What is the Immune System?

Written by Jeff Green
Alternative Nutrition/Researcher

The immune system, contrary to popular scientific explanation, is, in fact, the whole of the body. However, within the body, there are very specific parts that comprise the main parts of the immune system. Starting in the head area, we have thyroid glands in the neck. These are glands that function, in part, by producing thyroid hormone which regulates many bodily functions such as the body’s metabolism. When the thyroid gland is overactive, one may be hyperactive and lose weight. If the gland is underactive, weight gain and fatigue will occur, as well as a whole host of other symptoms. When cells in the thyroid become contaminated with industrial toxins of all kinds, thyroid cells become damaged and disease/imbalance occurs in the area causing such imbalances. 

One of the most important parts of the immune system is the lymphatic system. The lymphatic system is responsible for dissolving and expelling toxins from the body. The individual parts and mechanisms that make up this system take on many micro-forms within the body. The lymphatic system is the framework responsible for the inner workings of these agents that make up the whole of the immune system.

The neck contains a major portion of the lymphatic system, which is made up of the lymph nodes and glands in the neck. There are three major networks of lymph clusters. The neck is one, the chest, and groin are the others—with many clusters in between. These regulate all actions of the head and neck area. Toxins dump more readily in these areas in the neck and chest since they are the closest to the head and mouth. In the body, we have approximately 500-600 lymph glands throughout the body. Clusters exist in the neck, underarms, chest, abdomen, and groin, as well as behind the knees and in the legs. Thus, each area of the body is managed independently by lymph nodes in each region. If one were to wound himself on the thigh, the lymph nodes in the groin may swell in order for infection to begin the healing process. If damage to the colon occurs, so too will swelling occur in the lymph nodes of the groin. If the leg is damaged, the lymph nodes with the closest path to the damage will swell. Once infection has completed and the healing processes are initiated and near completion, the lymph nodes will reduce and go back to normal. 

These parts are what make up the immune system. It is the whole of the body, and to be more precise, is the lymphatic system which is made up of lymph nodes, and the thyroid glands, and the many inner workings that exist within this system.

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  1. I greatly appreciate your work and have seen your YouTube regarding viruses.
    Will you offer a presentation regarding the Spanish Flu in the future?
    What is your opinion of Ebola? What is it and how is it spread, if at all?
    Thank you.

    1. Hi Steve, thanks for the comments. I do not plan to give a presentation on Spanish Flu, but I will address your questions here in this comment.

      Spanish Flu:

      For documented evidence, please read:

      Swine Flu Expose, book by Eleanora I. McBean, Ph.D., N.D. 1977

      The Spanish flu was caused by many different environmental factors wherein native waters and food was polluted by nefarious military forces. The body discards the majority of poisons through the skin, therefore eruptions on the skin from poisoning are common. Smallpox vaccines was offered as a solution, when in fact, it perpetuated this poisoning further and further, causing many deaths. Smallpox is an ancient disease that occurs in toxic bodies as an expression of toxicity. It can be hastened and brought about by environmental pollution. There is a multitude of virus strains, and each toxic area in the body will utilize different strains of viruses for cleansing toxic tissues. Native American Indians were wiped out due to the destruction of their food supply, and the poisoning of their waters. This, in turn, caused disease. For example, the manifestation of smallpox symptoms is due to the severe poisoning of the body. Both measles and smallpox are skin eruptions wherein toxins expel through the skin. Smallpox is more extended and severe.

      There are those that also claim the Indians were infected via blankets, however:

      Historian Philip Ranlet of Hunter College and author of a 2000 article on the smallpox blanket incident in Pennsylvania History: A Journal of Mid-Atlantic Studies, also casts doubt. “There is no evidence that the scheme worked,” Ranlet says. Historians usually attribute most of the deaths to the spread of diseases for which native people had no immunity, but recently historian Andrés Reséndez has pushed back against this, arguing that populations were lower than previously estimated, and “a nexus of slavery, overwork and famine killed more Indians in the Caribbean than smallpox, influenza and malaria.”

      I stand by this and assert that Native Indian’s natural raw food supply was killed off, their waters poisoned, their diets changed, and they were turned into slaves, leading to diseases of all kinds to try to balance the toxic effects of toxic food, lack of proper nutrition, and stress on their bodies.


      The Ebola vaccine is causing the outbreak of Ebola symptoms in people. It is merely the body reacting to chemical toxicity present in those vaccines. Even the CDC admits in part “Ebola does not pass through the air, through the food, or water.” Yet, many media outlets contradict this statement even, by claiming Ebola is ‘highly contagious’. I have seen no proof that Ebola exists naturally outside a vaccine. So, even according to the CDC themselves, the only real way to get it is direct blood to blood contact using needles with a victim somehow.

      Ebola, like H1N1, is a manmade disease that exists only in vaccine form. It is merely a reaction to chemical toxicity and man-made spliced animal viral tissues, no different than other vaccines. Yet, Ebola appears to have more extreme effects. The only real way to transmit it is through injection of the vaccine. You must remember that all of this literature is written by the CDC and other organizations within government. These people are the exact people with a vested interest who would try to use such a virus against the people, either through fear, or hysteria. It is highly likely that Ebola in its stated form does not exist, and is merely a government invented disease-causing serum akin to AIDS and the swine flu ‘pandemic’ to provoke fear into the populace so that they can use that as an excuse for vaccination here and abroad, thereby further usurping African land through ‘humanitarian efforts’. All done in order to bring about world government control through land usurping.


  2. Hi there Jeff,

    Why do we get tuberculosis?, And if people are infected, the doctors prescribe antibiotics.

    Thank you.

    1. Mycobacterium, the bacteria said to be responsible for tuberculosis, is found in air, dirt, and water. This bacteria is found all around us, yet we do not succumb to illness by being near it or around it. If it is found in these areas and is caused by this bacteria coming from outside to attack the body, we would all be sick with tuberculosis. Mycobacterium exists in the body and is called upon when needed, irregardless if one has tuberculosis or not. Tuberculosis is a bacterial method for cleansing toxins from the lungs. Bacterial infections, and infections in general, cause intense healing and cellular division. There are different types of infection, such as infection from some outside object being lodged into a place it does not belong, and the body trying to remove it. Then, there are infections that occur as cleansing mechanisms to reverse toxic conditions. These are agents for restoring and improving the environment of the bodily system. Both types of infection are similar, but their differences are noted.

      Mycobacterium is pleomorphic, as almost all bacterium are. This means when the body’s terrain (tissue) calls upon a cleanser, certain bacteria may manifest into bacteria designed to cleanse certain tissues. These bacteria then manifest themselves and proliferate via binary fission. Naturally occurring bacteria is never the cause of disease, nor are they ever pathogenic. Imbalances occur, and ‘bad’ bacteria are there as a result of some insult but are never the cause of disease manifestation. Mutated bad bacteria may enter the body if they are ingested, causing temporary imbalances as well (sickness, vomiting). But disease comes from repeated exposure to the chemical products which they feed upon. Such chemicals poison the body. Bacteria are cleansers, just as parasites, fungus, and viruses are cleansers, yet all play a different cleansing role in the human body. Bacteria can also be beneficial from other animals and we are able to utilize them wonderfully. Bacterial infections are methods by which the body can cleanse and maintain itself in times of toxicity that we may encounter in our modern-day.

      The main cause of tuberculosis is collected toxins from smoking (See). Another cause is from certain cooked vegetables, in particular, cooked leafy greens and green vegetables (tobacco is in this category). This collects hard to break-down resins that many people do not have the enzymes to break down, thus their byproducts collect. Another cause is vaccine toxicity. Vaccines, in general, have a predisposition toward causing disease, including tuberculosis.

      According to Dr. E. McBean:

      “Many vaccines also cause other diseases besides the ones for which they are given. For instance, smallpox vaccine often causes syphilis, paralysis, leprosy, and cancer. Polio shots, diphtheria toxin-antitoxin, typhoid vaccine, as well as measles, tetanus and all other shots often cause various other stages of disease such as post-vaccinal encephalitis (inflammation of the brain,) paralysis, spinal meningitis, blindness, cancer (sometimes within two years), tuberculosis (two to twenty years after the shot), arthritis, kidney disease, heart disease (heart failure sometimes within minutes after the shot and sometimes several hours later). Nerve damage and many other serious conditions also follow injections…” —Swine Flu Expose by Eleanora I. McBean, Ph.D., N.D., 1977

      Tuberculosis incurs granulomas, which are structures formed during inflammation. These are collections of immune cells (macrophages) that house toxins that the immune system cannot readily eliminate. Then, the body eventually moves towards bacterial proliferation (infection) in order to begin the breakdown process in the lungs, usually when toxin levels reach a high point. Therefore, it is a lie that tuberculosis is caused by bacteria. Science blames the bacterium for the disease when in actuality, bacteria arrive after disease has already manifested.


      1. “Naturally occurring bacteria is never the cause of disease, nor are they ever pathogenic. Imbalances occur, and ‘bad’ bacteria are there as a result of some insult but are never the cause of disease manifestation.”

        I hope I’m not taking this quote out of context? It should be qualified that some bacteria produce deadly toxins.

        For example, it’s well known that botulism bacteria is very naturally occurring but produces a deadly toxin under certain anaerobic circumstances, as do staph aureus causing toxic shock syndrome, “TSS is caused by a strain of Staphylococcus aureus found in the nose, mouth, and occasionally the vagina. The bacteria produce a characteristic toxin. In large enough quantities, the toxin can enter the bloodstream, causing a potentially fatal infection.” https://medical-dictionary.thefreedictionary.com/toxic+shock+syndrome

        Dogs can die from drinking pond water where toxins can be produced by the cyanobacteria. There are enterotoxins produced by species of Bacillus, Clostridium, Escherichia, Staphylococcus, and Vibrio. https://medical-dictionary.thefreedictionary.com/enterotoxin

        Some bacteria may be “opportunistic” and not always beneficial or healing in nature. They might find a nice home on or within the body, like your termite analogy. But that doesn’t mean I want termites invading my home because they’re going to clean all the dead wood for me!

        Chlamydia can be spread to others, for example. https://medical-dictionary.thefreedictionary.com/Chlamydia

        I’m sure there are other examples of bacteria that can be introduced into the body that could be life threatening. Obviously, if a person has a healthy body and strong immune system, they might not experience any significant impacts. So I agree we can focus on keeping the “terrain” healthy. But that is not always possible.

        1. ‘Naturally occurring’. Yes, there are good and bad bacteria. When I stated ‘Naturally occurring’, that means those that occur in unprocessed, raw foods. Botulism is usually produced in canned goods where tin interferes with the substance in the can and creates mutated bacteria. Eating food from a can make one sick due to the fact that the food is cooked putrefactive/rotting food, especially if it is old canned goods. Canned fish, for instance, smells rotten even if fresh. Yes, bacteria can cause sickness, which I write more about in the reply on this post, but disease occurs due to repeated exposure to some toxin over a period of time. While mutated bacteria can interfere with the body from these toxic sources, they usually have temporary effects.

          Also, I advise being careful with getting any information off of places such as the ‘thefreedictionary’, because they parrot the belief that bacteria and viruses are contagious, so you will not ever get both sides of the story that way.
          They also say salmonella and E. coli in raw milk will hurt you and kill you, but they do not. They are static theories based upon no evidence. I have consumed 2 gallons of raw milk every week without fail for over 8 years. I have never gotten sick, and I have only become stronger because of it. The same is true for raw eggs, yet I have been eating raw eggs daily for over 10 years. I have had bacterial detoxifications that lasted weeks, but this is because the body was ready to cleanse, not because I had been poisoned by food.

          “They might find a nice home on or within the body, like your termite analogy. But that doesn’t mean I want termites invading my home because they’re going to clean all the dead wood for me!”

          It depends on what bacteria you are consuming, and how much. Bacteria is not a problem per se unless they are mutated, such as those that grow on cooked food, which can cause food poisonings. Eating too much bacteria from raw food may also cause some illness as well because those bacteria are proliferating to cleanse the body. But more likely, in the situation of cooked food, it is due to chemical preservatives in the food itself that causes food illness. Mutated bacteria grow on cooked foods because the food no longer has microbial regulators to keep them in check. Bacterial illness from cooked foods occurs due to mutated bacteria interfering with sensitive gut environments. The difference between the two is quite different, the latter being more severe in many cases. Irregardless, in both cases, it is usually medical treatments that kill the patient, not the poisoning itself.

          Note: True food poisoning usually occurs very rapidly after that food has been eaten, and could be due to some allergy or sensitivity to whatever is in that food that your body rejects.

          About Chlamydia: There is no such thing as sexually transmittable diseases. I have written an entire article about this matter and plan to post it shortly. I will email you the link, which will answer all of these questions as to what ‘STDs’ are and why they occur.


          1. I would only add when it comes to botulism, to be careful with fermented foods at home. I do a lot of fermenting and show people how to safely ferment. Botulism requires an alkaline, anaerobic/low-oxygen environment to proliferate and create the deadly toxin. When fermenting, especially root vegetables like beets for kvass, the pH needs to end below 4.6. Make sure to use proper amount of salt called for in most recipes. Salt inhibits bad bacteria while the good bacteria take off to do their job. I use water kefir and/or kombucha to make kvass, krauts, pickled vegetables. I love the tangy enzyme rich juices it creates as well. I do a shot of the juice with meals to aid digestion. I think it’s a very powerful kitchen survival skill and preservation technique which requires no heating.

            You’re right about fermenting in metal, it’s not a good idea. I don’t know all the particulars to be honest, I just know it’s not recommended to ferment in metal or plastic. I use crocks or genuine canning jars. I use canning lids to allow CO2 to escape during fermentation. Practice safe fermenting!

            Also, one more note, botulism can proliferate during smoking of meats due to the low-oxygen environment. Be careful of your friend’s smoked game meat, let him eat some first. 🙂

          2. Thanks Dave for the comments. My grandfather has been canning foods in glass jars for many years. You are right that it must be done properly, and that it is low pH foods due to their low acid content that allows such bacteria to ferment more easily. While botulism illness is said to be mild in most cases, and I have never personally been sickened by it, proper safety should always be followed. I do believe that most botulism occurs from tin cans. Also, raw honey, which I eat a lot of, has clostridium botulinum. Yet, I have seen no proof that it sickens individuals, unless a small baby. However, as long as the honey is raw, it is beneficial in small amounts for a baby. Also, certain types of clostridium exist in our intestines to help feed upon and eliminate damaged cells. It is highly likely that such bacteria become mutated due to metal, causing such bacteria to become more radical, thereby causing more severe food poisonings.

            When I think about canned foods, I always recall that when they are first opened they smell rotten. Fish is especially bad about this. Also, the food will have a metallic taste, no matter if the can is coated or not. I have also observed that the coating will scrape off as the can is opened, falling into the food. I have done experiments with different can openers and almost all of them do this as they open the can. The cutter scraps the side of the can as it cuts, and scraps the lining of the can, and it falls into the food. Something to be aware of. Canned foods in glass are entirely night and day different.

      2. In response to tuberculosis, Royal Rife apparently did experiments:

        “Because he could culture his BX form, so small it would pass through any filter, he seemed to have discovered a filterable form of a bacterium. But just finding bacteria, even in filterable form, in a human tumor does not necessarily imply that they are its cause. To make sure, it is held they must be reinjected into animals and seen to cause the same or nearly similar disease, after which they must then be reisolated and shown to resemble the original organism. These were the postulates propounded by the German pioneer bacteriologist, Robert Koch, who proved that tuberculosis was apparently caused by the tubercule bacillus.

        Following this accepted procedure, Rife inoculated the new BX forms into over 400 rats in all of which there subsequently appeared “tumors with all the true pathology of neoplastic tissue.” Some of the tumors became so large they exceeded the total weight of the individual rats in which they were developing. When the tumors were surgically removed, the BX form was recovered from them in all cases. Koch’s postulates were fulfilled.”

        – What became of the Rife microscope? https://www.rife.de/what-has-become-of-the-rife-microscope.html

        What are your thoughts?

        1. During inoculation, tissue is injected and the body reacts by sparking the immune response to remove the newly injected foreign debris out of the body. This can cause many problems. It does not belong there. This can involve bacterial or viral proliferation depending on the toxin involved. Sometimes certain types of viruses and/or bacteria will be manufactured by cells after vaccination to cleanse the toxicity. If it is so toxic that living microbes are killed when they attempt to feed upon that vaccine toxicity and eliminate it, viruses are manufactured.

          How would external tuberculosis bacteria make its way into the blood unless via injection, or unless the body manifested the bacteria as a natural immune response? Answer: It couldn’t. Rife stated things I disagree with, and things I agree with. I agree with his more sound conclusions that surround pleomorphism and the nature of bacteria. But I disagree with the idea that viruses can be killed with light in order to eliminate them. By taking this approach, we assume that viruses have no purpose in healing when they clearly do. By removing them, if one could, the body would not cleanse properly, and it would eventually kill the body.

          Note: Pleomorphism occurs in bacteria and are self-contained living organisms that can adapt. Viruses, on the other hand, are non-living entities that rely on cells to create them. Cells determine what type of virus is manufactured—the virus will be manufactured according to the cell and its genome. Viruses do not morph once created as bacteria do; virus creation blueprints are located in the cell genome, which determines what type of proteins cells make. That is why there are many types of flu viruses, cold viruses, liver viruses, etc. I call this viral pleomorphism, but perhaps that is a confusing term because they do not necessarily morph in the traditional sense as bacteria do.

          Tuberculosis can not be caused by tubercule bacillus. Such bacteria merely manifest in order to reverse the condition in the lungs. They are a result, not a cause. The same is true for virtually all disease.

          Proof that vaccination can cause tumors: See

      3. “The main cause of tuberculosis is collected toxins from smoking”

        Mark Purdey/WAPF article on tuberculosis: https://www.westonaprice.org/health-topics/farm-ranch/tuberculosis-alert/

        Key thoughts: Danger of acidic soils and free iron, and help from lactoferrin in raw milk.

        Also see Weston Price’s observations of tuberculosis on the Isle of Lewis. Disease of modern living.

        1. From the article:

          Tuberculosis bacteria, slow-growing microorganisms which exist natively in the environment the world over, find opportunity to proliferate within people who suffer from the health-corroding conditions most associated with urban poverty: over-crowded living conditions, stagnant and industrially polluted air and water, and desperately poor nutrition. The research of Mark Purdey points up important collaborative factors such as soil pH and mineral imbalances that can prepare the terrain for tuberculosis to take hold in non-urban locales as well. The work of several eminent soil scientists, including Dr. William Albrecht, has illuminated the relationship between soil health and human health. Mineral imbalances as well as trace mineral deficiencies plus inadequate nutrition all create conditions that destroy natural immunity and provide fertile ground for disease.

          This is more or less what I have said in my writings here: That tuberculosis is caused by environmental factors such as air pollution, smoking, and poor food, just as any virus or bacterium occupying the tissue of a body is. Again, just about everything is the opposite of what science claims to be true.

          In a letter to the Times on April 15, Dr. Ralph Vincent combated the thesis that tuberculous meningitis in children was of bovine origin and came from drinking cows’ milk. The immediate cause of the disease, Dr. Vincent maintained, was the tubercle bacillus which was derived from the inhalation of dust containing it. In a healthy and properly nourished child, the tissues would rapidly destroy the bacilli.

          It is my contention that the body forms tuberculosis illness to break down foreign debris in the lungs and respiratory system—not that it is caused by a specific inhalation of bacterium. As the article states: “In a healthy and properly nourished child, the tissues would rapidly destroy the bacilli.” I will go one step further: It is because of this lack of immune system health that causes such bacteria to manifest in order to expel toxins; be it particulate dust, fumes, or the like.

  3. Dear Sir Jeff, what would be the formula to gain a perfect health and its maintenance?I’d like to get a personalized prescription and recommendation diet card for me and my family. Is it possible to have an online appointment with you? How to contact you? I’m 21(M) and live in India.

  4. I’ve read your Reddit coronavirus deception post. I also intuitively came to a similar conclusion before reading it, that the origin of viruses must be inside the cell, as they’re so basic, primitive RNA structures… Love your attempts to awaken the people!

  5. B”H
    Hi, Jeff!

    Very interesting ideas. Was gonna ask you to please address the following points.
    How would you explain the phenomenon of infection caused by wounds, surgical intervention – before antiseptics were discovered? And conversely, the fact that aseptic conditions are able to decrease greatly incidence of infections, sepsis, gangrene etc.? If bacteria are indeed “outfections” that come as a consequence not as a cause of diseases, how come antibiotics are effective against bacterial infections?
    Also, in regards to viruses, what about viral infections that are vector-borne such as various viral meningitises? Are those also brought about by the body and any connection to insects’ bites is purely coincidental?

    Thank you!

    1. Thanks for the questions..

      1. It has been shown that antiseptics cause retardation of growth of skin tissue and prevent proper healing.

      2. Septic conditions can be observed as occurring from internal damage that then manifests bacterial proliferation (infection). Such damage causes cell regulators to become compromised. So, bacteria proliferate in the body to feed upon that degenerative tissue, but is not properly controlled. I have observed this is alcoholics.

      3. Antibiotics kill living microbes and bacteria because antibiotics are anti-bacterials that are put directly into the body. They are very dangerous, wiping out bacteria responsible for not only digestion and healing, but other bacteria that sustain bodily functions.

      4. Viral meningitis is not a contagion. There is absolutely no connection to bites, other than having a body that is in such a poor state that a simple wound would cause the body to go out of control. I have observed this in people who have meningitis. The body cannot regulate white blood creation properly because of the immense amount of damage done to the blood through vectors such as drugs and alcohol which poison the blood. White blood cells then go haywire trying to regulate the body, and their proliferation is too great. So, simple wounds can present large problems in such people.

  6. Thank you very much for your reply!
    I am not sure, if I have understood you correctly, but do you advocate for abolishment of aseptic conditions during surgery? Are you saying, that if surgeons would go back to pre-antiseptic standards, things would only get better? What’s your opinion of Semmelweis? Do you think that he suffered in vain?

    When I was asking about antibiotics, I wanted to hear your insights on its obvious effectiveness in myriads of situations. The same goes for contemporary antivirals (such as given for Herpes or Hepatitis). I understand that they are dangerous and could bring about much harm, but what makes them work?
    Going back to meningitises, I am not sure I understand how you explain the dynamic of getting a wound and coming down with inflamed meninges. And by wound, did you mean a mosquito bite?

    Thank you!

    1. If someone that has such a condition as meningitis, and they were to get a minor wound, the body will go haywire trying to heal it because white blood cell behavior is imbalanced—this increases bacterial infection as a result. Antibiotics kill bacteria because they are anti-bacterial, as I said, but that doesn’t mean they are beneficial or helpful. As far as antivirals, they do not work because viruses are not alive and cannot be killed as bacteria can be. Antiseptics retard healing and are not needed except only to keep wounds initially clean. Medical antiseptics are highly caustic to skin tissue and are overused.

  7. as you so wonderfully explained the dynamic of tuberculosis and meningitis, may i ask about lyme disease and tick/insect related phenomena? i know that the suffering of it occurs in people who already have some toxicity beforehand (but then again, who hasnt in this day and age), but is the way of “infection” through a bite crossing the natural barriers (ticks and mosquitoes do spit out some matter into the blood-stream when biting after all) possibly itself like vacs disease-causing (and maybe even transmitting some parasites that wouldnt naturally occur in humans)? there is also disturbing talk about genetically engineered mosquitoes being made to use for vaccination purposes… and what is your insight into the “debate” whether borrelia spirochetes are naturally occurring or lab-manipulated?

    thank you!

    1. Hi Lilith, oddly enough, just today I was contemplating Lyme disease and bites from ticks. I have seen no proof that Lyme disease itself exists. What is known as Lyme disease is a form of severe toxicity. Such toxicity is not coming from the bite of a tick. The medical profession always blames nature/animals for disease that inflicts mankind, instead of their own dangerous treatments. The fact is, ‘Lyme disease’ (poisoning) can be brought on by vaccines containing mercury and medical treatments for the disease itself, which will exacerbate those conditions—another symptom in a long line of diseases caused by vaccination. Medical drugs can cause extended symptoms of the original fatigue; its original manifestation can be caused by malnutrition and from previous nervous system damage due to mercury in vaccines—all of which will manifest the symptoms known as Lyme disease, which is an immune system disorder caused from some form of poisoning. Borrelia burgdorferi bacterium is not the culprit. Borrelia burgdorferi bacterium may be lab cultivated, to take pictures of, in order to cast blame upon instead of the real culprits of such a disease. No different than how H1N1 only exists because it is man-made—It does not exist in nature.

      Remember that naturally occurring bacteria do not cause disease. However, It is possible for man-made bacterium or viruses to cause disruptions in the stomach and intestines if taken orally, because they may interfere with sensitive microbial environments in those areas. But, bacteria or parasites that live in the body for long periods of time have a specific purpose in feeding upon and eliminating degenerative tissue caused by a diseased state. Other types of mutated man-made bacteria or viruses from outside the body may temporarily interfere with the body, and so too will mutated bacteria that grow on cooked food. Is it possible Borrelia burgdorferi has been included in vaccines in order to cause such illnesses? I surmise the answer is no since such bacterium are alive and would not survive long enough in a vial before they died.

      Can mosquitoes (or ticks) be used to inject vaccines or other harmful substances into humans? In my view, the answer is no. Mercenaries would have to drop infected mosquitos into populations in the hopes it would ‘innoculate’ people against a virus, as people like Bill Gates has wishfully alluded to. That is a delusion. There are many reasons why this would not work. Mosquitos suck blood—they do not inject into the blood as a forceful vaccine would. Furthermore, they only suck blood from the top outer layer of the skin. Vaccines go into the subcutaneous layer and their contents forcibly pushed into the blood. Mosquitos will die if such substances are somehow inside them, causing their own degeneration and eventual death.

  8. Hi Jeff,
    Do you have any opinion on what they call peripheral neuropathy? Mine came on 3 or 4 years ago and I’m now 71. There have been changes in its effects to my feet and hands, and some days I feel almost normal. My instinct tells me there must be a fairly simple remedy for this. What do you say?

    1. Hi Eddie,
      To get a better idea about what neuropathy is, we must understand that there are many causes of (peripheral) neuropathy, including diabetes, chemo, inflammatory infections, auto-immune disorders, exposure to toxic chemicals—toxic neuropathy, poor nutrition, alcoholism, medications, as well as vaccines. Are you prone to any of these problems?

      Vaccines especially cause nerve damage, as do some medications. It is not genetic, so we can rule that out. I have experienced peripheral nerve damage from running in the wrong shoes, which caused my left heel to jolt my left leg, affecting the sciatic nerve as well. This caused a sort of coldness in the foot periodically. In time (2 months) it healed. It may be some sort of back/spinal trauma or poor posture causing it as well. I suggest hot baths every other day at 105 degrees F for 30-45 minutes. If this is too hot, begin at 103F and build up to 105-106F. This will go towards opening circulation in damaged nerves no matter the reason. This will allow healing nutrients to more easily make their way to those areas and will limber up the muscles and tendons, and help nerves heal more quickly. It will also allow any lymphatic congestion to be slowly relieved. After each bath, I suggest a short walk outside for 5 minutes or so.


  9. Hi Jeff, thank-you for sharing your knowledge.
    I am newer to investigating further into our body’s terrain and viruses. It makes more sense to me than viruses being contagious.
    In the last comment on here you mentioned hot baths. I personally have been avoiding hot baths or showers because I know our skin is our largest organ and it easily absorbs so many toxins like chlorine, bromine, that are not necessarily good for us.
    With our water supply for baths & showers not being pure. Do you have any concerns with hot baths & showers?
    I personally drink only reverse osmosis water and I put minerals back in the water myself. I also use the reverse osmosis water for cooking when needed.
    However, my shower/bathing water is our city water full of only God knows what. So, I take lukewarm/cool water showers.
    Just curious on your thoughts. Thanks!

    I also, went through a serious detox of oxalates (change in diet to carnivore 18 months ago) and bromide (increased supplementation of lugol’s iodine) these past 6 months. I also started supplementing borax by adding 3mg to my water everday that I drink.
    These have been phenomenal changes for my body. I feel much better and most of my chronic pain which I thought was arthritis from injuries is gone along with the inflammation.

    Anyway, regarding those hot baths? Thanks again!

    1. Yes, tap water does concern me. I do not take a bath without putting the following in the water: 1/2 tablespoon of bentonite clay, 1 cup raw milk, and a 1/2 cup of raw apple cider vinegar. This mixture houses those toxins and prevents the majority of them from entering the skin. If no raw milk, use clay and vinegar only.

  10. Thank You Jeff for all of your work. I purchased your book today to learn more about what you have to share concerning Viruses. I would like to ask how do I strengthen my body or keep it healthy from the onset of toxic elements that can weekend my defense systems. I noticed in one of your videos in you tube you mentioned that Iron supplements can not be used by the body Is that the same for all mineral or vitamin supplements. Do you have information on how to fight the virus if it arise in the body. Thank you in advance for any consideration you give to my request forgive me if they are questions you already answered im just stumbled on to your channel to learn more about this.

    1. I mentioned iron supplements in regards to most supplements that have iron in them on the market. They are using iron that is not natural, is cauterized (heated), and its nutritional benefits destroyed. Thus, taking iron supplements will cause iron to cause sedimentation. Further, men do not need as much iron as women. To get iron, I suggest raw beef. Continue to read my book, because I have a lot of information regarding nutrition throughout it. If you have another question, email me.


  11. Hello, Jeff

    I wanted to thank you for the in-depth explanation of viruses and illness linked to them, as it definitely gives perspective as to what’s going on in our world today. I had a question in regards to autoimmune issue like Crohn’s or Ulcerative colitis, as someone I know has been suffering for 6 years now and manages through supplementation but has severe allergies to many things that would be normally in her diet, especially herbs, fruits and vegetables. If you can, I would like to hear your take on what is going and what can be done. Also, what do you think of probiotic enemas for such a situation?

    1. Hi Gregory, Crohn’s is actually leaky gut syndrome. This means that the intestinal walls are leaking into the rest of the body due to the gradual decay of mucus lining the intestinal walls. This causes tearing over time because of the weakened gut walls which are not protected; thus leaking occurs. When that food enters into the rest of the body, it deposits in the fat, and/or joints of the body which have a high amount of fat due to cartilage. This can cause arthritis, which is inflammation in the joints. These gut problems can arise from antibiotics, which flush the gut of protective flora/mucus.

      Probiotic enemas are a good treatment but should not be the totality of treatment. They must be done properly. I suggest 1 cup raw milk kefir injected into the rectum. Allow that to enter into the upper large intestine, and leave it, then go to bed. This will absorb those bacteria into the colon to help restore bacteria and flora/mucus. I also suggest a steady diet of raw milk and raw eggs to help increase raw proteins in the body, for which mucus is formed.

  12. Hi Jeff,

    I have been enjoying your work so far but just noticed the profile picture you are using which includes a pyramid and what seems to be a Sun / Eye – all masonic symbols. Can you please regain my trust in your work by explaining this picture?

    Thank you

    1. That is the first cover of my book, ‘The Age of Deception’, which was a draft picture of a few ideas I had. I have since changed it as time progressed. I often use symbolism in ‘reverse’, in order to illustrate what those in power believe and their deception. I am not using their symbols because I agree with their beliefs. If you listen to my recordings and videos, I often speak about this. Context is everything with symbols.

    1. In botulism cases, it may cause diarrhea and upset stomach. These bacteria grow on cooked improperly canned foods. Tetanus is something that does not exist in the way they have told us. Lockjaw does not occur from rusty nails, for instance. Tetanus shots are another scam, no different than the multitude of other vaccines. Lockjaw is a form of muscle paralysis due to toxin inundation in the body. Toxicity can affect mouth and neck areas, salivary glands, tonsils, throat, as well as the teeth. This can cause such problems to occur, and make the jaw lock up.

  13. Hi Jeff,

    Thank you very much for your eye-opening work which had led me down a life changing path of discovery. As I’m trying to integrate new ideas and sharing them with like minded people I am occasionally facing hurdles of understanding. One of these is a question around the existence of antibodies. How does the concept of antibodies as expressed in the allopathic medicine fit into your understanding of the immune system? And if antibodies don’t exist, what is being tested for? This seems to be a crucial question as these tests are being used to determine whether someone had an illness and if vaccinations are effective.

    Thank you very much for your insight.

    1. Matt, I am working on a QA/interview with Amandha Vollmer that delves into all of these topics at great length. Stay tuned to my home page. I will hopefully be posting it soon.

      To quickly answer your question: Leftover genetic material of viruses is what’s being tested for. Antibodies exist, but do not create immunity because immunity in the classical sense simply does not exist. Again, I touch upon this in the QA.

      And thank you so much for supporting my work, and I hope you continue to thrive from it.

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