The nature of mankind & of reality

Written by Jeff Green
Alternative Nutrition/Researcher

November 26, 2020

It is my observation that the brain (and body) is a conductor of the spirit which exists in a higher realm—outside what we see; partly in the body, and partly outside. The brain is not merely an instructor of the body but is also an interpreter of reality. The seat of consciousness lays in the cerebral cortex, which is part of the interpreter of reality; touch, sight, hear, taste, and smell, and the 6th, which is sense (there are actually 6 senses). Take note that many things are pleasing to taste, smell, hear and see. All in creation is to the benefit of creation itself. 

The eyes view reality as it is. How does the body see that which is not being seen through? It’s as if we are intrinsically attached to something we cannot see that allows us to view reality. Question: Does a camera see if there is no one to look through it? We observe reality, and through the brain and nervous system, are able to view it.  But as stated, there must be more behind the riddle. Reality exists whether we see it or not. Science cannot explain how the human body interprets reality because it operates in the spiritual realm.

It has been suggested that creation is somehow a simulation—we do not live in a simulation, for reality itself is not a limited construct as a man-made simulation is. Reality is reality itself, which is crystalline. Reality is all that is, both seen and unseen—things that mankind does not comprehend because of it’s sheer power and breadth. It just is. Yet, mankind cannot wrap his mind around ‘IS’. If you say to someone ‘It has always been, and always will be; both without beginning and without end—mankind cannot wrap their mind around such a magnitude.

Mankind in his current state is limited, but still able to reach into a higher domain and bring a piece of that into his limited domain. Why is it limited? Because mankind has been repressed by men who seek to dominate and control other men. One day, mankind will make a leap in consciousness. However, leaps happen both ways, both forward and backward. When it comes to one aspect of the higher domain, music, for instance, can reach into this plane as a spiritual energy. The body can interpret that energy, which is a mere thought that arises in the mind, and bring it into existence; Thought turned into action, then into reality which can affect others who listen to it. That can bring about discovery of creation and of man himself and provoke other thoughts—this is one of the purposes of life itself, which is knowledge. The mystery of life itself is to never be fully understood but is something that lasts for eternity as one discovers the unlimited power of God.

Man by his very existence is a creation, and will always be lower than God, but that is not a detriment. It is man who thinks he can be God himself, on his plane, that is in error. What people do not understand is that free will must exist in order to have ultimate freedom. Without that, mankind is nothing but predetermined slaves. But when we view reality, we know that is not the case. Freedom is something that all men and animals alike, and all living creatures, are blessed with when born into this world in his prime state; free of disease, and free of anything that man has brought about that is negative in nature that seeks to harm man himself.

An example of reaching into the higher domain; Music can have negative and positive energy that moves the spirit closer to reality or further away. When I refer to ‘reality’, I am referring to God, which is not just the ‘being’ of God, but the spirit that flows through all living things. Even the water flows with the spirit, as do the way leaves of a tree move in the wind. Everything is interconnected down to the cellular level and beyond. Things exist so tiny that mankind does not have the technology to see. Is the macro-level unlimited? To a certain degree, that level has an end, but mankind himself is just discovering it. Then, they may be surprised to find that it is limitless and something will always be beyond the reach of man.

When it comes to consciousness, in a lot of ways, mankind has regressed from his previous life. This is being done by negative energy that man allows in, and through action, is brought into reality. But it is man himself that is responsible, not an ‘evil’ force, for if you took man out of the equation, there would be no evil. It is the nature of free will, but also the limitations of mankind himself therein. You see, to ultimately be free, mankind must face himself.

All things of creation have the spirit of God that flows through them in their natural and unmolested state. It can also be sensed by mankind if one opens their mind. What does ‘open the mind mean’? How do you do that? It is accomplished through humble observation in truth, wherein the truth becomes self-evident through the senses. You will see things you did not see before, as well as hear and smell. There are things outside the understanding of man that must come from a higher realm.

Both darkness and light must exist in harmony. You could say the universe is constructed, obviously—it is my view that it is an expression of God. There are possibly creations beyond the one we know now, and I believe there are.

When it comes to memory, the brain has unlimited space. Is the mind storing, or is the spirit? It is my belief that once you pass from this life, you take with you all your memories and all the things you learned and gleaned from it. How much is the brain holding those memories? I believe, once again, that the brain is an interpreter of the spirit; the spirit, which exists in reality, but is in a realm beyond what we fully comprehend in our current state. Once we pass on, we are able to perceive it with full fidelity in a new body, free of the deceptions and manipulations (confusion) of mankind. Since God has unlimited ability, this will be truth, and it will be so; Free from the bodily limitations that have seemingly limited man. What form that will take, I cannot say. I could not possibly explain to you all these things. But if there is a God, and I believe there is, then all of what I’ve written would be true and even more.

Hopefully, I have sparked thoughts in you, the reader, to contemplate the endless mysteries of creation, and know that love exists in and around you in many forms.