Tooth Decay: The Cause

Written by Jeff Green
Alternative Nutrition/Researcher

September 15th, 2021

It has been repeatedly claimed that bacteria are responsible for tooth decay. Bacteria are not responsible for tooth decay. When you observe bones and jaw bone structures that have been decaying in the soil for long periods of time, you observe no bacterial decay, and teeth are untouched by the plethora of bacteria found in the soil said to be responsible for tooth decay. Bacteria are never the cause of tooth decay, including parasites, nor are they ever pathogenic. Toxicity and its byproducts are solely responsible for decaying teeth. When observing tribes and people who eat bacteria-rich raw meats and foods, they develop no dental caries over time. When observing those same people who have been subjected to Western style food, having abandoned their nutritious raw diets to now consume processed breads and foods, they soon develop dental decay and crooked teeth. 

The vast amount of sugar from processed and refined breads and foods in the Western diet plays a great role in this decay. Even natural fruit sugars are detrimental in large amounts to the teeth, such as can be seen in long-term fruitarians. Likewise, vegetarians also suffer from great amounts of tooth decay due to their lack of calcium and magnesium for bone development. Fluoridated water causes tooth decay as well, and has been shown time and time again to cause tooth decay. Fluoride serves as one of the greatest catalysts to tooth decay, being found in toothpaste, tap water, and even bottled water for babies, making it hard to totally escape. Using fluoride free tooth-paste and never drinking tap water is essential. 

Tooth decay, including cavities, are the result of toxicity being discarded from the brain and areas of the mouth, such as tongue, and gums. Those toxins must be neutralized by the body. Toxins usually adhere to the backside of the bottom row of incisor teeth in front of the mouth, as toxins settle there more readily. A chemical reaction occurs as toxins adhere to the back face of the tooth. When those toxins come into contact with calcium in enamel, they harden into rock-like structures called plaque. Plaque is an amalgam of hardened toxins, usually heavy metals, calcium, magnesium, and so forth. That plaque must ideally be removed every month in order for those toxins to continue to be able to bind with calcium and be neutralized.

Learning how to self-clean the teeth by utilizing professional dental tools such as a universal curette is necessary, and in the end, is not too difficult to learn properly. There is absolutely no parasite or bacteria responsible for any tooth decay. Bacteria in saliva are greatly responsible for the health of the teeth and mouth, coating and surrounding the teeth at all times. Raw milk and cheese will rebuild the teeth over time and will reverse or stop the progression of any current dental caries, rebuilding the teeth with calcium and the necessary raw nutrients. On this diet, no dental caries or tooth decay will manifest, and visits to the dentist will cease. I personally have not visited a dentist in many years. My teeth are straight, white, and absolutely no decay is present.

Any sort of inflammatory response in tooth decay is due to the vast amount of nerve endings being affected by tooth decay, which may cause disruptions to the nervous system further down into the body.

Jeff Green


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