YouTube Removal Policy - Communism in Action

My main videos have been removed from YouTube due to "Medical Misinformation", which is exactly the opposite of what they are. Read below to find out YouTube's new policy that prevents people like me from speaking out against what is taking place. No longer can we intellectually debate or challenge the mainstream narrative. Socialism is taking form, and is leading to totalitarianism.

Update: May 29th, 2021 - It has come to my attention that my video 'Viral Misconceptions', which is hosted on my private 'Google Drive', has been removed for violating its 'terms and policies'. We must all conclude by this evidence that Google filehosting services are not private nor secure and that they are now removing videos which do not agree with the official narrative.

I have provided proof below of both Google Drive and YouTube removal of my videos.

I have reuploaded the file, and I will observe what occurs. I have alternative options if I must use them.

If this is occurring because someone is reporting my content, I can assure you: you will not stop me.

Here are some examples of content that’s not allowed on YouTube:

Denial that COVID-19 exists
Claims that people have not died from COVID-19
Claims that any vaccine is a guaranteed prevention method for COVID-19
Claims that a specific treatment or medicine is a guaranteed cure for COVID-19
Claims that hydroxychloroquine saves people from COVID-19
Promotion of MMS (Miracle Mineral Solution) for the treatment of COVID-19
Claims that certain people have immunity to COVID-19 due to their race or nationality
Encouraging taking home remedies instead of getting medical treatment when sick
Discouraging people from consulting a medical professional if they’re sick
Content that claims that holding your breath can be used as a diagnostic test for COVID-19
Videos alleging that if you avoid Asian food, you won’t get the coronavirus
Videos alleging that setting off fireworks can clean the air of the virus and will prevent the spread of the virus
Claims that COVID-19 is caused by radiation from 5G networks
Videos alleging that the COVID-19 test is the cause of the virus
Claims that countries with hot climates will not experience the spread of the virus
Videos alleging that social distancing and self-isolation are not effective in reducing the spread of the virus
Claims that wearing a mask causes oxygen levels to drop to dangerous levels
Claims that masks cause lung cancer or brain damage
Claims that wearing a mask gives you COVID-19
Claims that the COVID-19 vaccine will kill people who receive it
Claims that the COVID-19 vaccine will be used as a means of population reduction
Videos claiming that the COVID-19 vaccine will contain fetal tissue
Claims that the flu vaccine causes contraction of COVID-19
Claims that COVID-19 vaccines are not effective in preventing the spread of COVID-19
Claims that the COVID-19 vaccine causes contraction of other infectious diseases or makes people more vulnerable to contraction of other infectious diseases
Claims that the COVID-19 vaccines contain a microchip or tracking device
Claims that achieving herd immunity through natural infection is safer than vaccinating the population
Claims that COVID-19 never causes serious symptoms or hospitalization
Claims that the death rate from the seasonal flu is higher than the death rate of COVID-19
Claims that people are immune to the virus based on their race
Claims that children cannot or do not contract COVID-19
Claims that there have not been cases or deaths in countries where cases or deaths have been confirmed by local health authorities or the WHO

Source: COVID-19 medical misinformation policy – YouTube Help (


YouTube must be shuttered. It is a prime part of the propaganda network of the new communist system which everyone will be entangled in—Facebook and Twitter included. Everyone must find or create new platforms that retain freedom of speech. The employees and creators of YouTube should be tried before their peers for treason and severe violation of the 1st Amendment.


I will not be silenced.

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2 years ago

It was a relief to read your article. You are correct in much of what you regarding viruses although some of the things are new to me and I’m unsure about. The “big idea” is that viruses are NOT EVIL. They are part of all living things, an important component of life and essential for survival, adaptation and the expression of life. The “medical mafia” needs to perpetuate their lies to enslave we the people, in fear, in order to maintain control of everyone and everything for their needs and massive profits. They are EVIL and those who are complicit are also guilty. We all need to keep telling the truth and apparently we will have to use platforms that allow freedom. Our children and grandchildren’s lives depend on us.

2 years ago

I had a lot of time to read the blog content, thank you for the honest information.

Trish Petz
Trish Petz
2 years ago

Are you going to post anything new. I love reading. Some I already knew from Drs Kaufman and Cowan. Videos on Bitchute from Dr Vollmer dr David Martin etc. I see some differences which is actually comforting as these are not coookie cutter you have any info on diabetes 1. The gov is getting dangerous and I fear what is coming with suppression much more than the Covid 19 bs.

Trish Petz
Trish Petz
2 years ago

I did find this last week. Thank you. I found a source for raw milk and tho I’m on a fixed small income Im managing to buy only raw milk now and trying to get eggs from local farms that don’t vaccinate and let them run free. Mot always possible. I am adding beef back in to my diet and eating as rare as I can but am not at the point of raw yet or eggs. The only reason I can do some of this is I live with a friend and my rent is manageable. And lol my insurance gives me a gift card for healthy foods.

I know you are not a doctor but I have high blood pressure and would love to quit taking the meds. But when I stop my pressure skyrockets. Otherwise I’m in fairly good health for 72. What helps BP naturally.
Thanks again. .

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