Vaccination Proponents All Have One Thing in Common

Written by Jeff Green
Alternative Nutrition/Researcher

December 21st, 2020

Vaccination proponents all have one thing in common—Their denial of the truth. You see, if vaccines truly prevented disease, we would have no viruses. Polio would be irradicated, and would not still exist under many different names. We would not have yearly flus, or colds. Measles, chickenpox, nor would any manner of so-called ‘vaccine-preventable’ diseases ever befall man. But the truth is, those that are in favor of vaccines have failed along the way in their thinking, and they have failed due to one glaring oversight—They have failed to understand and realize the true nature of disease. They sincerely believe that disease is caused, in large part, by those around them; be they animals, or other natural creatures. The medical profession has blamed nature for disease since they adopted the failed theory of germs, known as Germ Theory. They have convinced mankind that it is nature itself—man’s natural habitat, that creates disease. In their doctrine, they have rendered mankind into nothing but unclean animals, and have set it into stone as if it is the gospel truth.

Those that adhere to vaccine science also adhere to the false notions set forth in their theories on bacteria, parasites, and fungus. In reality, there is no period on planet Earth where these have not co-existed harmoniously with mankind. Indeed, “If the Germ Theory were true, no one would be alive to believe it.” B J Palmer, D.C. In fact, in all of their high-headed mightiness, they failed to realize that the human body is comprised of close to 99% bacteria—we are bacteria, and without bacteria, we wouldn’t be alive. The audacity of modern-science stems from the ancient brotherhood of the secret fraternal order, known as the Mystery Schools, who believe that mankind himself can elevate himself to godhood. These men have deceived and manipulated the rest of mankind in order to ultimately turn him against nature, and against himself; to control his fears, for the sole purpose of individual control. They have done this through the steady and gradual manipulation of the truth, by using partial-truths as their foundation for which everything else they propound will flow from. It is shrouded in the esoteric Greek language, sounding official, yet hollow in terms of realistic results.

Vaccination proponents alike have adopted a vial consisting of serums as their savior. They have been taught to believe that disease is unpredictable and unknowable and that it is caused by outside forces beyond their control; forces that seek to attack and take house in their body. They turn to mankind for salvation for what ails them—now doing so at every turn. They have been led to believe that what man eats or does, has no bearing on his earthly body. In fact, these individuals have seemingly been convinced against the natural altogether. Their disposition toward blind trust in those that tell them what to believe shows their willingness and naivety to believe anything they are told from so-called ‘official’ bodies, so long as it is in line with their cognitive dissonance based worldview. They hypocritically claim the same for those that question vaccines. But the difference is stark when held under close scrutiny. It is the ardent pro-vaccine mindset that shows the poisonous nature of mankind when led astray from the truth of reality. It is unequivocal denialism on full display. It is, to be frank, the complete denial of reality; fighting themselves in their mind as they try to grapple with their beliefs when confronted with an opposing view that shakes their fragile worldview. Those that come across information that opposes their pro-vaccine beliefs, those that are intelligent, will have a splinter in their mind, and they will naturally be open-minded to the possibility that they are mistaken about something. If that person is earnestly seeking the truth, that splinter will grow in orders of magnitude until they begin to seriously question what they have been told.

You see, it is the pro-vaccine individual that is seemingly dead-set in his ways. Unlike those for vaccination, those that are against it do not care what you believe, so long as you do not harm, or force against them, your will. Therein lies the major difference. They believe that those against vaccines are endangering the lives of many. In actuality, such people are not endangering anyone because they take no action—therefore, it is the opposite of endangering. That’s what is happening by vaccinating—it is an action that causes harm. Taking no action is doing no harm; the Hippocratic oath in action. Even so, strong supporters of vaccines believe that taking the step to vaccinate is not endangering lives. In actuality, by its very nature, vaccinating is a giant step that endangers anyone who takes the prophylactic; you are injecting chemical serums into the system. This cannot be refuted by anyone with a modicum of integrity.

What such people have ultimately failed to grasp, while they were endlessly arguing the non-fundamental topics that those in power have deemed important, is that the human body is a magnificent creature, well-designed, and well-honed. The human body must be balanced in terms of health. Viruses are enzymatic non-living agents that help us break down toxicity if our tissues are too toxic for living microbial agents to feed upon without being poisoned. In many circumstances, the body is able to short-circuit a path that was shut off to it. Viruses are a last resort in the face of systemic toxicity. Indeed, viruses can never be eliminated, for if they were, mankind would not be alive to this day, and would have never had a fighting chance against man’s toxic byproducts and poisonous effects caused to Earth and its inhabitants. Without bacteria, parasites, fungus, and yes, viruses, man would not be alive. Viruses are an intrinsic part of life since the very beginning of man’s existence. Viruses are necessary in our toxic world. Those of us that are lucky enough to live without the influence of vaccination on the body, can understand the deception easier, for we have firsthand experience and knowledge that living without vaccination is safe.

In the end, die hard supporters of vaccines will get their wish. Their denial of reality will remove and limit the freedoms they indirectly hold so dear; those freedoms and liberties which they take for granted and do not realize they have until they’re gone. The individual who seeks the truth will, before long, begin to utterly despise the idea of vaccination. They will recognize that it is a blasphemy against natural creation. It takes a strong-willed person to break free from this deception. It seems that in many cases, there is a way that seems right to a man, but it leads to death. First, understand, the truth is elusive at best; a mystery that is awaiting a person humble and determined to unveil its secrets, for it does not give up its secrets easily. And so it is, that the road of truth is the road least traveled, and it is long and narrow, met at its end by a small door that very few enter. The reward is freedom. The choice is in your hands. You either wake up to the truth and turn to it, or, you become just another slave to body and mind; fearful of life, and fearful of your neighbor. Step outside the clamoring and bickering of man’s own foolishness and deceit, and step into the crystal clear waters of truth.


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  1. Thank you Jeff for your truthful article. I have a question: now the “medical” establishment are saying that the covid19 virus has mutated ! Do viruses mutate? And of they really di, why they mutate? Thank you for your kind replay and best wishes

  2. I hope another Newsletter/Article is forthcoming, Jeff (I have read them all). Before they cut us all off. (i.e. Mankind) And they will. Thank you for what you have subsumed, then shared with those that have been searching for a long, long time.

    Good day, I suppose.

  3. Thanks for the informative newsletters Jeff.
    I have been a truth seeker for some time especially after this nonsensical pandemic. I am against vaccinations too , never had the flu shots .
    What are your comments about forcing mask wearing in public ? Are they beneficial or just another hoax ?

    1. Thank you, Nancy. Masks are merely a symbol of control. Masks do not work for viruses, and it doesn’t matter anyway, because viruses are not contagious. The only contagions are ideas, and we all see the result of the mind-virus of fear. They’re slowly getting people used to the idea of becoming people without any individuality and used to bowing down to their every whim.

  4. Hi Jeff, thanks for all the information that you are sharing here.

    Based on where I am from, contact tracing is a very serious matter and have been effective in locating clusters during the covid situation. Can I know how I can explain to someone why the clusters of people who were in close contact and “caught covid” are actually not getting it because it is contagious but because of the reasons?

    I read that smallpox was reduced because of sanitary improvement and quarantine rather than through mass vaccination. Don’t these approaches help to justify the reduction of “virus transmission”?

    1. Yes, I would tell them that they are being falsely labeled as having COVID-19—mostly due to a fraudulent testing system. Coronavirus is common, and coronaviruses can also fit into the statistical manipulation in some way. So, it is my view based on evidence that they are falsely labeling all coronavirus cases as a particular virus. In actuality, all viruses under the umbrella of SARS/coronavirus is different and has many types—each body producing minutely different variants under that category. That would be like them claiming that all flu cases are FLUVID-2021, and claiming it is all one type of virus. That is fraudulent on its face. Yet, there are many types of flu viruses. You may call them flu, but there are many variants. That is essentially what they have done with the supposed COVID-19 virus, which in actuality, does not exist. I wrote about this in my latest article named “Does COVID Exist?”.

      To answer the last part of your question: Smallpox is a form of severe poisoning. There are those that claim bedbugs were the cause, and this could be true in some cases. But in all cases it is a toxin entering the body, then irritating the body and eventually expelling out of the skin, lacerating the skin as it does so. Smallpox vaccines caused a lot of smallpox cases. Read the book ‘The Poisoned Needle’. Smallpox, again, is a form of advanced poisoning. It can emerge when the body is inundated with mass toxins from different sources. Poisonings can cause this, leading to widespread outbreaks of lesions on the skin. Remember that the skin expells 90% of toxins, which is why the human body is prone to so many skin problems. If this were not so, the toxins would be expelled via the intestines/gut, and stomach. This in return would destroy the digestive tract in a short time.

      1. Thank you for your response. As much as I want to convince others that viruses are produced within our bodies and are not contagious, this way of thinking is greatly ridiculed by most people whom I share with.

        Their personal experience of getting sick from others who are sick is what makes them think this way and the news media adds to the deception further by constantly telling people how deadly the Covid virus is.

        How can I start to make them question their own assumptions? What are some questions that can set them thinking? What are some other resources that they can look into, other than your website?

        1. It is on a need-to-know basis. In other words, you cannot make anyone believe anything. You must give them the truth as it is—what they do with it from there is entirely their own choice. Usually, most people do not look deeper and go on believing his or her lie. I have spent my life testing my own beliefs; weighing and testing my own beliefs and theories. I have adopted theories and beliefs that were proven correct based upon my own evidence and personal observation, both from my own experiments and that which has been conducted by others. Many times, people believe that the more complex something is, the more genuine it is. In actuality, nature, the human body, is quite simple in the end. That is part of its beauty. It is simplistic beauty. It is only complex to mankind because they do not understand how it really works. Their minds seem to be stuck in a lower phase. Whilst the body is complex, containing many agents and processes of those agents, it is also simple at the same time; as most things in life are. Many people I have spoken to cannot wrap their minds around the fact that the body will manufacture solvents to break down toxins. They seem to fail in grasping how the body eliminates toxins.

          They do not understand that the liver filters 50 gallons of blood every 24 hours—they cannot see it or feel it. They do not understand how the body reacts to foreign debris that does not immediately affect them, but which is stored by the body and later causes problems. What they cannot readily see, they dismiss. As such, this opens the door to much manipulation of the evil-doer who maintains all his credentials, but is not aligned with the truth and has ulterior motives. As I often say, nature is a process and does not give up its secrets lightly. There is a multitude of possibilities when it comes to disease. Most of those causes have been done away with in order to apply a broad answer to disease. For instance, miasma is said to not exist, yet it actually does exist. At the time this was dismissed, the medical community began to blame viruses and bacteria for disease. This resulted in an easy answer for doctors whenever someone came to them with an illness. This allowed them to prescribe medicines, and make large profits. No longer did doctors have to determine the vast complexities of the cause of a disease. Now, it was merely due to an external virus or bacteria which caused all the ills of mankind. But as I stated, in reality, disease has many causes; many of those causes being complex and hard to find. Most all disease originates from mankind itself, and his actions.

          There are many resources one can turn to. Please look at my written interview on the front page of my website—on the last page there are a few sources. However, as I have experienced, they will claim those sources are outdated. In fact, I have been personally attacked many times in this manner. I have done social experiments to observe the reactions of people online. In most cases, you will find that they have a way out of confronting the truth—many times, it does not matter one iota how much proof you show them. There is too much contradictory information that many people do not try to think on their own. They have a problem with believing something that the majority have already said is true. The same may be said for many people in life, including conspiracy theorists who cannot verify and prove their findings based upon common sense and evidence. There are many things to weigh before realizing a truth.

          There is a way to approach these people. Firstly, you must know the facts and present it to them in such a way that it is undeniable. If I were to make a publicly televised event where I was intentionally ‘infected’ with coronavirus through the usual routes of supposed transmission, then followed for 14 days—and if at the end of those 14 days I still had not fallen ill, they would claim the test was invalid and that I was a scam artist. This is the intellect we are dealing with. Science is a religion now. No longer is it the study of nature/creation—it is purely agenda-driven and corrupt in most regards.

          The truth is, most people do not understand their own bodies. They do not understand how it functions, what it does, and why it does it. They do not see that the body changes shape all day long. It is much like a clock. When you are busy, you do not notice it moving until you have looked at the time. If you actively watch it, time seems to slow down. Many scientists view the body as merely a product of evolution. As such, they do not observe the body as it is, but merely as a collection of cells and tissue. Yet, in fact, the microbiome of the body is infinitely more intelligent compared to the mind of mankind. It knows a vast array of functions and does them intelligently every second of the day, even when confronted and compromised by manmade environmental toxins. Most science operates in a static realm only on paper. Much of what is discussed ad nauseam has no bearing on anyone’s life insofar as preventing or curing of a disease(s). The idea that a disease can be eradicated, yet the same actions of mankind continue unabated, is both asinine and stupid. You cannot prevent or cure a disease by doing the very thing that causes said disease. See the endless search for a ‘cure’ for cancer. The cure is well-known, and it lies in prevention. There is no such thing as a cure. You can reverse, and you can prevent, period. Not only is such a thing impossible, it flys directly in the face of what true science is all about. We know that such a thing is impossible on its face, both scientifically, and by using the grey matter between our ears.

          So, in conclusion, in order to wake up those around us, we must present the truth to them in such a way that will cause them to question their beliefs and leave them stupefied. This usually takes explicit examples. One such example I have often used is the eating of raw meat—something those in power claim will sicken and kill you. In actuality, the exact opposite occurs—health is restored and the body becomes strong and vital. Bacterial illness has never occurred in the decade I have been experimenting with raw foods. Someone recently told me I was lucky. If this is so, I am either the luckiest person alive or someone else is decidedly wrong.

          1. Well Said. So much Truth in this response I cant wait to get your book. God Bless you and thank you for sharing I can tell its genuine.

  5. Thank you for taking the time to respond, Jeff. Appreciate it!

    When presenting others with the facts of how the body actually function, many will simply dismiss it because of the lack of “scientific journals” and affirmation from “experts”. It’s sad but true that people are only mindful of the advice and counsel of a few “experts” and dismiss other doctors and scientists who spoke against the vaccine as people with an “agenda” and giving misinformation.

    I have actually grown to appreciate and be amazed by the body that God designed for us after learning about how it actually work through what you shared and it alleviated my fears of viruses and bacteria. They are allies instead of enemies. I have been misled to blame them for diseases when the real enemies (toxic chemicals) are allowed to come into me via vaccination and processed food and household products.

    It’s hard to me to get pass eating raw meat other than sashimi. There was a time I enjoyed raw milk but it’s hard to find it elsewhere, especially where I am living now.

    Do you know of any actual video footage that shows how viruses are produced from within our cells and used to dissolve toxins?

    Do you also happen to do any research if the mRNA vaccine is a form of gene therapy and has the potentially of altering our human genome?

    1. Thank you, Daniel, for your uplifting comment. I am always thrilled to hear that I had a small part in helping people confront their fear and cherish the gift of their body. Sometimes I feel like I am shooting into the dark, but I get messages like yours and know better…that I have to continue. When it comes to video footage, it is very difficult to photograph a virus, because of their incredibly small size. There is literally no video of viruses whatsoever, but I feel that is intentional. The images we do have are not entirely trustworthy. The closest I have seen to how a virus is manufactured is from video I used in ‘Viral Misconceptions’, which was Rife Microscope footage. In that, it shows a phagocyte cell releasing particles, exactly as it would release any particle it produces, including viruses—rupturing the cell wall and exiting the cell. The name of that video is ‘1996 Bare The Rife Beam Ray Device, Effects on Microorganisms raw microscope footage’.

      For mRNA, I have written some about it, especially in my recent article ‘Does COVID Exist?’. I do not know of anyone that has covered this topic, but I may be out of the loop in that regard because I am usually researching on my own the official narrative and then applying my knowledge to their agenda. All vaccines alter DNA. mRNA, as I wrote about in my last article, is a misnomer and is most likely a term being used to somehow lend credibility to the idea that these vaccines are causing cells to produce viruses, thus resulting in ‘immunity’. I have seen no evidence of this, and it is theoretically impossible on its face. Cells cannot be instructed by foreign RNA to cause cells to produce a virus. Instructions like this are given by cells, and only cells, period. There are many processes of the body that must come together for this to occur; It is a lock-and-key system. Think: If these vaccines are causing cells to produce a particular virus (corona), then why not let people ‘catch’ the virus? There is a multitude of contradictory information that these agencies put out. The main theme is: Get the vaccine, it will protect you. Of course, it won’t. It will sicken you, but as all vaccines are designed to do, they do not manifest problems until later, unless you have immediate reactions to their toxicity.

      So, what is really going on here? I believe something more nefarious is going on—the manipulation of DNA through the introduction of multiple doses of specialized vaccines intended to specifically alter DNA more than past vaccines—to be gradually introduced into society which will result in population reduction over many years.

      Some information:

      “To produce an mRNA vaccine, scientists create a synthetic version of mRNA encoding the spike protein. This is packaged inside fatty parcels, to make it easier for the mRNA to cross the outer membranes of cells, which are also made of fatty material. Once inside the cell, the mRNA comes into contact with protein making-machinery, which is located in the jelly-like cytoplasm filling the cell. It doesn’t enter the nucleus, which is where our chromosomes are stored.”

      This is a lie. All vaccines alter DNA. Chemical constituents, aluminum, and so forth, all cause degeneration of cells, and thus, cause DNA decay. But this form of mRNA is destined to become the most harmful of all to our DNA, due to the fact that these toxins may interfere with DNA more directly, somehow. The chemical wouldn’t have to enter the nucleus to harm DNA. DNA can be altered in the cytoplasm, causing cellular mutations.

      “All of the genetic information in a cell was initially thought to be confined to the DNA in the chromosomes of the cell nucleus. It is now known that small circular chromosomes, called extranuclear, or cytoplasmic, DNA, are located in two types of organelles found in the cytoplasm of the cell.”

      To change an organism, chromosomes would not have to be affected directly anyway—only specific DNA of the cell. Whatever mRNA is, it is chemically made. It is synthetic. Therefore, I cannot tell you with utmost certainty what it is. But, it must affect DNA in order to do as they claim. It is affecting protein synthesis. Perhaps it is changing transcription. Transcription is the transfer of genetic instructions in DNA to mRNA in the nucleus. Thus, they may be able to alter genetic code of the being. This is known as eugenics. But it is my belief, as I stated, that their claim is mostly a lie and that the real effect is the alteration of DNA and widespread cellular decay over time—not to cause cells to produce a virus. This will be done through the introduction of these vaccines and administered 2 to 4 times every single year. Among millions of people, the effects could be drastic over a 10 year period, leading to widespread diseases of all types and eventual death.

      1. Thank you once again for taking the time to answer my questions, Jeff.

        Thanks for sharing the title of the video you posted. I will search for it on YouTube.

        Thanks for sharing about the DNA-changing effects that vaccines and mRNA vaccine can possibly do. It’s disturbing that they are pushing for everyone to have it when it is still experimental and can affect our health in the long run. What is worse is that everyone (including those who had Covid and recovered) would eventually need to vaccinated to have a vaccine passport in order to have access to basic human rights. I’m still thinking how to work around it.

        I read this article recently and it seems to confirm what you are saying about the cause of Covid in Wuhan:

        And according to this doctor/pathologist, the Covid pandemic is over and it’s seasonal because of Vit D deficiency in autumn and winter.

        1. It is my belief that they have been working on these particular mRNA vaccines for years prior to the ‘pandemic’, which was clearly manufactured propaganda on a worldwide scale. I was the first one to outline the connection between an increase in pollution and the possible increase in viral illnesses. It is my contention that COVID-19 is not a real virus, but is an umbrella term that contains many coronaviruses which we see each and every year. They have manipulated the public on a widescale to convince them otherwise. Yes, there will always be an increase in the next year following a prior year of heavy pollution. This is to be expected, as the body will detoxify yearly.

          The vaccine passport is highly unconstitutional and must be fought tooth and nail. Many air services are government-run, and are not considered ‘private corporations’, since they are methods by which the public use for travel. Either way, they cannot mandate that you go against your body (in your belief) in order to give you the right to travel, fly, sail, or otherwise move from place to place. Their mandate of masks is pushing it already. Vaccines being mandated to fly will either cause the biggest uproar ever, or the American sheeple will slink away once again as one more of their rights are stolen from them. Of course, you can’t say it was stolen, because they allowed it.

          1. I’m dumbfounded how the world can be deceived in this way. How the numerous scientists and doctors and governments are being hoodwinked or playing along with the narrative.

            The battle for protecting our rights is going to be an uphill task, as more and more people have given in to fear and given up their rights for convenience. But I do understand how heartbreaking it is not to be able to travel to see their loved ones if they are not willing to be vaccinated.

            I just found a “more modern” book which enforces what you are saying here at your website.

            Good-Bye Germ Theory: ending a century of medical fraud

            Glad that a doctor is speaking up against the “medical cartel” and their vaccination program.

            I understand that you do not think that 5g causes us to have Covid symptoms. I read this article by another doctor who says it can. What do you think about it?


  6. Hello Jeff,
    Much appreciate your article concerning the nature of the mindset under which vaccination proponents reference reality.
    Your work is rapidly transforming my understanding of our true place in God`s world and importantly, how the abuse to which the world is being constantly subjected ( eg pollution) is effecting our physiology and psychology .
    What you discuss is ,I believe ,fundamental because these issues are truly pernicious .They are ,I feel, corroding away love and understanding at both the highest and lowest levels of society ,at work and at home.
    I have graduate educated children who will no longer speak to me or visit me .My refusing to vaccinate means I must be a potential danger to both them and ,” the kids.”
    Please take care.

    1. That’s unfortunate to hear…

      Thank you for your kind compliments, and perhaps they will one day see the way and realize they have been misled. Until then, gently guide them back to reality as best you can.

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