandated is high. Many citizens will rise up and attempt to bring justice to those enforcing these corrupt laws, resulting in a type of civil war. Media will labels these individuals as ‘radical militia’ groups, painting them as lawless criminals. The people, being largely asleep, will attack these groups as a threat, thereby aligning themselves with the enemy and ignorantly securing their eventual slavery of themselves and their children and future grandchildren.

  • The vaccine will cause many illnesses and deaths, thereby perpetuating the myth that a deadly virus is ‘spreading’ like wildfire, when in fact, many deaths will stem from the vaccine(s). At this stage, most of man cannot break free from his or her indoctrination, nor can they find the truth. The tentacles of deception are simply too far-reaching.

  • Once the vaccine has been thoroughly exhausted after a number of years, the gradual decline of illness and death due to the vaccine will result, yet the vaccine will take credit for the disappearance of the death, and it will be made fact in the history books. See: polio and the Salk vaccine.

  • Mainstream internet search engines and media are filtered to provide only the results they want the public to see, in an attempt to guide and direct the population away from collective free thought. Alternative views are shut down systematically over the internet and/or drowned out entirely by the forces mentioned earlier. They need not prevent free speech if they can make it unseen to begin with. This removes the need to directly limit the 1st Article and Amendment of the US Constitution.

  • People having been primed by media and society as a whole for many years, will result in hospitals becoming overrun and unable to deal with the vast amounts of cases from people who are afraid and fearful that their cough or sneeze will indicate they may have coronavirus. Many cases will be identified as coronavirus, since a large portion of colds are, in fact, a type of coronavirus. Harvard Health states: “Coronaviruses are an extremely common cause of colds and other upper respiratory infections.” Since this is the case, many false statistics can be manufactured; “See! Look! This person has coronavirus!”

  • The results of this will be two-fold:

  1. Hospitals will become even more mismanaged than before.

  2. The eventual decay of healthcare will be complete, and to combat this mismanagement, government will begin to heavily subsidize medical facilities resulting in almost full government control. This will result in medical tyranny of all forms.

  • As can be observed through the observation of health searches—99% of advice-seeking always results in fearmongering; the implanted false idea that someone should go to their doctor over any and everything. Since this has been the common advice for years, many will not think twice about succumbing to their hypochondria.

  • The global stock markets will gradually fall further and further down from hysteria and fear, however, it is merely in their minds and stems from the implanted seed of fear and the illusion of threat put in place long before—not a real concern based upon reality. This impacts the global economy greatly, thus, allowing for one facet of world order to easily be attained via the destruction of the current economic order, and the ushering in of the new economic order.

  • As so-called infections increase, totalitarian laws are being implemented behind the veil of secrecy across the world with the excuse that they are to stop the ever-increasing rise.

Those ‘laws’ will be as follows:

  • When the illusion of the virus has reached its peak, they provide the answer in the form of extreme governmental control. A reduction of human contact results. Borders are locked down into a sort of prison system wherein no one can leave nor come in. Vaccines to ‘cure’ the ‘pandemic’ are forcibly mandated.

  • World governments, through the UN, will institute travel restrictions between all countries and regions between countries and borders.

  • Body searches and spraying of harmful disinfectants will be routine at every stop and major populated areas. Travel within the US states will be reduced and heavily controlled.

  • State to state commerce will be hindered via checkpoints for screening as will the basic right to travel freely.

  • Again, human contact will be discouraged and shunned by society and the eventual decay of human relations will fall. All acts of human relation and contact will be discouraged; kissing, touching, handshakes, hugs, and everything in between—will all be discouraged.

  • There will be a special police force that checks if individuals are vaccinated and up to date according to vaccine schedules made by vaccine manufacturers. These will be carried out on a monthly basis. When walking into stores, screening will occur going in and out of the store.

  • The sale of meats will be reduced and in some countries, eliminated. This will weaken the races further, causing malnourishment and death.

  • Mandated use of masks will be law, though this will not be effective and will only serve as the symbol of fear in the minds of the people. Going out in public without masks will be prohibited.

  • It is possible that paper money will be eliminated for fear of ‘transmitting’ the virus. (South Korea’s central bank said it was taking all banknotes out of circulation for two weeks — and burning some — to reduce the spread of the virus, according to Reuters.)

  • Martial law will be instituted in cities that proclaim to have an infected patient(s). This will be the impetus to strengthen security protocols in that particular state or county—the excuse: an infected patient. Leaving home will be against the law in these circumstances.

  • Such unconstitutional laws are a form of silent martial law. The American people will live in this system so long as they are afraid of dying from a pandemic. It is very likely that the 2nd Amendment will be heavily regulated during this time to prevent a possible uprising of the whole—a necessary giant step to progress the order. The illusion can be maintained for as long as Americans allow themselves to be misled and deceived. With the abolishment of the 2nd Amendment, the country will then be over.

  • The result of the apathetic and those who do not seek the truth: a New World Order. An order based upon complete and utter control. Complete totalitarian control of everyone and everything—not an illusion, but the new reality of man.

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Jamie Moodie
Jamie Moodie
3 years ago

This seems to be exactly what is happening now. What can we do?

Peter Hickey
Peter Hickey
3 years ago

Jeff this is absolutely spot on. After watching your videos and reading your blogs, a question if you don’t mind:-

Do you think that the illness called Covid 19 is a naturally occuring, cyclical, cleansing process, that has effectively been hijacked to create the illusion of a unusual illness, or do you believe that there is indeed a novel illness called Covid 19, but that it is actually the body’s response to some form of toxic exposure. If the latter, what might that toxic exposure be ? The reason I ask is that after much research on the subject, I have come to the conclusion that while the majority of so-called Covid cases are indeed actually either asymptomatic, or simply common colds or flu, there does seem to be a real novel disease with a couple of distinct, unusual symptoms, ie anosmia, which, unlike the not uncommon loss of taste and smell associated with flu, due to nasal congestion and build up of mucus etc, this particular anosmia seems more like a neural effect on the olefactory nerve, with not only loss of smells and taste, but these sensations also changing form, eg a banana tasting like something totally different, or a perfume smelling foul.
The other distinct symptom is the unusually low oxygen levels in the blood, which do not seem due to pulmonary congestion, as you would find in a typical pneumonia, but is more due to the inability of the oxygen to be taken up by the blood through the aveoli.

Interested in you thoughts

2 years ago

Hi Jeff, love your website, thank you! Police, military and health workers are now mostly vaccinated with mRNA. So won’t they all start to die soon (2-3 years)from alteration to macrophages?
Will be hard for cops to enforce anything once mRNA kicks in. Or would a young healthy cop not be as affected to mRNA ? Also what’s your take on Reiner Fuellmichs legal case in Germany. Controlled opposition?

2 years ago

If one is forced to get a vaccine, which do you think is least toxic?

2 years ago

Well this bullet point (pasted below) is happening now, end of August 2021! I would say hospitals are not quite being overrun, but the media is trying to perpetuate the narrative that they are to scare everyone! Below is exactly what I experienced this past weekend of work in the lab! Jackpot! $$$$ They are simply diagnosing the cold or causing people to fear that they have gotten ‘COVID’ and need to run to the nearest ED to get checked out! Diagnosing colds, the gift that keeps on giving!

‘People having been primed by media and society as a whole for many years, will result in hospitals becoming overrun and unable to deal with the vast amounts of cases from people who are afraid and fearful that their cough or sneeze will indicate they may have coronavirus. Many cases will be identified as coronavirus, since a large portion of colds are, in fact, a type of coronavirus. Harvard Health states: “Coronaviruses are an extremely common cause of colds and other upper respiratory infections.” Since this is the case, many false statistics can be manufactured; “See! Look! This person has coronavirus!”’

Colton Pugh
Colton Pugh
2 years ago

Hi, Jeff.
I just wanted to say your articles are some of the most compelling bits of information I have ever read before. I am not in the medical field, but the way you word everything so clear and concise leaves me able to fully understand what you are saying. I’ve read every article on this site now and I am fully on your side. Much of what you have said echoes my own thoughts, I just didn’t have the other words or pieces of the puzzle to complete the thought. Your writing has helped tremendously with that and I feel it in my heart that what you are saying is the truth. The world needs more outspoken and knowledgeable people like you. Thank you for bringing this information to light. Take care, Jeff.

2 years ago
Reply to  Colton Pugh

I truly agree!!

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