The Veiled History of Polio and How it Relates to Current Vaccination

Written by Jeff Green
Alternative Nutrition/Researcher

Written June 15, 2019
Originally posted on Reddit

The Veiled History of Polio and How it Relates to Current Vaccination

I will be quoting from The Hidden Dangers In Polio Vaccine

Chapter 10, The Poisoned Needle, 1956, by Eleanor McBean M.D., N.D.

Salk “SPEAKS UP” In LIFE Magazine:

In an article titled TRACKING THE KILLER, in LIFE magazine Dr. Salk was asked if his monkey vaccine was safe. To this query he replied:

“There is no question of ‘how safe is it?’ It is safe, and it can’t be safer than safe’.”

Many people would seriously like to believe this statement but available scientific facts condemn it and hold it up to ridicule.

Shortly after the Salk vaccination program was swung into action, the American Public Health Service (June 23, 1955) Announced that there had been “168 confirmed cases of poliomyelitis among the vaccinated, with six deaths……How many vaccinated children will eventually be reported as developing the disease is as yet unknown . .

“The interval between inoculation and the first sign of paralysis ranged from 5 to 20 days and in a large proportion of cases it started in the limb on which the injection had been given. Another feature of the tragedy was that the numbers developing polio were far greater than would have been expected had no inoculations been given. In fact in the state of Idaho, according to a statement by Dr. Carl Eklund, one of the Government’s chief virus authorities, polio struck only vaccinated children in areas where there had been no cases of polio since the preceding autumn; in 9 out of 10 cases the paralysis occurred in the arms in which the vaccine had been injected.” (News Chronicle, May 6, 1955)

According to the Daily Telegraph (June 18, 1955) Mr. Peterson, State Health Director of Idaho, stopped further inoculations and stated: “We have lost confidence in the Salk Vaccine.” He also stated that he “holds the vaccine, together with the instructions for its manufacture, directly responsible for the outbreak of polio and the deaths that had occurred.”

The serum makers were gambling for big stakes and decided that the “show must go on” in spite of death and disaster. The condemned Cutter laboratory had over a million dollars worth of deadly vaccine on hand and the disasters had caused its stock to drop from $15.50 to $8.75 per share, (according to Time, June 20, 1955). The other 5 laboratories with their $8,000,000 supply of “Salk liability” were involved also because deaths and disease were being reported from their vaccines every day. Then suddenly the deaths from Salk vaccine ceased to be reported. In a letter published in Defender Magazine, the writer stated: “I am informed by someone who works in a newspaper office that much of the bad news concerning the results of the Salk Program is being censored and deleted out of the news to keep people complacent and acquiescent.”

All Vaccines Can Cause Polio (partial list of proofs):

  • The United States Public Health Bureau is extremely reticent about reporting diseases caused by vaccination but the report from 1922 to 1931 admitted that there had been 85 cases of post-vaccinal encephalitis, which DeKruif states “is the twin of infantile paralysis.”

  • In St. Louis (1933) after a typhoid vaccination campaign there was an outbreak of encephalitis (a form of polio) in which over 100 died. It was reported that the disease developed about 10 days after vaccination and in each case vaccinia was indicated in the brain upon postmortem.

  • In 1926 two prominent English Professors of Pathology, Doctors Turnbull and McIntosh reported a number of cases of encephalitis lethargica (sleeping sickness—a form of polio) following vaccination. This led to the appointment of two — commissions of the British Ministry of Health, to investigate the situation. Their reports published in 1928 revealed that there had been 231 cases and 91 deaths from this cause (post vaccinal encephalitis) in England and Wales.

  • According to a report in the Hobart (Tasmania) “Mercury,” (April 11, 1950), “Combined injections for diphtheria and whooping cough may cause severe cases of infantile paralysis.” It stated that a St. Pancras, London medical officer found 40 cases and that a British Health Ministry doctor reported 65 cases where paralysis occurred two weeks after vaccine injections, and in 49 of these, the paralysis was confined to the limb in which the injection had been given.

Polio Not Contagious:

During one of our most widespread polio epidemics (1949) ‘contraction of polio by definite contact with other victims of the disease was not established in an elaborate study made by the New York State Health Department. The United States Public Health Service in its studies also found the same negative answer during succeeding outbreaks of polio. In short, they learned that the disease was not contagious.” TIME Magazine commented on this unexpected revelation of these surveys by remarking that “when and where people catch polio remains a mystery.”

The supposition that viruses entered through the mouth and nose led the experimenters to make exhaustive tests on both animals and human beings, mostly prisoners and orphans in institutions. They were exposed (by close association) to polio patients and their throats and nasal passages were frequently swabbed with matter (from the patients) that was supposed to contain viruses. No polio was produced in this way and about the only noticeable after effect was that the subjects of the experiments lost their sense of taste and smell due to the damaging effects of the poisons in the serum that was used on the swabs.

Nature of Virus, and Polio Vaccine Confusion:

The word poliomyelitis was coined from the Greek words “polios” meaning gray, and “myelos” meaning marrow, plus “itis” meaning inflammation. Thus the word means inflammation of the gray matter of the spinal cord or brain or wherever gray matter is to be found. Every cell of the body contains a small amount of gray matter but it is more concentrated in the brain and spinal cord. Inflammation results from poisoning, irritation and obstructions that interfere with normal functioning. This damage, decay and disintegration of cell structure may terminate in paralysis or death without any invasion of viruses or germs.

Isolated germs have never been known to attack and cause decay and disease of any part of the body. It is the corrosive poison products of decay that form the body of the vaccine that does the damage and causes the disease. (Interjection: The body never attacks itself. ‘Auto-immune’ is a misnomer). Germs, bacteria and other such organisms are a part of decayed substance; they evolve from it and are necessary ingredients in the life process of eternal change and conversion from one form of life to a related one. Vaccine poisoning is just one of a number of causes of polio and other diseases. The section on OTHER CAUSES OF POLIO will deal with the other main causes.

Since VIRUS has been medically designated as the “official” cause of polio we should first of all agree upon some stable definition of the term. Some dictionaries define virus as a poison. If this were the accepted definition it would be possible for us to see the connection between virus and polio. But the physicians and serum makers prefer to imagine a virus that can fly around in the air and attack people. Any other kind of a virus could not be made to frighten people into making large donations and in being vaccinated in the hope of protecting against it. Without an “air-borne” virus to play with, the whole vaccine racket would collapse.

Therefore, the people are constantly reminded that polio is “catching” and they must have anti-polio “shots” that are intended to build up “anti-bodies” (which are also mythical suppositions). Although the promoters of the virus theory of polio insist that viruses are living organisms that fly around in the air and cause polio, this has never been proved. This unscientific, unsound, and undemonstrated virus theory of causation not only has no value, but it might safely be said that it has had the opposite effect. The rapid and ungoverned spread of polio is largely due to the misplaced confidence in the wrong belief. The popular practice of combating a false theory, not only leaves the disease unchecked but it directs the attention away from the real causes and discourages true investigation.

In spite of all the proof to the contrary, those who profit by the sale of vaccines are trying to make their theory ‘stick,’ but there is dissension and clash of conflicting belief for lack of facts to depend on.

Dr. Salk’s stand on his dead virus theory is reviewed in LIFE magazine in the article ‘Tracking the Killer’ in which the writer says Dr. Salk has reason to believe that his killed virus when given in the prescribed manner—the third booster shot increases antibodies enormously—may even improve on nature” A confused little man with a batch of putrid serum thinks he can improve on nature.

Robert Goglan (in the same article) writes: “Virus diseases, preventable by vaccination (?) were found to be ones in which the virus was blood-borne during some early stage of the infection.” And this brings us to a basic dilemma that confronted polio researchers—Nobody could find polio viruses in the blood of the polio victims at any stage.” This is an interesting point because the blood circulates through the body every three minutes carrying the purified arterial blood to the cells and carrying away the waste laden blood in the veins to be purified again. If viruses caused polio then there would be some indication of dead viruses found in the venous blood and live viruses would be found both in and outside of the body.

The deadly effects of the “dead virus” vaccine of Dr. Salk and the equally deadly effects of the “live virus” vaccines should close the chapter on polio vaccine but physicians “die hard” when there are large profits in sight. So a few of these doctors are still trying to revive the virus corpse by other concoctions. Dr. Albert Sabin is toying with the idea of a virus just between the dead and the live variety which according to the U.S. News and World Report (May 13, 1955) “would be tamed—weakened so it could no longer cause polio but could trigger the body into setting up protective immunity.” (This would be laughable if it were not so pathetic.)

Poison always does serious damage no matter how it is taken, so why nurture the hope that any special brand of “virus” poison vaccine can ever be expected to do any good? If the physicians cannot comprehend this simple fact then the people will need to do their own protecting by avoiding all vaccines and the rest of the harmful practices of modern medicine.

Other Causes of Polio (besides the vaccine):

Although vaccination is one of the quickest and surest ways of getting polio because poisons are injected directly into the unprotected blood stream, there are a number of other causes that should not be overlooked. Some of the most common of these are listed below and discussed briefly in this section:

  1. Carbohydrates: Sugar products such as ice cream, soft drinks, desserts, etc. Denatured products such as white flour, alcoholics, etc.

  2. Cola beverages that contain drugs and sugar.

  3. Poison sprays on foods, poison preservatives in foods, etc.

  4. Operations of all kinds, especially removal of tonsils. (Tonsils protect the brain from toxins)

  5. Fatigue and all other practices that deplete the vital energy.

  6. Negative emotions that generate internal poisons.

  7. Interference of any kind that impedes circulation or normal functioning.


A booklet on “The Prevention of Infantile Paralysis” published by the National Chiropractic Association discusses the subject of fatigue as follows:

Naturally, since the body is a very delicately balanced electro-chemical machine, a disturbance of major calibre is set up when fatigue appears. Let us quote an authoritative pathologist. ‘There is’ he says, ‘an excess of waste matter which accumulates in the muscles, and when this is not quickly washed away it causes loss of motion to a degree of complete loss of power. If this point is actually reached, there occurs the escape from the muscles of a rich liquid protein which results in stiffness and unusability.’

In nerve fatigue, which is brought about by substitution in the nutritive fluids of poison for oxygen, there occurs ‘a blocking of the nerve impulses from the spinal cord to the muscles.’ The immediate effect upon the muscles under fatigue is to produce slight swelling and rigidity, morbid substances accumulate from which toxins (poisons) arise. Upon the nerve the immediate effect is to cause the great cells which preside over those pathways of action to swell—just as does any injured part. The danger here is, however, that if this swelling is not promptly reduced and the accumulated fluid dispersed, death of the cell is assured. Such an eventuality can only be followed by the slow shrinkage of the muscles served by the nerve with their final and complete loss of power.

Operations, Accidents, and Injury:

“Operations, accidents, and injury cause changes in the nerve-cells supplying the part so that they are rendered less able to resist infection” says Dr. Geffen (Medical Officer of Health for St. Pancras, England.) He observed that persons contracting polio after appendectomy (removal of appendix) develop paralysis of the abdominal muscles or even of the muscles of the intestine.

“Persons with bulbar type of polio (an especially fatal type) give a history of removal of tonsils and adenoids more frequently than do persons with other forms of poliomyelitis. If a person who has had tonsillectomy develops polio the likelihood of bulbar involvement is 4 times as great as one where the tonsils are intact.” (“The Salk Story” Bayly. p. 24)

Poisons in Cola Drinks:

(1) “Cola is loaded with habit-forming caffeine so that once the victim gets accustomed to the stimulant, he cannot very well get along without it.” says Dr. Royal Lee, of the Lee Foundation for Nutritional Research. “There is only one reason for putting caffeine in a soft drink—to make it habit forming. Dr. H. W. Wiley (former director of the Food and Drug Administration) was right when he said it was against any food law to add it to a drink.” Dr. Wiley was fired when he exposed the racketeers. Other men were hired who yielded to the pressure. In some states it is against the law to sell a product of that kind and Wisconsin is one of them. The labeling law requires most manufacturers to list on the label all the ingredients (especially poison drugs) but the Cola companies get around this law and list nothing on the label. Cola is not a food but a poison, and yet it is advertised as a drink suitable for children.

A bottle of Cola contains about as much caffeine as a strong cup of coffee. Caffeine is not only a habit forming drug but it is destructive to the tissues of the stomach, eyes, nerves and kidneys. In fact there is not a part of the body that is not injured by this drug. It makes the children (and all who drink it) nervous, irritable and high strung and leads to a desire for stronger drink later on.

(2) Cola drinks contain as much as 10% sugar which is 9 times more than the body can metabolize.(3) Colas contain artificial coloring and flavoring matter. These coal tar products are harmful drugs and have no place in the diet.(4) The most damaging ingredient in cola drinks is the PHOSPHORIC ACID. This acid is a destroyer of the vital calcium supply in the body and even dissolves the enamel on the teeth. Phosphoric acid is made by treating phosphate rock with sulphuric acid.

“Polio blood is low in calcium and invariably low in iron . . . The free phosphoric acid in Cola could tie up iron, calcium, manganese and probably all the respiratory metals. When they can no longer function in the action of enzymes, cells cannot generate or regenerate and this results in decomposition of body proteins that manifests itself in POLIO. Phosphoric acid slowly kills the life principle.” (Duon Miller—Polio Prevention, Inc.)

In addition to the drastic vaccine poisons and the self generated poisons from wrong foods there are a number of other poisons that are being freely used that are known to cause polio.


Insecticides such as lead arsenate, hydrocyanic gas and other cyanide compounds, DDT, parathion and other deadly poisons are a constant cause of death and disease. Dr. Abraham Gelperin, director of the Bureau of Communicable Diseases and assistant Clinical Professor or Public Health at Yale University, stated flatly that he believes many ills to be the result of these poison insecticides, and that large numbers of what are believed to be polio are in reality cases of poisoning, possibly caused by something like parathion.

Dr. J. W. Norton of the N. C. Department of Health said the “symptoms of parathion poisoning are similar to those of polio, including headache, gastric upset, giddiness, tightness of the chest, vomiting and sometimes diarrhea.

“One of the manufacturers of the widely used insecticide parathion describes it as ‘capable of producing severe systemic toxic effects and death in animals and man either by oral administration, inhalation of mists, dusts, or vapors and by absorption through the unbroken skin.” (Prevention—June, 1950. p. 12)

What Can Cure Polio?:

After the announcement from Philadelphia (1934) that Dr. John A. Kolmer had discovered a “protective vaccine” against infantile paralysis, Dr. W. Lloyd Aycock, director of the Harvard Infantile Paralysis Commission and called “one of the most distinguished experts in this disease”, gave a statement to the press that “Nature does a better job of immunizing against infantile paralysis than the artificial methods” which he branded as “Hazardous.”

If we remove the obstructions and supply the body with the necessary building material, nature will heal practically any disease so long as too much of the vital organs or glands have not already been destroyed by disease or operations.

What are the obstructions to be removed in the healing process? Obviously, drastic poisons such as vaccine serums, drugs, tobacco, alcohol, coffee, tea, cola drinks, etc. poison the system immediately and set up disease states. But other blockages form slowly in the tissues as a result of incompatible foods, wrong food combinations, and over eating. These substances as well as drugs, interfere with normal digestion and assimilation. The by-products of perverted metabolism undergo a chemical change and are lodged in the tissues in solid form. Some are in the form of sharp needle-like crystals that cause pain in arthritis; others accumulate into hardened masses which are called gallstones. A gluey material coats the blood vessels and slows down circulation.

What Causes Epidemics?:

Most people are overloaded with these infusions of blockade materials that cannot be utilized by the body. When some extra strain is put upon the vital forces such as sudden change in the weather, fatigue, fear, worry, wrong food etc., the body is unable to hold back the “bursting tide of accumulated waste” any longer and lets go—forcing it out in a cleansing program that usually lasts from 5 days to two weeks. Colds, eruptions, fevers, diarrhea and even paralysis are symptoms of this cleansing effort to rid the body of waste that has not been eliminated through the usual channels. People do not catch diseases from others who have it. All those who are ill built their own causes and the same stresses triggered off the “cleansing act” in all who had reached the saturation point of poisons.

When poisons flow in a free state in the body as is the case with vaccines, the internal defense mechanism is forced to rob the tissues of calcium and other alkalizing elements to neutralize these poisons. If the person is on the borderline of calcium deficiency then there can be no neutralizing and collapse or paralysis is the result.

R. B. Pearson made an exhaustive study of the data and experiments that have been made with polio vaccines and summed up his finding as follows:

“Hence, I believe there was no virus in the vaccine used. It was just a solution of the toxins and acid end-products of the decomposed proteins used that caused all the paralysis. The acids generated by cooked meat in Dr. Pottenger’s cats (experiment that caused polio in the cats) affected the nerves first, and the acids formed in the decomposed proteins used in the vaccines affected the nerves first. It is the same thing and, no so-called ‘virus’ is connected with it.” (From Infantile Paralysis, by R. B. Pearson.)

Quoting from ‘Vaccination a Medical Delusion’ By Rex U. Lloyd:

Ever since the dawn of history man has believed and still does, in the miraculous and curative power of poisonous agents and anything and everything which experience has amply proven to be harmful to the wellbeing of organized, organic, living structure. Today, with our Modern and Scientific Medicine that boasts of the advances being made in the field of preventive medicine—having evolved a detailed science of Theoretical Immunology in which harmful man-eating microbes, virus, etc., are credited with the power of causing disease, previously assumed by primitive man to belong to satanic gods, evil spirits, demons and serpents,—we are by no means in a state of better health than were the ancients.

The orthodox and dominant school of healing—Medicine—-has taught us and deliberately popularized the false and absurd notion that Disease Is An Entity— something that invades the body from without; that there are microbes, germs, viruses, capable of causing (communicable) disease and that specific pathogenic bacteria produce specific disease by invading the animal tissues: that inoculation of pus and other pathogenic products into the organism produces resistance or immunity to infection by once being infected and that this immunity can be transferred to another. It is claimed in medical textbooks that the body produces specific protective substances called Antibodies, and that these must be obtained from another person or some animal which has produced them by having been infected by minute amounts of poisonous products from a specific disease.

Bacteria do not cause pathology but are rather the effects of disease. They are, we might say, Scavengers—a necessary by-product of diseased tissues of the impaired organism.


Vaccination goes against nature and mankind, turning man against nature, himself and others. Vaccine ‘science’ is held together on the belief that viruses are poisons that come in from outside the body, and attack healthy human bodies, thusly causing disease. All modern medical treatments flow forth from this deceptive belief set in place over 100+ years ago by nefarious powers wishing to destroy and weaken the populations for money, power, and for population reduction methods. Current so-called ‘outbreaks’ are no different. Such bacteria and virus proliferate and express themselves in cycles when large amounts of toxins dump into the blood. This can occur with cyclical changes of weather, temperature, and seasons. Temperature changes bacterial proliferation, and as a result, increase their consumed matter. Symptoms experienced during their processes of consumption, wherein they feed upon toxin accumulations, are the symptoms experienced during cold or flu, or other serious detoxifications of disease, wherein toxins are broken down and discarded into substances that can be excreted out from the skin (90%), mucus, and intestines.

Disease is caused by: Degraded food supply, poor diet and resulting nutrition, contaminated air and water, vaccines—along with their embued chemicals, invasive medical treatment, medications, smoking, and other such reasons. Vaccines account for around 75% of current diseases, including rising autism rates which is a form of stroke paralysis in the brain and nervous system. Diseases, like polio, can be precipitated and hastened with the use and overuse of vaccines, which accumulate toxicity at higher and quicker rates than other causes. As such, disease results. Abandoning vaccines altogether in favor of proper diet and nutrition with unadulterated foods will lead to a healthier world and much less disease.

“Vaccination is the most outrageous insult that can be offered to any pure-minded man or woman. It is the boldest and most impious attempt to mar the works of God that has been attempted for ages. The stupid blunder of doctor-craft has wrought all the evil that it ought, and it is time that free American citizens arise in their might and blot out the whole blood poisoning business.”

— Dr. J.M. Peebles, MD, MA, PhD, “Vaccination: A Curse and Menace to Personal Liberty”, 1900

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2 years ago

As a child polio victim ,I found this tremendously helpful and informative . Thank you for your thorough and detailed report . I feel also that I am now better prepared to be in a position to investigate my own history further -even though it`s been 74 years .

2 years ago

Dr. J. M. Pebbles could not have summed it up any better in 1900! And we are still dealing with this vaccination curse and anti-God medical craft today, 2021!!!

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